Either way, you can easily crop your video in Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus - a simple video editing software, which, even though is ranked #4, is one of the best tools for the amateur filmmaker who wants professional results (like me). Before You Join the YouTube Club, Get a Program That Doesn't Crash, It's Not Expensive and It's Easy To use. Free download Any Video Converter complete setup for your computer and start converting any video file format into your desired file format. Free DownloadAny Video Converter, it’s  the best tool for any video conversion from one format to another.
Let me show you some example screenshots of how AVC looks like when launched in any computer. Free Download Any Video Converter, it’s the best tool for any video conversion from one format to another. MooCrop is an Image Cropping utility using the amazingly powerful mootools javascript framework.
The parameter iw-568 is the cropped output width (out_w) calculated by the input width - 568px as we wanted to crop 284px from each side.

Maybe you just don't like the framing or maybe you want to convey the cinematic movie look. Then you simply define the area you want to have cropped out by filling the Width and Height pixel fields.
If you uncheck the Fill Screen, you'll get the margins in black - suitable for the film look (where you have 2:1 aspect ratio or even higher). In this article, you will find a Free Setup Download for Any Video Converter computer software in one-click action.
With Any Video Converter (AVC)you can convert almost all videos file formats and even download videos from YouTube to MP4, MP3, etc.
You can eliminate areas of the video to emphasize a particular focal point within the frame such as highlighting a character by removing ancillary imagery or removing unwanted backdrops. With Any Video Converter you can convert all videos and even download videos from YouTube to MP4, MP3, etc.
The same could be done for the output height (out_h), but in this case, we want to keep it untouched.

This will automatically make the cropped section fill the entire screen so you can expect some quality loss due to lower resolution of the new scene.
But you can also just drag the handles of the dotted line frame that appears onto your scene. Any Video Converter burn videos into DVD movie playable on TV and DVD player. Boost video conversion speed up to 6X faster with CUDA acceleration. This site consists of tutorials and tips specifically created for people who are starting to edit videos.

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