Tick Don't show on front end checkbox for packages still being configured or the ones created for Promo Coupons activation only. Cindy Freeman moved to Los Angeles from San Diego in 2009 to pursue a career in the film industry. Cindy has worked on a number of independent films as a production assistant and 2nd A.D while in Los Angeles and in July of 2010 she began working at Dreamworks Animation as a production coordinator.
Jenna Edwards began her film career in Minnesota where she was signed on as talent with Easter Hailey. After several years of successfully navigating her career through the Hollywood studio system Edwards made the leap to independent film with her first feature April Showers. If the kids are around, you might wanna send them out of the room for a minute.  I’ll wait. What people intend to show with a scene like this: That despite his shortcomings, the hero is not a bad guy and this unnaturally attractive woman sees that.
The person who gets pounced needs to give the pouncer something that they truly want or need. What people actually show in a scene like this: That they couldn’t think of something creative or new to show this character trait. Also, sex isn’t the only way to show that a character doesn’t care about something of value.
The scene where the guy really wants to have sex, but the girl doesn’t, so the guy kinda just goes ahead and starts doing sex to her anyway and she eventually comes around and has an amazing time about it. What people intend to show in a scene like this: That the girl really is actually into this guy but that she’s just shy or something. What people actually show in a scene like this: That the characters are kind of okay with sexual assault. A scene like this can work if it’s clear that the characters really do care about each other and if there’s a clear reason for the woman’s reluctance. What people actually show with a scene like this: That they think men are simple automatons who have no ability to control themselves if they see lady skin.
If a sex scene is inserted just to seem edgy or cool, it will feel flat, unnecessary and exploitative. Just like actual sex, when it comes to writing about sex, the tension is often more interesting than the release. A degenerative illness will feel like a bigger kick in the gut to a competitive athlete than it will be to a homebody.
If we haven’t met a character’s extended family in the first 75 minutes of your story, it won’t make us all that upset if we find out that their favorite aunt died in minute 76.
Your audience wants to feel bad for your characters; they’re looking forward to empathizing with them. We return to the topic of music in film once again with London based composer Ram Khatabakhsh.
Ram started playing the keyboard at the age of six – just to figure out the melody of his favourite songs and themes.
Ram currently directs a music production company (Motion Sound Production) based at Pinewood Studios (UK) where he collaborates with directors and producers and works with a number of talented musicians and engineers. That’s a great question and there are plenty of options for this type of project.  Meaning, you can find another company to co-produce with you who has insurance, purchase short-term coverage or, if you plan to make many of these films within a year, you may consider purchasing an annual policy. Screenwriter and Development Executive Tom Vaughan joins us to talk about working as a writer in Los Angeles and teaching screenwriting in LA and Houston. Tom Vaughan studied at the University of Houston with Broadway legend Jose Quintero and three-time Pulitzer Prize winner Edward Albee. His productions include BLACKOUT with Jane Seymour for CBS, and CRITICAL ASSEMBLY with Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy, Knocked up) for NBC.
He has been teaching screenwriting for nine years between Los Angeles and Houston and finds it as gratifying as actually practicing it. Ellen Coss is a 25 year veteran in computer generated imagery, starting her career at the seminal Digital Productions.
Seeing that overseas production was the wave of the future Ellen headed to Prana Studios, a 325 person animation studio with offices in Mumbai India and Los Angeles.
Ellen then provided producing consulting services for the animated feature Arthur Christmas an Aardman Animation film to be distributed by Sony. You know that as a screenwriter, you will need to put words on the page to tell your story.
Writer types (myself included) often love basking in the glow from their sparkling, perfectly obscure, amazingly profound WORDS. Without so many words, you get to delight in and focus on all the other ways to tell a story: what characters are wearing, their expressions or what artifacts are in their environments. My two favorite sequences in one of my favorite movies, Children of Men, also have no dialogue.
