Whether you're compiling and editing your home videos, creating professional short films or editing high quality photos It's very important to consider the video editing software specs when buying a new computer for editing or customizing and upgrading your old one. Digital video footage takes up a lot of file storage space, and you'll need somewhere to put it. VGA (an analog signal, found on the older CRT type monitors) and DVI (a digital signal used for modern LCD type flat screen monitors).
Be sure to look very carefully at the inputs and video capture ports on any video editing computer you plan to buy. Most videographers eventually find themselves doing a lot of soundtrack manipulation and basic audio engineering and editing.

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Imagine how great all your photos and projects will look with this array of tools at your disposal. You may not get the full advertised performance from your video editing software and you will be disappointed.
Do your homework and make sure that you get a computer that has more than enough power to run your editing programs. If you plan on making videos and DVDs, you'll want a good sound card, speakers and headphones for your computer.

The more display space the better!To do this however you'll need a powerful dual-output video card!

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