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On Oct 1, knowingly downloading copyrighted music and video in Japan became punishable by up to two years in prison and a 2 million yen penalty.
Since the law came into effect, there have certainly been some changes, and many Internet users have become reluctant to click that download button for fear of receiving a hefty fine, meaning that the law has been a success in a way.
According to a recent statistical survey, however, since the law was passed, sales of music in Japan have continued to fall and consumers are actually showing less interest in music than ever before. Livedoor News reported that the results of a consumer survey show that more than 68% of respondents spend a€?0 yena€? on music in an average month; the highest the figure has been in almost 10 years. The multiple choice survey asks consumers, a€?How much do you spend on music in an average month?a€? with answers ranging from a€?0-500 yena€? to a€?over 10,000 yen.a€? a€?0 yena€? has risen significantly since 2004, while numbers of every other response have decreased each time since 2007.
Ita€™s interesting to see that, although one or two people suggest that the tough new law has put them off buying new music, the vast majority of responses suggest that a€“ just maybe a€“ the reason music sales have fallen so much recently is due to a general lack of interest and that new albums are simply not particularly good value for money. It would seem that the publica€™s perception of the music industry has changed, and that fewer and fewer people are willing to invest their hard-earned cash in music that they simply use to fill the silence rather than sit and listen to for pleasure. Perhaps the enormous rise in illegal downloads is a sign that people are interested enough in music to take it for free, but not so in love with whata€™s on offer that theya€™d willingly pay the asking price. But, as one Japanese Internet user states: a€?Well, theya€™ve implemented this law now, so theya€™d look pretty silly removing it. As of 1 October this year, knowingly downloading copyrighted music and video in Japan became punishable by up to two years in prison and a 2 million yen (US$25,000) penalty. I dislike when they music industry acts the victim and cries in a corner holding onto that outdated compact disc.. Also, the writer's argument is that sales are falling, but then fails to cite any sales figures.
Time and time again, studies have shown that the people who MOST DOWNLOAD illegal music are the very same people who BUY LEGALLY the most music. By going after draconian downloading laws, music companies are shooting themselves in the foot. Besides, all you've got to do is keep your illegally download music on the cloud, and access them with any number of devices. Offer a signed pic or free concert ticket in random (sealed) CD's and people might be more enticed to buy them. I certainly cant find any interesting Japanese music but 2 YEARS jail for pushing a button?? The greed of the recording industry will be its own undoing as people will always find or create work-arounds. I saw taylor swift's OLD album for 2700 yen, i got it from best buy for about $7, that's FIVE TIMES MORE! I really do hope the trend continues until the music and movie industry here is too weak to put up a fight.
What the article doesn't state is that there is no legal way to download, probably just itunes, because the music industry says so.
At every step of the way, people have claimed the newer technology would ruin the industry.
I can't fathom why they simply don't introduce a Netflix type of approach to selling music or sell CDs for 1000yen.
I do not agree with the black market but maybe they should lower the price of the music CD's and people will buy them and not look for the black market. Once Spotify (finally) arrives in Japan music lovers will be able to listen to music for "free" (and mothly subscription) and the music industry will see rises in income, as has happened in other countries.
If only the ruthless and control-freak Japanese music industry would loosen the reins a bit.
Very true, although I'd qualify it by saying this is what happens when you let a country be run by old men who are in cahoots with corporations who expect to be showered in gold despite the fact that they are urinating on the customers. Firstly, in this day, physical ownership of hard copy is less meaningful to many people than it used to be. Record companies just have to accept that the easy times are over for thier industry and focus on making ownership ot the hard copy package more attractive by adding extras and special things that can't be got elsewhere. Attitudes still existed, but ever since people found out they could lose their lives (going to prison= your life is over, you'll never find decent employment), they just decided to completely ignore the crappy music and at the same time never find out good music. Then, if you have a bit of skill you can use other software to break up your recordings and convert them to AAC or Mp3.
But very easy to do it by simply connecting a headphone jack to the microphone and hoping you don't get ground loop interference. Basically, there is no such thing as a copy-protected cd that is legally enforceable in any jurisdiction that allows for copyright of software.
