Key Features: This editor allows you to blend effortlessly images and video with audio and makes trimming of videos and theme addition child’s play.
Key Features: Light works video editor supports nearly all formats as well as import, trimming and blending of audio, video and images.
Overlooking the uninspiring interface and bits of crashes and bugs, this editor offers one of the quickest methods of editing videos.
Key Features: Avidemux editor offers quick time editing of videos, blending of videos and audio, as well as video encoding. Bundled with editing as well as conversion features, this editor with a simple design, handles video editing of most of the common video formats with relative ease.
This editor from Pinnacle, now only available as part of Pinnacle Studio software, is perfect for the user looking for more commonplace video editing effects such as blending of audio into the background and addition of transitions as well as effects.
Key Features: video spin editor requires,however, purchase of additional Advanced Codecs to supplement the DivX, MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 Codecs.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, or you require a quick edit for an upload, or you want to capture those unforgettable moments for yourself, get editing with these free selection of software’s, without breaking your bank. Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer, a tool that is easy to use allows you to view, edit and share your images. The image viewer uses a right sidebar and allows you to access any folder on your hard disk and view scaled down images in the center of your screen. One click is all that is needed to upload any of your pictures to Flickr, Facebook or Picasa, or email them through Outlook. Though the formats the software can work with are narrow, the software offers a myriad of other features that make you overlook this flaw.
Using a non-linear editing system, and being open source in nature this software requires you to be tech savvy to experience its full potential. The basic functions such as varying light, application of filter, splicing of videos and use of transitions are easily achieved without prior knowledge of video editing.

In addition there are different options such as editing your images and uploading them to the internet.
Likewise, one click can open an image editor to adjust values such as contrast, intensity, brightness, etc.. The software is amongst the most powerful video software’s and with its really polished interface. Additionally, there is an auto-save functionality as well as Final cut pro and Avid pro keyboard layout options.
A free version of PhotoPad photo editing software is available for non-commercial use only.

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