Twitter has launched Vine, a new iPhone app that allows users to record six second looping video clips and share them with the world.
Adobe® VideoBite (Free) by Adobe is a video editing app that lets you stitch multiple videos together. All of the current conversations around mobile video are about Twitter’s new app, Vine.
While they both let you combine multiple short clips into one video, Vine is a social network and VideoBite is a video editing app. Will Adobe’s take on mobile video be good enough to take some of the attention away from all of the other video apps, including Vine?
To start creating your movie with VideoBite, you capture a video while highlighting your favorite segments as you record.
The process isn’t complicated, but can take longer than editing videos with some of the other apps, like Magisto.
VideoBite uses your default camera roll as its storage area, so all of the videos you record with the app end up there. If you like the idea of being able to easily mix and match selected areas from multiple videos, you’ll find this app useful. The Apple Watch is finally here, and it easily ranks as one of the best wearables we’ve tried. Best described as Twitter for videos, Vine is one of the more unique social media services – and it’s now available on the Apple Watch.
Featuring vibrant and often addictive tasks, Peak is already one of the best brain-training apps on the iPhone, and is now available on the Apple Watch too. Lifeline was one of the best games on the Apple Watch, but Lifeline 2 somehow improves on it. If you’re interested in running and improving your fitness, Runkeeper is an essential download for your Apple Watch. One of the most useful apps available for the Apple Watch, iTranslate gives users the ability to translate phrases and words in more than 90 languages.
Dark Sky is already one of the best weather apps on the iPhone, and uses a stunning UI and precise information to keep you one step ahead come rain or shine. Just Eat is one of the most popular takeaway apps in the UK, and a quick look at its statistics makes it easy to see why. Microsoft has released some of the best apps for the Apple Watch, and Microsoft Translator continues the trend. Yesterday we reported that the folks at Activision and Infinity Ward could be sharing news related to the next Call of Duty title today, and sure enough they have. Last week thanks to a leaked video, we got a sneak preview at what appeared to be the upcoming single player campaign for id Software’s DOOM. Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) will be conducting a web 2.0 and Social Media training opportunity scheduled to take place at WOUGNET Community Development through Technology Center (CDTC) in Kamwokya, Kampala, Uganda on 10th – 12th May 2016.
Craig Wright, an Australian entrepreneur has publicly identified himself as Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, bringing an end to the speculation about who came up with the original ideas underlying the digital cash system. Not everything that worked against drunk driving can help solve the problem of distracted driving. Improvements to flood defenses are underway this week as the Environment Agency starts work on a new wall to protect residents from flooding in the village of Glenridding in Cumbria.
A new malware, called overlay malware has just been discussed which affects the Android system. Vine says anyone interested can now upload a six-second burst they shoot outside of the official app, which potentially accomplishes a lot of neat things. The other cool part is that Vine will let us take six-second snippets of existing video and upload that content. This should help Vine go beyond the “wow, how did they do that?” curiosity to a robust platform of quick-hit video content.