A big thing in the price is the fact that selling used games is practically illegal, as is selling used dvds and blurays.
I find that most young people don't even bother owning anything anymore, it's too expensive compared with rentals. That very people who used to download illegal music is the one who used to spend the most in music. Back then I didn't "illegally" download music to save money, I did it to get to know new bands, in fact, maybe 80% of the CD's I have were bought because of this very reason.

Only difference is that they can't throw you in jail if they don't know you did it, even if they are free to invade your privacy or breach legal contracts to spy on you on the internet. I'm all for lowering prices and I don't care if people download illegally, but you guys need to stop making ridiculous comparisons. With the "music" being churned out these days, asking 3,000 - 4,000 yen (and up) is a joke. The companies have a legal right to collect fees for the sale of used goods as it falls under "resale". People can get their music fix elsewhere such as youtube,I assume downloading a video from there isn't prohibited yet.All it is going to do is kill exposure to media that isn't widely available. So the US can charge cheaper, simply cause they can get their money back in sheer volume of sales. Note: If you intend to use an image you find here for commercial use, please be aware that some photos do require a model or property release. Hello everyone, we have something very special to announce today the best MovieStarPlanet hack no download.
The moviestarplanet hack no download is filled with all the same features as our download version of the tool and much more! The UI is also just as simple and easy to use as our updated version of the downloaded tool using this tool you can add easy Movie Star Planet Diamond Hack No Download . Sign in with an existing social network account or create a new FriendGuard account with your email address. These disguises can be pictures, links and comments that your children and YOU regularly share. How do you and your children know that the people they are friending on social networks are safe? Protect your social identity by simply linking your accounts to your FriendGuard profile (we don't store your passwords!). Your social identity and accounts are secure whether you're surfing on an iPad, laptop or phone! There seems to be a general vibe on Japanese online message boards that, with the option to download removed, few people are interested in todaya€™s music enough to pay, and so would rather not bother entirely. The stats are for "an average month," but the new law has only been in effect for just over one month.
I did that to all my CDs 5 years back, triplicated on multiple hard drives and threw the CDs out.
I was shocked but unfortunately because of my location I can't change to another provider which I would change in a flash. It's because they are too expensive, bottom line, so people are less interested in buying, not vice-versa. Even better, sell the media in higher quality FLAC files on media instead of boring old WAVE files.
The recording industry generally just pumps out junk music these days with manufactured groups who have no talent anyway, particularly in Japan but elsewhere too. Now that everything is encrypted and they can't catch me I could be tempted to download music and movies, whereas before I didn't bother. Study after study always show that the big illegal downloaders are also people who spend money on legitimate music. If her album had been $35 bucks, i would have said "screw that, i'll borrow it from a friend". Actual illegal downloads in places where there are plenty of legal and affordable options is very small, maybe opposite at closer to 1 in 10 is illegal. Nobody would go to live performances if they have records, nobody will buy music if they have the radio, nobody will listen to radio if they can watch videos, nobody will buy music if they can download.
History shows that when prices get too high the black market will flourish and those involved in the black market will find new ways.
The CD format itself never made room for copy protection, so instead what some despicable companies (looking at you sony) did was use autorun features to install a rootkit virus that prevents you from buring ANY disk if you try to remove it.
They stole GNU code from several places without following GNU to the letter, so they were in major violation of copyright laws. First thing they need to do is take away the special protections granted to those industries, as it actually hurts them more than it helps. I like to listen to something before I buy it, especially since CDs are so expensive in Japan. I don't want to watch MTV all day just waiting until I hear something I like, nowadays music suck, so it's very hard for me to know new bands this way.
You can't even take photos or video of an event being filmed if the company bought the rights to it!
Hell, they technically can only find out if you DOWNLOAD something if they steal or hack into a server that you downloaded from, or if they send you the files themselves (catch-22 is not covered under Japanese law apparently, so that is probably their main method). People in Japan who have a rapidly shrinking disposable income don't want to shell out 4,000 yen for the newest SMAP or other crap "produced" CD? There's enough easy technology about for artists to produce their own MP3s and even their own videos. That's what everyone does in India when they don't like something and no one listens to them. We have gotten and listened to all of your wonderful feedback and have come to the conclusion that you guys wanted to see a moviestarplanet hack no download. If you have not already heard, we have also recently released a new version of the downloaded tool which is the successor of the 2.0 version.

