The city of Dubai is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai and is located in the United Arab Emirates .
Dubai is the beating heart of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the motor development of the region. The rate of growth of Dubai was great in the last few years, however, Dubai has been hit hard by the financial crisis.
90% of Dubai’s population are foreigners, mostly Asians (Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Filipinos, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese), but also Europeans. The most famous of all roads in Dubai, the Sheikh Zayed Road, at the most are the skyscrapers (which range between 300m and 400m). The 3 wings that stick out provide a Y-Shaped structure which In turn gives the tower a stable base configuration which is primarily the most important factor for a 0.8 km building.
Another interesting thing about the Towers design is the unique Lightning protection system. Do not laugh it is true, the world is now within your reach and you can even buy them if you have millions of dollars in savings.
Dubai World Islands is a good example of how far man was able to make the impossible thing turned into reality, truly one of kind and worth visiting in the future. Dubai world islands, The World archipelago is consisting of 300 islands that have been constructed in the shape of the earth and featuring the different countries of the world. Each of the manmade island will have a size that will range from 250, 000 – 900,000 square feet, with about 50 -100 metres of water from the other island.
The Dubai is already known as the country that have several artificial islands develop, but by far ‘Dubai World Islands” is the most ambitious and very expensive to purchase up to this day. Dubai is always known as the middle east shopping and tourism Mecca but with the addition of Dubai World Islands, the kingdom is no longer just that but will become a part of history as they are the only country that were able to replicate the entire world map.
Now anyone that has $250 million to spend on an island can purchase a country of his choice and make it his own sovereign state. Dubai Police have officially unveiled the Ferrari FF patrol car, a week after the Lamborghini Aventador joined their fleet.
Dubai Police had announced about the Ferrari FF after the launch of the Aventador cop car went viral on the internet. Reports claim the two supercars will be used to patrol certain upscale tourist spots, largely as a show of prestige.

Investments in infrastructure have paid off: The city has become the hub for international trade. This is also seen on the road to the car: It does not take all that is in the Rolls Royce or Mercedes . Wages have risen sharply again in 2006, but because prices have risen more sharply, Dubai became less attractive for European guest workers because of declining purchasing power.
Here are a length of 20 kilometers, divided the Jumeirah Mosque, Mercato Mall, Dubai Zoo, Jumeirah Beach Park, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Burj Al Arab, Wild Wadi, Madinat Jumeirah and Dubai Marina. The architects say that the organic inspiration for building the structure the way they did was the hymenocallis flower.
The tip of the tower is covered with these sensitive sensor panels that identify activity in the atmosphere. Depending on the identified polarity the panels create a potential charge at the top of the tower which is very, very strong. The world I’m talking about is the Dubai World Islands a manmade island off the coast of UAE and sitting in an open sea. This is situated about 4 km off the Dubai coastline and composed mostly of sand that has been dredged on the shallow waters of the country. In totality the entire area will cover around 9 kilometres in length and 6 kilometres in width that has been surrounded by breakwater in an oval shaped. The World is first conceived by Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoumm, in which Nakheel Properties turned into reality. In fact, several multi-national companies have already done that and now almost 70% of the Island is bought and paid for and some will start construction this year (2010). Since the island is sold on the premise of four categories – estate homes, dream homes, private homes, dream resorts and islands of community hence anybody can build the island on the above categories only.
But as I travel a lot to your city and see that you spend lots of money but why not alive these islands again forever!!
But if you accepted my suggestion then please give me this opportunity to live in Dubai… I mean because of hard conditions for iranian to get work visa, if you accept my suggestion then give me visa !
More photos emerged on social media channels later of the two cars getting the body graphics wrapped on the exterior. From here, the markets in the Middle East, CIS, Africa and the Indian subcontinent are served – a market of almost two billion people.

In summer it is very hot during the day between 38 ° C and 45 ° C and at night between 28 ° C and 33 ° C.
There is a fine dining restaurant on the 122nd floor, there are residential apartments, corporate offices, and also an observation deck on the 124th floor. The function of these is to reduce the cross sectional are of the tower as it heads to the sky. Therefore when there is a strike of lightning coming down on the tower, the panels throw up a lightning strike, which is stronger.
This is now possible and without riding an airplane to get you from one country to another as the only transportation you will need is a speed boat. After all, it is envision as the world greatest haven and ultimate relaxation paradise and nothing more.
European culture is imitated and copied like in Las Vegas, but gambling is forbidden under Islamic principles.
After 2005, some 20% of the rents and 2006 around 10% have gone up since 2008 was again a significant decrease. Here already are the Emirates Towers, the Fairmont Hotel, the World Trade Center, Dusit Dubai and outside the Mall of the Emirates, the world’s largest indoor ski slope (500 m slope length, 1 hour costs 140 dirhams including complete ski equipment). The reason this is done is to maximize the height and wind tunnel testing proved that having a smaller cross sectional area will prove to be safer for climatic changes in Dubai. 720,000 metric tons of cargo they end up in a year – most of it is destined for the adjacent souks . Commuters from the surrounding, cheaper Emirates have to endure the daily congestion on feeder roads, public transport exists only in the form of two metro lines in Dubai and a bus system.
At the same time are 71 docks 125 ships cleared and 7 million containers handled each year. Attractions of the Dubai Mall is a 50x20x11 meter-large display aquarium, a skating rink and the SEGA Republic. The Burj Khalifa (formerly Burj Dubai) on 4 Inaugurated in January 2010 and since March 2008 with 828m the tallest building in the world.

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