The iOS Vine app is being uploaded today to take advantage of this new feature, while Android users will have to wait an undisclosed amount of time before getting the update.
Although there are some similarities between the two apps, they’re actually very different.
Although it’s a more involving process, it means you have full control over how your video turns out. However, while Apple has crafted an amazing a sophisticated piece of hardware, the Apple Watch’s true strength lies in its vast library of apps. It’s already one of the most impressive, comprehensive apps on the iPhone - but it’s arguably even more useful on the Apple Watch. Available on the Apple Watch, the iPhone and the iPad, Just Press Record lets you record audio and then play it on any other device using the cloud.
The app also lets you tag sections of video so they’re easier to find when you start editing.
Just like the Twitter app, Vine for Apple Watch has been customised for how we use Apple’s wearable. The games are simple and quick to complete, meaning they’re well suited to a smartwatch – and offer a great way of keeping your thinking sharp.
Like the first game, Lifeline 2 puts the fate of a fictional character in your hands, and lets you interact with them via your Apple Watch or iPhone.
Superior to the Apple Watch’s own Activity app in every way, Runkeeper gives you all the information you’ll need in an easy to use interface.
With over 20,000 restaurants already signed up, Just Eat provides a quick and painless way to order takeaway food using your phone or tablet – and even Apple Pay. Unfortunately (and unsurprisingly) the video has since been removed, but the good news is that the folks at id Software and Bethesda have since released the single player campaign preview themselves.The preview lasts for an hour so basically it is a pretty detailed walkthrough of what players can expect.
Craig has provided technical proof to back up his claim using coins known to be owned by Bitcoin’s creator. It was a onesie lined with microfibre finger pads that cleaned the floor as your toddler crawled around. And for those who need to edit video on their Android device, Adobe has Premiere Clip, which is a lightweight application with some neat tricks up its sleeve. Unlike most other apps of this kind, KineMaster gives you multiple layers of video and audio streams. Audio and video streams are arranged in a timeline and can be dragged and dropped, giving you control over what goes where. Six seconds, and typically funny, the videos still have one major caveat: they need to be captured within the Vine app. First, we may end up getting some third-party Vine apps with some cool filters and editing features.
So next time you are filming something long-form, and something amazing or hilarious happens in that time, you can copy that portion to Vine for posterity. For the time being, the social network plans on keeping Twitter and Vine separate entities. Only the highlighted areas from your chosen clips will end up in the video you’re creating. There are already hundreds of applications available for the Apple Watch, and that number is growing every day. Although it doesn’t display as much data as its smartphone counterpart, it makes things like checking your score as simple as raising your wrist. Just Press Record comes into its own on the Apple Watch, with its intuitive design and quick operation really coming in handy when you’re iPhone-less. The new app allows you to view your favourite videos from your wrist, and even lets you browse the best Vine loops according to category. What’s more, Peak was created by a small team of neuroscientists and designers, so it’s likely to have some real benefits.

Although it’s only a text based game, Lineline 2 is able to weave a magical, engaging storyline - and is one of the most creative, rewarding experiences on Apple Watch.
Alongside basic information such as pace and distance, Runkeeper also offers a range of running interval programs.
Significantly better than Apple’s own bundled weather app, Dark Sky beams up-to-date weather info straight to your wrist – and, because it’s watchOS 2 optimised, it even features its own Complication and Time Travel compatibility. Just Eat’s Watch app adds an extra topping of convenience with real-time alerts, the ability to check your order status and even an expected delivery time. With Translator, users can speak to their Apple Watch and instantly receive translations for 50 different  languages.
The software lets you crop videos, add transitions between clips, and edit or replace the audio track with pre-loaded music or something of your own.
Videos can be trimmed, flipped, rotated, even slowed down for a slow-motion effect even if they weren't originally recorded in slow-mo mode.
Second, you can just launch a camera and snap six seconds of whatever without first having to think of Vine. Not having to watch an entire video for a small portion of content, or skipping ahead to see it, might be something we can all enjoy. If you’re into your social media engagement, there’s even a complication that displays your account’s total number of loops. After your workout, you'll get a detailed statistical breakdown of your progress via Runkeeper's iPhone app. Users can launch the app directly from the watch face, and the app can detect the user’s location to determine which language to translate to.
Translations are then synced between your iPhone and Apple Watch, and the app even allows you to favourite key phrases for quicker access. To alter the looks of each clip, you can add filters or manually edit parameters, such as highlights and shadows. You may trim and slice individual clips frame by frame and put multiple streams together to create picture in picture effects.
In an effort to bulk up their platform, Vine is letting users sidestep shooting in-app, and will now let us upload content we’ve already shot. A larger complication displays useful phrases depending on the time of day – and it’s compatible with Time Travel. For any video manipulations going beyond cutting and cropping, one has to rely on a third-party solution. All in all, the suite isn't as advanced as a full-blown desktop editor, but it gets the job done for free, without sticking a watermark onto your exported video. The audio-editing tools let you mix the footage's original sound with music or voiceover that you've imported. Thankfully, the Play Store has a whole bunch of video editing apps, and many of them are actually pretty good. We must also point out that PowerDirector has good compatibility, as it supports a broad range of processors and devices. The app's free version puts a watermark on the exported video and has restricted access to many of the fancier features. While you can use the app for free, upgrading to the full version will give you 1080p video exports and will remove the watermark.

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