Anyone and everyone will be able to use this tool, if you are able to click a link and click a few buttons you will easily be on your way to all you ever wanted in this game.
Once your logged in to FriendGuard, you'll be asked to connect your children's and family's social profiles and we'll enable protection for all of your accounts! FriendGuard identifies threats like malware, viruses, hijacking, phishing, and click-jacking to let your surf and share with peace of mind. Once connected, no matter where you access your accounts, our cloud-based engine will stop hackers!
Don't worry about logging into the FriendGuard dashboard to check your security status, we'll send you emails or SMS messages if we detect anything or anyone malicious connected to you! Or has the Japanese government simply noticed that music sales continue to fall and mistakenly pinpointed illegal downloads as the cause? So it's pointless to gauge the effect of a spanking new measure by citing data that conceivably spans a period before the measure existed. I have used this company for more than 10 years and this was the first time this had happened.
I think these days the kids spend all their money on their phones and cannot afford the rip-off prices extorted by the music mafia. I often wonder why things are so expensive in Japan while one can buy them in any other country at a fraction of the price. It doesn't take much skill to download some free software that will record audio from your computer. I personally love CD's, I rip them to mp4 (AAC) at 516kbps (yes 516) and play them everywhere, now most electronics are able to play this format.
Music sales are going down because of price and because consumers are forced to do what companies want. All they really need for success (besides making music that many enjoy listening to!) is the access to the airwaves that the music industry controls (and which has always controlled what radio and TV stations are allowed to broadcast). While in any other country the companies would probably get laughed at, here the courts agree with the company's "right" to steal more money from you.
If they were to charge a reasonably cheap fee per song, i think many of the current dloaders would pay a small premium.
No more working for anything, it will soon all be at your fingertips, or should I say mouse clicks… Anyways, I thank you for visiting our site and hope you enjoy this new moviestarplanet hack no download version of the updated tool that once again, has all the same great new features as the downloaded version.
No, because I don't own a CD player and changing CD's every time I wanna hear another song was something I had enough of in the 90's. Good job Japan, a moron makes a claim because his business is down and the Gov CREATES criminals by passing a useless law. I buy things in the USA and have it shipped to me for less than what I would have to pay here in Japan. It is not the musicians who make the most money but those producing and selling it make the largest profit and the law is not really for the musicians but for the companies that sell the product. Even when it's an established band there's no guarantee that their new album will be anything like their previous ones. Our team has worked diligently to bring you this tool so we hope you enjoy all of our hard work and please don’t forget to leave a comment, some feedback, or even a simple thank you goes a long way as we work very hard to bring you the very best hack tools.
You just take your iPod or MP3 player to the store and upload your songs directly and it is DRM free, which is the Apple store is failing. All music should be available cheaply (about 25 cents a song) with 90% going to the artists.
Many people have given us feed back telling us about how they hate having to download things as there are many viruses all over the internet which is very true. Our tool was already one of the safest tools found on the internet but we make account safety our number one priority.
They'd would sell much more music and still make generous profits without having to line the pockets of music industry executives (and Apple top brass?) with untold millions of dollars (and also be free of record companies restrictive contracts).
Although all the downloads from our site our scanned numerous times by our built in virus scanning servers before the download so you would be safe either way.
We will never let any of our users have all of their hard work go down the drain because of an account ban. A point that the music industry seems to be missing is, I can access music that I would never have a chance to hear through file sharing networks.
That is why when making the moviestarplanet hack no download, safety was always the top priority and that is made clear to all the coders whom work on our tools.
So for those of you who sent us messages about being afraid to download our tool, fear no more! Not only is this new tool safer than the last one, but it is also much much faster than before.
Our coders have greatly trimmed up the timings to make this moviestarplanet hack no download as fast as it could possibly be.
I would buy my music if the artists were getting their fare share of the profit, but most are lucky if they get 5% from the sales.
That is all it takes, seconds to get all that you ever needed and wanted in moviestarplanet.

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