There are so many moments in our own lives that are made powerful not by the clever turn of phrase someone threw together at just the right second, but by what they didn’t say, by what email didn’t come, by who wasn’t at the party, or who was, or the way they just turned away when you showed up and made eye contact. Just for fun, try rewriting a scene or two of your latest screenplay without just half the dialogue, or if you’re feeling up to it, no dialogue at all and see how it changes the scene, or the piece entirely. Q: I’m new to LA and everyone is always talking about going to networking parties but I feel uncomfortable. Time is precious in a screenplay, so you want to get as much contextual information (not expositional information) out as quickly as possible. The wrong way to do this is to have another character provide spoken exposition like the following.
Hey Amanda, since you are too busy and shy to meet anyone since your recent and painful breakup from Mark who works downstairs, I thought I’d invite you to a party tonight. The dialogue above is boring, on the nose and takes all the fun out of discovering who a character is.
Following are are five effective ways to introduce your characters to the audience without spelling it out for them.
A character’s positive or relaxed reaction to their environment will tell the audience that this is where they belong, that these are the things that make them happy and, per screenplay logic, the world that will be yanked out from under them later in the movie. By showing us what makes a character uncomfortable, we get a different, but equally as informative view on who they are. It’s not always necessary to use other characters or dialogue to help define your character. Almost everyone has an item or two in their possession that defines or illustrates who they are. The podcast on editing made me think of what’s been happening with on-set digital work-flow and I was wondering if you all had noticed. I have noticed this as well and it can be a dangerous practice to get in to if you haven’t thought it all the way through. If you do decide it’s a good idea to cut dailies together on set, then I suggest having an assistant or 2nd editor who does that while keeping your main editor away from this part of the process. The editor’s only focus should be on telling the story and it is your job as a producer to make sure they are not unduly influenced. For our last episode of Season Four and of 2011 we recap the past season and all we learned about post-production, distribution and marketing. Jason Brubaker is a Hollywood based Independent Motion Picture Producer and an expert in Video On Demand distribution. Jason is a contributing author of The Independent’s Guide to Film Distributors, he is the founder of Filmmaking Stuff, a professional resource for independent filmmakers, and his articles on independent movie marketing, distribution and film production have been featured in The Independent, the New York Film Academy and Movie Maker Magazine. Brubaker has has lectured on these subjects to filmmakers from around the globe through various filmmaking seminars, panel discussions and workshops. We are all imperfect and no one is good at everything, therefore, it is important for you to know your strengths and weaknesses in order to fill in the gaps. There’s a saying that when you make a movie you actually make three movies by 1) writing the screenplay 2) shooting the movie and 3) editing the film. Karl is also a producer of English dubs of foreign-language features.  Credits include Gen (Turkey), Wolfhound (Russia), and the animated features Goat Story (Czech Republic) and Space Dogs 3D (Russia). Karl and his wife Lauren have written three monster movies together, made a short film about hiccups, and are currently producing a series of childrens radio plays. Now that you have brought on Skye Rentals as a sponsor, you talk about base camp a lot.  What is it and why is it so important? I’m glad you asked this question Brandie because I feel like it might be one of those questions that a lot of people don’t know the answer to, but are too afraid to ask.  I didn’t know what base camp was until I had done a couple of films early on in my career as an actor. Sometimes, base camp is a drive away from where the actual filming is taking place.  An example of this would be if you are shooting on a large ranch and power for base camp is near the house on the ranch but your actually filming the scenes off in the woods somewhere, you would set up base camp near the house and drive people to the location where shooting is occurring. When making a film it’s important to be mindful of adding value to the project in order to sell it later.
Seriously though, let's face it, sometimes photos don't do people justice, and even though in real life their nose may be a textbook example of what a human nose is supposed to look like, a wrong focal length setting on the camera lens, bad lighting or an unflattering angle can distort reality and make things look bigger than they really are.
Before we can start our digital nose job, we first need to isolate the person's nose from the rest of the image, which means we need to add a selection around it.
