Having a quick look around if I was going to get a true 4K monitor, there aren’t many 4096 capable screens (most are UHD) around. In my recent Twitter poll, answered by a mighty 15 people, the vote was strongly in favour of colour accuracy over 4K. UPDATED 2016 – Scroll to the bottom to see which monitor I eventually bought for my own edit suite!
The benefits of this screen are the 10-bit colour depth, 4096 x 2160 resolution, 99.5 Adobe RGB and DCI-P3 colour spaces and the (fairly) compact screen size. EOSHD has a good review of the original B monitor here, which is well worth a read if you’re interested in working with this screen.
One of the other few 4K monitors I’ve been able to find is the Eizo Color Edge CG318-4K. It also comes with an in-built self-calibration device and colour management software, as well as a 5 year warranty.
These next monitors are only UHD (3840 x 2160) in resolution, but still a big step up from previous monitors which tend to be in the 2560 x 1440 range. The 31.5 inch UHD screen will set you back just under twice the price of the 27 inch monitor at $1600 vs $899.
When I reviewed the Z27x Dreamcolor monitor, there was always the promise of the 32 inch UHD monitor on the horizon. If you wanted to, you could get the HP Z27s, which is the computer monitor version of the Z27x professional display. The monitor uses a 27” ‘4K’ UHD panel, using AU Optronics AHVA (Advanced Hyper Viewing Angle) IPS-type technology. So, as far as I understand, that means it’s not a true IPS panel, nor does it have true 10-bit colour reproduction. Here are some quick links to other monitor round ups that might help you find something in other price ranges ($400!), but not necessarily with the superior specifications.
So after all that research, debate and time consuming thought, which monitor did I eventually choose?
Also I decided that as most of what I’m doing, day-to-day, is offline editing I could take the small hit on colour accuracy, compared to say the HP Dreamcolor Z27x, in exchange for a much larger screen space and higher resolution. It’s a beautiful screen to look at all day long and the jump in resolution from my crappy old monitor has been astounding. The matte coating on the screen is excellent and there is none of the infuriating glare that you can get when working with glossy iMacs.
If you do want a little more assistance with setting up the screen and making sure you’ve got everything set how you like it you can find the manuals and set up guides here. My only real bug-bear with the monitor is how slow it is to wake once the computer has been asleep. To sum up the sheer size of the monitor, the 4K resolution, the great image quality and matte screen made this purchase well worth the money.
Magix Fastcut 4K video editing software : Magix, an active provider of software, introduces Magix Fastcut. Manually edit your videos or have them automatically composed for you via a wide range of thematic templates with fitting songs, cuts and transitions. Apple released the new 21.5-inch iMacs today, while the existing ones with 5K displays have been updated as well.
On compatible Mac computers, users now have the option to share and create movies at 4K with a resolution of 3840 x 2160.
The intensified visuals have been expanded in terms of their capacity, giving more productivity options to users. For those of you interested in the update, you can download iMovie from the Mac App Store for $14.99. CyberLink has announced the release of CyberLink Media Suite 12, its vast and comprehensive collection of playback, editing and convent creation tools.
The old Deluxe edition has been dropped, simplifying and streamlining the suite, which now comes in just two very similar versions.
CyberLink Media Suite Ultra ($129.95) is the base edition, with full and unrestricted versions of 12 CyberLink packages. CyberLink Media Suite Ultimate ($149.95) has precisely the same PC software, just adding three Content Packs (Holiday, Travel, Romance), and a trio of mobile apps. Avid is finally adding native support for higher-than-HD resolutions to the Media Composer workflow, with the new DNxHR codec helping users manage their bandwidth by making it easy to switch between high-resolution footage and proxy files. The company said the new capabilities usher in an architecture called Avid Resolution Independence. The first stage of Resolution Independence comes later this year, when a new version of Media Composer offers a variety of new 2K, 4K, and UHD project types at up to 60fps, the company said. Other new features to be included in a future version of Media Composer include background rendering, GPU acceleration for Mac platforms, and the ability to export applied masks, Avid said.

