The DUB-H4 is backward compatible with USB 1.12 devices, ensuring connectivity between your computer and legacy USB devices.
The D-Link 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub (DUB-H4) is an excellent choice for adding more USB ports to your computer for connecting your existing peripherals as well as adding the latest USB cameras and external storage devices. The DUB-1340 is designed to fit into any notebook bag, making its compact size convenient for taking anyway.
Providing data rates of up to 480Mbps1, this 4-port hub is the ideal solution for transferring data between your computer and external USB storage devices. The USB fast charging port allows you to quickly charge your iPad, iPhone, tablet, or other power-hungry mobile devices.
USB 3.0 lets you reach SuperSpeed data transfer rates of 5 Gbps, while also supporting High Speed, Full Speed, and Low Speed transfer rates.

Now you can connect up to 4 more USB peripheral devices, such as smart phones, tablets, external hard drives, flash drives, and printers – to your notebook or desktop computer. Featuring four ports; SuperSpeed, High Speed, Full Speed and Low Speed transfers are supported, ensuring your older devices are still relevant. Experience the freedom and convenience of portability and expandability with the DUB-1340 4-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Hub. SuperSpeed transfer rates make it faster than ever to transfer music, HD movies, photo albums, and other large files– making waiting for file transfers a thing of the past.
Use the 4-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Hub as a charging station, able to charge as many as four iPads at once, or save time by simultaneously transferring data from one or more flash drives at lightning speeds. The DUB-1340 supports previous USB standard devices, while providing USB 3.0 high speed transfers to your newer devices, making the DUB-1340 the ideal portable USB Hub for home and office use.

Now you can connect up to four additional USB devices to your laptop, notebook, or desktop computer.
With easy-to-use downloadable software*, the DUB-1340 can charge your devices while seamlessly transferring your data at the same time.

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