It's definitely better to select too much of an area than not enough, since we'll be cleaning things up at the end. Next we need to make the edges of our selection softer, or "feather" them as Photoshop calls it. With the nose now on its own layer, we can go ahead and resize it, making it shorter, thinner, or both!
To make the nose thinner, all we need to do is drag the side handles (the little squares) in towards each other.
I've now made her nose a little thinner and a little shorter simply by dragging a couple of Free Transform handles.
You'll need this option selected whenever you're using the Healing Brush on a separate layer as we're doing here.
The Healing Brush works best when you set the brush size to just slightly larger than the area you're trying to heal, and you can quickly change the size of the brush using the left and right bracket keys. If I continue clicking on areas to heal them using that exact same area I sampled from though, the area under her nose is going to end up looking like a repeating pattern, which is a dead giveaway that the image was retouched. Continue sampling from different areas of good skin by holding down and using them to heal problem areas until the area under the nose looks natural. Once you've cleaned up the problem areas with the Healing Brush, you're digital nose job is done! Keep in mind that in most cases, you won't be after a Michael Jackson-sort of drastic nose job.
The next phase of creating a new email job is defining the message of the email to be sent to the recipient list. The Message Content Icon Bar makes it easier to define different aspects of your message, check which features are enabled, and check which features may require additional work.
Important: Before you can use message templates to define a message, they need to be created and enabled for use by the template manager.
To use a message template for your email message, click on the Template icon at the top of the Define Message screen. Once you select a template, click [OK] to return to the Define Message screen and preview the template. The biggest advantage to using an existing user-defined template is that the majority of the options and settings that need to be defined for a message are already complete, pre-defined by the person who designed the template. In the placeholders lists, any placeholders with no value supplied are marked with the yellow circle arrows (these placeholders still require your attention). Finally, the placeholder that is currently selected is marked in the list with a highlighted background. The message preview pane to the right shows the current message with the current placeholder values already replaced. Any placeholders that are still undefined are shown with a suitable dummy text as a stand-in for the yet-to-be-defined actual value so that the preview is more meaningful. Below the preview, the current value of the currently selected placeholder is displayed, together with an Edit link.
Note: For an optional placeholder, an additional link with the text Leave Empty or Delete Value will also appear, that allows you to actively supply an empty value for this placeholder.
Plain Text a€“ The text that you type will be interpreted as plain text without any HTML code.
HTML a€“ The text that you type will be interpreted as HTML code and may contain special HTML tags that are handled depending on the context.
If the placeholder appears in the HTML part of a message, then the HTML code appears unescaped and will be interpreted as normal HTML.
If such a placeholder is used in the plain text part of a message, then the HTML code that you enter will be converted automatically to plain text (see below).
If the placeholder appears both in the HTML and the plain text part of a message, then each of the above applies for each respective part, i.e.
If in doubt, make sure to check the Text Preview tab after supplying the HTML placeholder value to see how your input was converted into plain text. Upload an embedded inline binary a€“ This option allows you to select a binary file from your local computer and upload it into the message definition. Title input field a€“ Depending on the placeholder definition, an input field for the Title attribute may be available.
Plain Text, multiple values a€“ Similar to Plain Text (see above), only you have the option of supplying multiple values for this placeholder.
HTML, multiple values a€“ Similar as HTML (see above), only you have the option of supplying multiple values for this placeholder.
Binary, multiple values a€“ Similar as Binary (see above), only you have the option of supplying multiple binaries for this placeholder.
As described above, all values of a multi-value placeholder are usually combined together and the resulting value list is then used to replace the placeholder. However, in some cases, depending on the template definition, multi-value placeholders may behave differently. Use a matching order for the multiple values of the grouped multi-value placeholders, so that all the first values of all multi-value placeholders correspond to each other, just as all second values should correspond, and so on. The Forward-to-a-Friend feature lets you set up a a€?Forward this e-mail to a frienda€? link for each message you send to your list subscribers or message recipients. Once the message is forwarded, an exact copy of the message will be delivered to all of the addresses supplied by the subscriber.