Get a heads-up on the most popular stories from StudioDaily, including videos, news, blog commentary, and more. Although there are a lot of 3840 x 2160 (UHD) monitors out there at the minute, there aren’t many 4096 x 2160 choices. The LG 31UM97-B looks pretty good in this regard, as even the Z32x (HP’s latest DreamColour – available ‘this summer’) will only display 3840 x 2160 and they haven’t announced the price just yet. Again the image above does a helpful job of explaining it, and you can check out Apple’s breakdown of which Macs will connect in which ways. I have no idea why Apple have gone so cold on matte displays and aren’t yet offering a 4K Cinema Display with Thunderbolt, instead leaving it to LG.
To my mind Eizo are a premium professional monitor brand, often coming in at the top end of the price and quality spectrum, and this monitor fulfils those expectations. But it’s not shipping and when it does, it seems like it will be a little out of my price range. It doesn’t have the same colour capabilities or calibration features but it is a UHD monitor for $600 or ?584, which is comparable to the Asus PB279Q below.
I’m hoping I can test drive an LG soon, to get a feel for it before I actually put my money where my mouth is, so if that happens stay tuned for a more detailed review. As these articles are of varying vintage just check the date they were published or updated, to make sure it’s still relevant.
Getting to edit with 31″ of space is almost an embarrassment of riches and the 4K is plenty of pixels for me. In fact, the jump was so big that it has taken me a little while to get used to the size of icons and text on screen, but after a few days that went away. The blacks are pretty decent, and the colours are nice and rich so high quality sources look great on the screen with all those pixels to power through. I’ve had no problems running the monitor at full 4K resolution via Thunderbolt from my 2013 (trashcan) Mac Pro and the refresh rate of 60Hz. I’ve read some users complaining about the LG support but my experience of their UK team was excellent. It just seems to take a few seconds longer than I would really expect and it feels unusual to be waiting for technology these days. Make every adventure truly unforgettable with Magix Fastcut, our new video editing software optimized for GoPro and other action cams. Thanks to automatic image enhancements, you can optimally adjust the colors, brightness and contrast in your footage. The rumor of the latest release dropped a mere week back that held out to be true after all. However, on other devices, the iMovie update includes a handful of minor improvements in the user experience department. As for now, share your thoughts in the comments about the newly introduced iMacs and its complimentary iMovie update.
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The suite can now also play and convert H.265 content, and CyberLink claims new 64-bit video and photo editing engines deliver 3x faster rendering speed over the 32-bit versions. I just updated the paragraph to be more clear that it’s $1299 for one year with Avid Support, then $299 for each year of support going forward. That said, I did question the resolution of the Z27x screen (2560 x 1440) and whether I was really buying a monitor that would last me a few years to come. And after researching the available true 4K options, it seems like aiming for a UHD monitor might be a reasonable compromise of resolution and price. In the UK that price soars from ?809 (B monitor) to a hefty ?1630 on Amazon, which puts it out my price range. The CG318-4K delivers a 4096 x 2160 resolution with 10-bit colour, 99% of the Adobe RGB and 98% of the DCI-P3 colour standard. In chatting with editor Vashi Nedomansky he mentioned that several of the suites he had helped set up (since working on Deadpool), featured these monitors, so it’s always a confidence boost to get a recommendation from someone who knows what they’re doing! It also means I’ve had to adapt my non-editing working style, as writing emails on this thing is impossible in full screen mode. Although I would say if you’re sitting up close to it and watching something in full screen (with black bars top and bottom) you can notice a bit of light bleed in the corners. For some reason Amazon shipped me a monitor from Italy, and so it came with a European plug for the power lead, a quick phone call netted me a free replacement and a back up Thunderbolt to Display Port cable, as you have to have official LG cables to avoid running into any potential issues. Regardless of whether you're a mountain biker, skier or surfer, Fastcut's editing templates and extensive features makes it possible to make action-packed movies in no time at all. Some of these are desirable, others not: If you mount your action cam upside down, then the resulting recording will often be skewed. Wind noise and changes in volume are unavoidable when it comes to aerial recordings, but Fastcut can easily minimize these disturbances After you've finished customizing your filmed adventure, it's time to share it with the world: Present your video on your PC, on mobile devices, or online on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and showfy.

Along with the introduction of new hardware, Apple also updated its complimentary app, iMovie, with support for 4K video editing and more. This means that users elsewhere now get a redesigned browser, a new Project view and the handoff capability, enabling users to continue the project on their iMac that they left on their iOS device. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page.
You get an attractive solution that looks great on your desktop and also easily installs into equipment racks. If you're editing with Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro then you get the highest quality possible plus virtually every type of video and audio connection that exists! As an editor, largely doing offline-ish work, screen real estate is what I’ll appreciate more than colour accuracy. But being able to effectively have (what used to be a single screen’s worth) of documents, or browser tabs open, side by side is a huge benefit. With Magix Fastcut users can import videos via a SD memory card or USB Cable or edit them directly on your camera when connected to the Personal Computer. Magix Fastcut is available now online for a special introductory retail price of 39,99 GBP or 49,99 EUR. You will find in the Browser of iMovie that tabs now give you much faster access to transitions, background, music and titles in between editing a movie.
UltraStudio 4K takes care of moving your media in and out of your computer so it's perfect for modern file based workflows. When users are on their course to edit a movie, they now have the ability to hide the Browser so it does not get in the way. With Magix 4K video editing software you can arrange the perfect movie in just a few steps. The power supply is built in so you don't need an external plug pack, and you get virtually every type of video and audio connection that exists, all on standard connectors! The built-in power supply means you can take advantage of long Thunderbolt cables so UltraStudio 4K can be up to 30 meters away from your computer!
LCD Screen (clear LCD screen lets you see the video on the output of your UltraStudio 4K so you can see what's going on at all times).
Built-in Power Supply (international power supply is built-in so you don't need expensive power supplies. A HiFi RCA analog audio input is included for easy capture from consumer devices plus XLR connections for timecode. RS-422 Control (if you're connecting to broadcast decks then the RS-422 control allows frame accurate capture and playback and batch capture). With new long Thunderbolt cables, you can even install your UltraStudio 4K up to 30 meters away from your computer! USB (for adding software updates or when things go wrong the built in USB port lets you update software and add new features)! The built-in Dual Link SDI connections allow dual stream 3D where capture and playback is done via two independent channels. HDMI Input and Output (when connecting to televisions, set top boxes, projectors, computers and even gaming consoles you can use the built-in HDMI).
Reference Input (reference supports both Black Burst and HD Tri-Sync for when you're connecting to large systems or production switchers). For compositing and broadcast design, UltraStudio 4K works with After Effects, Nuke, and Photoshop. Component Input and Output (high quality analog component inputs and outputs are included that switch between HD and SD). You get drivers that work with fantastic editing software such as Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Apple Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Symphony, Avid News Cutter. For visual effects get full compatibly with Adobe After Effects, The Foundry Nuke and Adobe Photoshop.
Stereo In (Hi-Fi input allows you to capture from consumer products such as gaming consoles and set top boxes).
Timecode Input and Output (capture timecode with your clips from RP-188 HD-SDI or use the timecode input for software that supports this feature).
Audio Inputs and Outputs (balanced XLR analog audio inputs and outputs are included for connecting to professional analog audio equipment).

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