Used to be known as the San Francisco Energy Co-op, the organization is rebranding itself as the California Power Cooperative or CPC.
As part of their efforts in rebranding their cooperative, the CPC wanted a logo that best represents their goals for the community.
In this design of the CPC logo, the image consists of a streak of lightning representing electricity seen on the foreground against a leaf with halves painted in orange and green as the background. Full Stack Partners is a tech startup company that provides consultation and professional work on web applications development.
The design for the Full Stack Partners logo features two human-like figures placed stacked one on top of the other. This logo design for a web apps development and consulting company features two human-like figures facing each other and holding each other’s hands.

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It refers to CPC’s initiative to provide power to the community through sustainable green energy.
The logo emphasizes the role of talented people in developing web applications and providing much needed professional support on projects.
It’s supposed to represent the team work and camaraderie between the customers and the company. Their hands form to create a perfect square, which we meant as a completed piece (a completed project) with no flaws. She does editorial work on academic research papers, dissertations or theses, book manuscripts, and grant proposals.

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