Note: Privacy is preserved throughout the forwarding transaction, and every subsequent forwarding transaction.
If Forward-to-a-Friend tracking was enabled for the original message, then LISTSERV Maestro will also keep a record of all these forwards, with a detail level that corresponds to the selected tracking level. Notes: If the original message uses merge fields to fill in profile field values of the original recipient, then these fields will be freshly merged for each forward.
The Forward-to-a-Friend feature can be enabled while you are defining the content of your email job.
After enabling this feature, you will need to make sure that the conditions described on the screen are correctly met and the settings are configured accordingly. Recipients Type a€“ Forward-to-a-Friend only works with recipients that are based on a target group that is based on a Hosted Recipient List. Forward to a Friend Preamble a€“ Whenever a message is forwarded using the Forward-to-a-Friend feature, a special preamble is prefixed to the actual message, letting the recipient know that they are not the original recipient of this email, but that it has been forwarded by a friend. The rest of the a€?Forward to a Frienda€? Settings screen is where you define the preamble for the forwarded message. If the message is an HTML message with a text alternative, then two preambles must be entered a€“ one for the HTML part (which may also contain HTML code) and one for the text alternative part.
Note: These three drop-ins, described above, are the only drop-ins that can be used in the preamble.
Save Current Preamble as Default a€“ The current content of the preamble is saved as a default, making it available for use in other mail jobs. Reset Preamble to Default a€“ If you have previously saved your own default preamble (with the Save Current Preamble as Default option), then this option allows you to re-use this default for the current job. Reset Preamble to System-Default a€“ The preamble will be replaced with a system-defined default preamble.
Tip: Select this option, and then make changes to the default preamble as a shortcut to defining your own preamble. The {{*UserMessage}} system drop-in in the preamble allows for the addition of a personal message supplied by the forwarding user. If the {{*UserMessage}} drop-in is not present in the preamble, then the forwarding user will not have the option of entering a personal message (i.e. If the {{*UserMessage}} drop-in is present, then the forwarding user will have the option of entering a personal message, but this personal message is optional. If a personal message is not entered, then the system drop-in will simply be removed from the preamble (or in other words, it will be replaced with an empty string). The {{*UserMessage}} drop-in uses a special syntax that lets you define a prefix and a suffix for the personal message.
To include a personal message anywhere in the preamble, without a special prefix or suffix, simply type the name of the system drop-in, {{*UserMessage}} (with the opening and closing tags that are appropriate to your message), at the desired location. The string #VALUE# (including the "#" enclosing characters) must appear between prefix and suffix (if any are present).
Any characters after "#VALUE#" and before the closing drop-in tag "}}" (or whatever closing tag is applicable in your message) will be part of the suffix, including all linebreaks, even linebreaks that appear immediately after "#VALUE#" or before the closing tag "}}". If the user does not supply a personal message, then the whole system drop-in (starting with the opening tag and ending with the closing tag) will be replaced with an empty string, i.e.
If the user supplies a non-empty personal message, then the whole system drop-in (starting with the opening tag and ending with the closing tag) will be replaced with the text that is built by linking the prefix, user message, and suffix. The {{*SubscribeURL}} system drop-in in the preamble will be replaced with a URL of the subscribe page for the Hosted Recipient List (HRL) that was initially used in the recipient definition. Notes: Only subscriptions that happen through a click on this URL in a forwarded message will be counted as "conversions" and reported in the forward-to-a-friend reports. Drop-in content is similar to merging fields, except that the same content is merged into the email message for all recipients.
LISTSERV Maestro recognizes drop-in elements if they appear in the message enclosed by specially defined tags. The default setting for drop-in content tags are double open and closed curly brackets, e.g. To include a drop-in content element in a message, simply type the drop-in element's name (with the exact spelling and case) and surround it with the opening and the closing tags that have been defined. On the Plain Text tab, type in the text box or click [Upload Plain Text] to upload a text file.
