We had the chance to use Illumination software creator before and we took a quick look to the stable release of it earlier in this post Here. Illumination Software Creator 3.0 Beta brings new features to easily build IPod applications to work natively as same as other applications, along with support for building IOS IPhone applications which announced in older release Beta 1, also support windows Phone 7, and Android. As we mentioned before this application support cross platform you can install on Linux, MAC OS X, and Microsoft Windows.
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Is there any development process that can really increase chances of the software system market success in this uncertain world? Traditionally Project Managers make decisions for the horde of software developers what features should be attacked in the long release. Agile fixes these problems with three important practices – The Whole Team, Small Releases and User Stories. The Customer accepts the User Stories at the end of frequent iterations, provides feedback and change future User Stories based on experience with this real working system. However, one big problem remains – everything depends on the customer’s ability to get brilliant ideas, correctly read the market and envision what set of features will succeed. Usually your customer wants to know a simple thing – when your team will deliver working software based on agreed requirements.
The customer wants reliable McDonalds experience, but with a little tweak – they want to hand in their own exclusive menu, often created by people who don’t have any idea how to cook. In short, the customer requires creative flexibility of Cooking Master Chef fortified by ability to predictably deliver hamburgers as McDonalds.
But, is it possible in our development reality to chase two opposing goals – Predictability and Flexibility in the same time? Jason Cohen posted an interesting and provocative argument against Release Early, Release Often principle followed by many agile teams. The manager tells that we are brilliant programmers, work very hard and create cool software solutions. The Elements of Pragmatic Programming Style is the collection of rules for pragmatic programmers.
Software teams have three main strategies to achieve success: retreat, evolution or revolution. Evolution – continuous improvement and generation of ideas stemmed from existing set of ideas.

Revolution – rapid advance with radical and disruptive ideas, overhaul of existing core ideas. We often face this dilemma in software development – should we enhance existing features and improve the ways we work or should we instead come up with something radical and revolutionary.
Yes, this approach frees busy developers brains from the mind boggling task of thinking about the business. Customers and developers are one team that frequently discuss features face-to-face and create User Stories together. Developers work closely with business providing speed, accurate interpretation of requirements and intellectual contribution (surprise!) in translating business vision and needs into the concrete software system. In short, the customer steers the direction of the project instead of being a hostage of the unruly slow development machine. They naively want to safely bet on highly uncertain future outcome – delivery of the complex never created before system that completely fulfil their dreams. Our old customers complain about many bugs and bad performance, new customers complain about delays and lack of dedication. We know what is wrong: our team is short of people, we have too many commitments, our code is becoming a big mess, new technology and our new software version makes something bad with servers. Become a dictator, make own decisions including hiring external consultants to recommend what to do or even replace us.
Give to team the full power to fix a problems and make own decisions in hope that smart people, motivation and technical expertise will do magic. It focuses on eliminating waste, solving problems at root cause and making right decisions. We are not building the same thing over and over again, but solve new problems, address increasing demands and use perpetually changing technologies.
I bet they don’t want to be at mercy how cards are shuffled in their talented development team. Toyota evolved from a small looming equipment shop to the largest car manufacturing company. The goal of this game is to discover and implement the best solution for customer’s needs. It’s really concerning building human relationships with these traders who sooner or later will become buyers. But developers no longer get business context – why features should be done and what is important for the business.

Business geniuses (except Steve Jobs), smart analysts or even consumers themselves cannot reliably predict how people would react, what they really need and will like next. And, top management considers our department financially unsustainable and wants to deeply cut expenses.
A snowball of different problems makes us stressed, distracted and incapable of productive work. The answer is in establishing a process that increases chances of success and aligned with present nature of software development (unpredictable, empirical and heavily dependent on people). The main foundation of successful growth is the system of few core principles that enables best quality, high productivity, lowest cost, shortest time and long-term success. Rather it concentrates on fundamentals: how any programmer can build better software for the customer.
There are other important goals as making money, empowering business or keeping people happy, but they matter less for the purpose of the game. In addition, long releases detach developers from the product market results and inhibit learning and adaptation to the customer needs. Often a user story is broken into programming tasks which describe specific implementation steps.
And developers can contribute more to the market discovery and quality of business decisions.
Software development process can only support and compliment these people, but it cannot guarantee success alone and make the factor of people negligible.
Some of the rules are obvious, but, surprisingly, many programmers don’t even think about them. The main difference – revolution replaces old ideas with the new promising unproven ideas, evolution gradually and continuously improves existing working ideas. I hope this post will inject a healthy dose of pragmatism into your programming style and make it a bit better . Driving Racing PS2 Emulator Rising HD Action Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia Action Papers, Please!

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