When it comes to productivity, Apple’s iOS ecosystem is chocked full of apps to help you get things done.
Whether you are sitting in the classroom and listening to a lecture on sixteenth century literature, or meeting with your team for a brainstorming session at work, there is no better way to take notes than with this multipurpose app. With this file-sharing app you can see your Office documents, read and annotate PDF files, search keywords in documents and edit Text files.
Even though there are hundreds of productivity apps that work just as good as Microsoft’s popular Office Suite (some may even say better than), there are still thousands of people who rely on the program in their daily life.
The GoodReader app is, by far, my favorite productivity apps for downloading, editing, and sharing PDF documents. Are you tired of scanning a document in your office printer hub, sending it to your computer or email address, then downloading it on your iPhone or iPad in order to take it with you on the go? I use Quick Office, instead of Documents To Go, and use DropBox to sync the document so I don’t have to actually sync my files from idevices to PC or Mac. Try smart office 2, it connects with dropbox, google drive, not only shows the documents or spread sheets, it lets u edit them and also update to cloud server so u can see the change in realtime on ur computer, it also allows you to directly send any document with email. PDF Reader is the best for casual user who only need to fill in a form or make very few annotations, because it has a very streamlined and pleasant UI. Those days have already gone when you needed to have a professional, who can edit images as per your requirements.
Important Note: Although, those developers have not announced whether their apps are Windows Phone 10 compatible or not, yet you can use them on WP 10 since they are currently working smoothly on WP 10 Technical Preview. Photo Editor by Aviary is perfect if you are going to try Windows Phone and image editing for the first time. If you are experienced with basic options of any image editing tool, try Photo Effects 360, which has some advanced editing formulas. Although, professional touch can be given using this tool, yet the workflow is comprehensive. Apart from these options features, you will get some other significant things in the free version of Fhotoroom. Even after being available for Windows Phone 8.1, PicsArt is also compatible to run on Windows Phone 10 technical preview.
All the above mentioned apps can help you to add various effects including vintage, sketch, blue etc.
This little amount of features can assist you to turn your worst photo into an amazing sketch. 101 websites for getting things done - an informative book which will make you more productive and efficient. In a line, I am a gadget, Photoshop and computer games addicted apart from being a collage student. Do you have a flair for writing and understand technology, software, gadgets and web applications well? Here is a list of our favorite apps for creating, editing, and sharing documents on the go. There was a time when you couldn’t get though life without having Word on your desktop.
You can create documents, mark up PDFs, record lectures, tag files, organize notes and save all of your notes in iCloud for easy access anywhere.
If you really can’t give up that ghost, Documents To Go makes it possible to view, edit, and create Word and Excel files from your iPhone or iPad.

Long before Apple offered 5GB of free iCloud storage, Dropbox was making it possible for users to save and share folders full of photos, music, movies, and more. You can access your files from any computer or mobile device using either the compatible app or directly through the SugarSync website.
Then, you should try cutting out the middleman by scanning multiple page documents directly onto your iOS device. Do you have an office assistant who is constantly interrupting your telephone conversations with files that need your “John Hancock”? I use this app a lot just to see data on mu excel production sheet and i do small updates of some numbers as well on the go.
But a simple UI (along with streamlined feature set) with zero customization ability is also the reason it is a bad choice for heavy users. First, to do serious editing work is impossible on iOS just yet, so if you aim for a full fledged one, just give up already, I tried all of them (weep for the money I spent trying those).
Nowadays, this is possible to give any type of effect to the image with the help of countless online and offline image editing apps. And if you are looking for a good image editing app for Windows Phone 10, which is about to release in coming month, here you go.
Considering all the features, this is confirmed that you can add various professional photo effects on any photo using this tool.
PicsArt comes with some extremely impressive photo effects, options to play with image and so on. This is possible to share your edited photo on various social networking websites, image sharing platform etc. There are also many different apps that make it possible for you to access and edit your productivity documents and share them with others.
Because of the saturation, many of us are just used to the productivity suite and want to keep with the status quo, which is why it was a pleasant surprise when Microsoft finally launched these apps on iOS. You can create and edit documents and take advantage of advanced editing tools, like tracking changes, adding comments, and highlights.
If you are working on documents with a coworker, partner or friend, share files in Dropbox, Google Drive, and more. You start off with only 2GB of space, but can easily earn an additional storage space by linking your photo sync, getting others to sign up, or adding multiple devices. Record audio, search for documents by typing in a specific word of phrase, and organize notes by notebooks. You can scan receipts, notes, and multipage documents, as well as digitally sign forms with the included annotation feature. If you regularly sign documents that are sent through email, printed, signed, then resent through another digital format, you need an app like DocuSign.
I own Goodreader, PDF Expert and iAnnotate(the best three), and PDF Expert is the one I almost never use.
Second, the best choice on iOS are iWork, it even support quite some excel formulas, but it has to convert every time you open office documents, the next to best is smartoffice, which has terrible UI, and bad for editing, but incredibly good for viewing powerpoint, and just as bad like everybody else at viewing word and excel documents.
No matter, whether you are a Windows user or Mac user or Android user or a Windows Phone user, you can certainly get loads of image editing apps on the web.
Just like the web version, Fotor for Windows Phone has multitudinous features, effects and options. You can make free hard drawing, crop image, add effects, use stickers, enhance according to your wish, write text and many more.

The latest version of PicsArt comes with more features, UI enhancements, performance improvement etc. You can turn your regular image into a professional sketch so that it looks more beautiful. You can create and edit documents using the familiar tools of the desktop versions, but with special care and attention paid to use of the mobile screen.
And, with it comes Google+, which gives users access to the cloud-based document creation services, Google Drive.
You’ll even be able to download the free desktop application for two-way file syncing with your Mac or PC using local Wi-Fi. You can easily share files to others with a Dropbox account, but you can also send a link for your files to people who still haven’t signed up for the cloud storage service. Share files and documents privately by inviting others to see them, or send a link to share your files publicly. Plus, you can mark up all files with freehand annotation, highlights, sticky notes, lines and arrows, and more. You can sign documents, fill out forms, and create a signature that can be used anytime by your office assistant without having to interrupt you. Goodreader, on the other hand, has almost all features I want,sans index searching and perfect office documents conversion (which is the best unique feature of iAnnotate), but at the price of a mediocre-at-best UI. Third, quickoffice is a joke, don’t fall for the good reviews, it supports few formulars for excel, and lag when type in documents, it does not show powerpoint very well either, the only thing good about it is the UI, which is no where near the point of an office app. But, choosing the best one is the most arduous task since not all the apps have all types of effect.
As a free photo editing tool for Windows Phone, Fotor provides all kinds of things under one roof. Each of those options has more other sub-options those make Photo Editor by Aviary popular and operative. Except this, you will get some awesome looking templates, frames, color palette, light leaks etc. With the iOS app, you can access all of your files in Drive, including photos, videos, PDFs, spreadsheets, and more. Evernote is connectable with iPhone, iPad, and desktop browsers so you can add files and sync documents across all devices. In the latest version of Fotor (v2.0), you will get some additional features such as photo collage, template selection, template ratio, resize image with two fingers etc. Not only have these, but also Fhotoroom comes with inbuilt camera so that you can edit any photo right after capturing it. You can also set permission parameters and share your files with others right from the app. You can even set up a local Wi-Fi server to send books and magazines to a friend’s GoodReader app directly. Just like above-mentioned apps, you can share any edited image on any social networking website from inside the app.

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