Tip: Uploading a file composed in a word processing program can be beneficial because it is possible to use spelling and grammar checkers.

Notes: The Plain Text Preview tab will now use the same charset that is used when the mail is delivered. Note: In order for any links to be tracked in an HTML message, they must be enclosed within quotation marks. Important: In order to upload HTML files into LISTSERV Maestro, it is necessary to have the MicrosoftA® Java Virtual Machine (MS JVM) or Sun Microsystema€™s The Java Virtual Machine (JVMTM) installed. Select the HTM Mail option, and then select which editor mode you want to use for the HTML part (not available when using the Safari browser). To edit using the new HTML Editor, which uses a visual editor in WYSIWYG-style, select Visual HTML Editor. Important: To use the Visual HTML Editor, you must first enable it by selecting Preferences, Mail Jobs, then Content.
Note: When you switch from the source code editor to the visual HTML editor, any existing source code will be parsed and rewritten by the visual editor, which may introduce changes to the code even if you do not make any changes yourself. Use this tab to access the HTML Editor, which lets you have visual feedback when creating you HTML message. Note: To switch editing modes, click the Editor Mode link on the HTML Code or HTML Editor tabs. Click [Upload HTML] from the HTML Code, HTML Editor, or HTML Preview tabs on the Define Message screen. The first time a file is uploaded after the Java Virtual Machine is installed, a Security Warning screen will appear, asking for permission to use the L-Soft applet to upload HTML. The LISTSERV Maestro applet will also check to ensure internal and external references to linked or embedded image files are valid. Embedded files, on the other hand, will be visible without a live Internet connection and if the image server is down. Any invalid links will be counted as errors and will be reported in the Load Results dialog box. Tip: Make clicking each link for linked files a part of the testing procedure and dona€™t approve the test until all of the links are working correctly. To add a plain text alternative to an HTML message, go to the Define Message screen, select the HTML icon, select the HTM Mail option, and then check the Include plain text alternative box. Selecting these options will ensure that recipients whose email client does not display HTML will default to the plain text alternative, allowing them to receive the message.
Notes: Any trackable links in the alternative text message must be enclosed within quotation marks the same way as the trackable plain text message links are enclosed. In the event that recipient data is available that somehow determines the format each recipient prefers to receive, then that data can be used to send the preferred format to each recipient, all within the same job. Once enabled, it is necessary to type in the condition that determines which recipients receive which type of mail. In the HTML content with plain text alternative field, enter at least one condition for the HTML content.
To preview your message and check whether or not your message is still discernible even if your images get blocked, go to the Define Message screen for your email job. Removing the checkmark from either of these options will have the effect that the corresponding image type will no longer be displayed in the preview, which lets you check how the message would look if this image type were blocked (or stripped) by the recipient's email client. A character set (also called charset, character encoding, code page, or character page) is a table that matches numbers (the digital information sent by computers over the Internet) to letters, or more precisely, characters. A charset will not translate one language to another; it only encodes data to match positions in the table to specific characters. LISTSERV Maestro defaults to the ISO-8859-1 (Latin 1) character set for encoding email messages unless a different default setting has been preset by the system administrator.
Tip: If LISTSERV Maestro is being used to send mail to recipients in a single language environment, either with plain English or with one of the common West European languages, the safest choice for a character set (charset) is always ISO-8859-1 (Latin 1) charset.
Film Method is the podcast that will take you through the nuts and bolts of independent filmmaking.
Upon her arrival in LA she immediately began working with producer Jenna Edwards to create behind-the-scenes content for Jenna’s feature film April Showers. Quickly after being signed Edwards was hired by the agency as a full time employee giving her a head-start on her Hollywood education. It was while Edwards was working for Ferrar that she developed an interest in the casting process, before long she had moved from talent agencies to working in casting with such industry leaders as Sally Steiner (Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Boy Meets World), Barbie Block (Jonas, Pepper Dennis) and Allison Jones (Super Bad, The Office). We all got to Earth thanks to some very special hugs and chances are that at some point in our lives, we’ll do some hugging ourselves. The guy can act like a bit of jerk, but if he displays a genuine soft spot for his cat or grandmother or war orphans—then he might be pounceable. Spending bazillions of dollars on a car, just to wreck it seconds later and not care about the little Honda Fit he destroyed in the process because he’ll just pay everyone off would get the same point across.
I’ve watched movies where people use women like playthings and we still kinda want to be like them! A scene where an exhausted Dad reminds an exhausted Mom that they’re going to make more of an effort to make a go of it could be informative and sweet. It should show us new information about the characters and it should directly affect the plot of the film. While it’s titillating (pun intended) to see nudity on screen, if you’re trying to evoke the kind of emotional reaction that will make a movie really resonate with audiences, not giving it all up is really the way to go. R-rated movies are a harder to monetize because fewer people can go see them and so fewer people pay for tickets to them. This is not to say that we’re going to laugh when an unknown character gets a bad diagnosis, but without the proper set up and character development, bad news for a character can feel at best, unimpactful and at worst, manipulative.
A sudden death of an up and coming star, scholar or leader will hurt more than the passing of a person who hasn’t done much nor aspires to. While out-of-the blue events happen in real life all the time, these deus ex machinas often fall flat on film if they’re not supported.
If a character has put nothing on hold preparing for a promotion, we won’t bat an eye when we learn that the gig went to their coworker. Losing a job sucks, but it is completely possible to live off unemployment for a while and get a new job, so it’s not the end of the world. But it is possible to get medication, join a support group and have a perfectly normal life. But if a character gets trapped in a storm that’s just like the one that orphaned her when her parents had to drive through it to pick her up from camp because she wouldn’t stop crying…that takes the emotion up several levels.
Ram discusses his passion for composing music for film and working as a composer for independent film. One day shoot with a cast and crew of about 10 people.  I want to make sure my production company, crew and the property are covered.
Tom also shares what it’s like to develop scripts at a small production company and gives some advice to new screenwriters as well.
It was his work as a writer and director in Houston theatre that got him recognized by Hollywood. He served as writer as well as Co-Producer on ATOMIC TWISTER with Sharon Lawrence and DEAD IN A HEARTBEAT with Penelope Anne Miller and Judge Reinhold, both for TBS.
He is currently the Director of Development for the Los Angeles production company Dirty Robber. The concept of creating a whole world is the same, but in CG animation, every aspect of the production is created in a computer. And yet, despite the fact that we don’t hear crackling wit snapping back and forth between the characters, we always know exactly what’s going on, we’re on board with how characters are feeling and we get to delight in the visual medium that film is. Characters in fact, can often come to life much more when they are not resting on the crutch of words. In fact, most of the third act of that movie is, apart from score and sound effects, silent.
A point, a smile, a frown, a tear, a step away from you, or a subtle scoot toward you, a kiss, a stumble, a something left behind when they thought they had cleaned up all the evidence…these types of things often speak loudly and clearly without using words at all. In order to understand your story, the audience will need to know a decent amount about each character’s personality almost immediately. You’ll probably freak out at all the people there since you have social anxiety, but I want to help you since I know that deep down, you really do want to connect with someone.
Imagine each example describes the first time we see a character in a movie and notice how much information you can learn without having someone directly say who the character is, what they care about or what they want. Giving these kinds of objects to characters helps define and illustrate them for audiences. Instead of just taking up space in the scene, that first line of dialogue should pull the audience into the character’s point of view immediately.
The possibility of on-set dailies is leading towards on-set editing and for some Indie productions and companies who produce small corporate commercials it is already happening.
For some forms such as commercials, it might be a great thing.  But, for film, it is not a good idea to have your main editor cutting things together on set. He is focused on helping YOU make, market and sell movies more easily by growing your fan base, building buzz and creating community around your title. I knew what I liked and what I didn’t like and was very good at pointing out what I didn’t like. The editor of a film can serve as one of the primary storytellers of your movie and therefore is a critical role to cast when hiring your crew. Most people’s lives don’t naturally fit into a three-act structure, so even if you’re basing the story on a personal story, you will have to embellish or even create some details to make a story work. In order to make a story work, you have to understand what the parts of a story are, how they work together, where they should fall and why they’re important. Writing a screenplay, selling a screenplay and producing a screenplay are very different things, so know what your end goal is. Those things, such as actors with names, can be attractive to a distributor who is looking to make a certain profit on your film and will also allow you to pay back your investors. Ahmed began his career in Ohio working as a production coordinator on various television commercials and indie feature films. Ahmed worked at New Line Cinema on various productions including Son of the Mask, Freddy vs. In this Photo Retouching tutorial, we're going to learn how incredibly easy it is to give someone a digital nose job (not that anyone we know would need it, of course!).
Fortunately, Photoshop makes digital plastic surgery a breeze without the need for any fancy surgical tools or even a steady hand. Before we begin, I just want to make it clear that I am not saying this woman needs a nose job. The reason the Lasso Tool works so well here is because if you've used it before, you already know that it's not exactly the most precise selection tool in all of Photoshop (that honor would go to the Pen Tool), yet for this technique, we purposely want to avoid making a precise selection of the nose.
Holding all three keys down at once as I'm dragging the bottom corner handle tells Photoshop to drag the bottom corner handle on the opposite side as well while leaving the top two corner handles locked in place. The Healing Brush works by sampling the color, tone and texture from part of the image but since we're working on a new blank layer, there's nothing on the layer for the Healing Brush to sample. Make sure you sample from an area close to the area you're trying to heal to keep the skin texture as similar as possible. You'll usually want to keep things more subtle, and if you're lucky, the person in the photo won't even realize what you've done. LISTSERV Maestro will copy content from a previously defined email job, or original content can be uploaded or entered as plain text, as HTML or a combination. LISTSERV Maestro comes with ready-to-use message templates that contain placeholders that, when selected in the template designer, will let you fill in predefined areas with your own text or images.
The only work left for you is to "fill in the blanks" that were left in the template in form of special template placeholders. This tab displays a list of all placeholders in the template on the left and a preview of the message as it appears with the current placeholder values at the right. In the preview, the currently selected placeholder is marked with a highlighted background. When the mouse hovers over the value of a placeholder, the placeholder is highlighted and you can click it to select this placeholder. If the placeholder is used in the HTML part of a message and the text you type contains any special HTML characters, then those will be HTML-escaped before replacement. The value for such a placeholder will be a URL that points to a binary that is supposed to appear in the message.
The binary file will be bundled together with the message (as a special inline attachment) and the placeholder will be replaced with a special URL that references this inline attachment.
The binary from that URL will not be bundled with the message, but the URL will simply be used to replace the placeholder.
These values will be combined into a list according to the template definition, and then used to replace the placeholder. The multiple values will be combined into a list according to the template definition, and then used to replace the placeholder.
The multiple binaries will be combined into a list according to the template definition, and then used to replace the placeholder.
As a result, if a template contains several multi-value placeholders after each other, then after replacement you will have several such lists: The first list contains all values of the first multi-value placeholder, followed by the second list with all values of the second multi-value placeholder, followed by the list of values from the third multi-value placeholder, and so on. This is when several multi-value placeholders are grouped together by the template creator in such a way, that their values are being displayed in an alternating fashion, i.e. Otherwise there may be "holes" in the alternating list of values, if one of the multi-value placeholders has fewer values than the others.
Because as you can see from the above example, all the first values will be displayed one after the other, followed by all second values, then all third values, and so on.
Once setup, this links gives your subscribers and recipients the freedom to share the message with others. Upon arrival, the message contains an additional preamble and personal message (optional) informing the new recipients who forwarded the message to them. This means that if the original recipient's profile fields have changed since the original mailing, then the forwarded message will contain different merge field values than the original message.The forwarding will only work while the original Hosted Recipients List still exists and the original recipient is still a subscriber of that list. At the top of the Define Message screen, click Forward to a Friend icon to open the a€?Forward to a Frienda€? Setting screen. If the message has several body parts, like an HTML mail with a text alternative, then this special system drop-in must appear at least once in each body part.
In addition, these three special drop-ins can only be used in the preamble and cannot be used anywhere else in the body of the message. The preamble will be replaced with whatever preamble was last saved as your personal default. This will save you formatting time and provide you with an example of the usage of the system drop-ins. Or, in other words, in the string "prefix#VALUE#suffix", the "#VALUE#" part (including the enclosing "#" characters) is replaced with the personal message, and the resulting string (including prefix and suffix) is used to replace the system drop-in. You can use this URL to include a link in the preamble that allows the friend-recipient to also become a subscriber of the original list. In addition, The HRL and dataset must both be a€?open to everyonea€? in order for the {{*SubscribeURL}} system drop-in to function.
Drop-ins can be used to create pre-defined content parts that can then be inserted into any message.
The tags surround the name of the drop-in content element, creating a a€?drop-in placeholder.a€? This placeholder will be replaced by actual content at the time the message is sent.
For a list of available drop-ins, click the Show Merge Fields and Drop-Ins link at the bottom of the text box on the HTML Code, AOL Code, or Text tabs. These quotation marks will be removed from the recipientsa€™ copy of the message, and serve only to let the system know that there is a trackable link in the message. Because of this, any characters that will not be expressible during delivery will appear as a question mark (?) on the Plain Text Preview tab. Most HTML editors will do this automatically, but it is possible to create a link without quotation marks that will be read in Internet Explorer (this browser is very forgiving of HTML coding errors). This ensures that any accompanying image files for backgrounds, banners, icons, diagrams, and pictures will be automatically uploaded with the source code.
To edit on the source code level, with a normal text editor, select HTML source code editor. The advantage is the direct visual feedback of your input; the disadvantage is that you have less control over the HTML code that is produced. Therefore, you should enable the visual HTML editor mode only if it is acceptable to you that your HTML source code may be changed by the editor. If enabled, the HTML Editor Toolbar gives you many additional features, such as font and text formatting, cut, paste, undo, and redo actions, image insertion, table creation, and form fields. This takes you back to the Message Content Type Settings screen (see Figure 6-9), which is where you can pick which editor to use. If Always trust content from L-Soft Germany GmbH is checked, then the Security Warning screen will not re-appear for future uploads.
Check Always trust content from L-Soft Germany GmbH to prevent the dialog box from re-appearing.
If there are any image files that are linked remotely or embedded from local files, then a screen will appear listing each and asking whether to proceed with the upload. They will make the message larger, but they will not, in most cases, be stripped from the message by a firewall. If [Yes] is clicked, then LISTSERV Maestro will continue uploading the HTML file even if it contains link errors.
To enable Conditional Content, click on the Change link that appears directly under the tabs of the text box on the Define Message screen when HTML with text alternatives is selected. If a recipient fulfills the condition, the full HTML email including the plain text alternative is delivered to that recipient. This screen contains the new options, Preview with linked images and Preview with inline images, used for previewing your messagea€™s HTML images. For example, the email client could initially be blocking the display of linked images until the user manually unblocks them (this is very common with current email clients), or any inline image attachments may have been stripped from the email by the recipient's email server, or the mail client could simply be unable to display any images at all (as may be the case with older email clients). There is no limit to the number of files that can be attached to a message, but there may be a limit to the size of each attachment set by the system administrator. Due to the nature of digital information and email (all data is reduced to numeric code) there is a finite number of a€?positionsa€? in this table to correspond to letters and other symbols of a language. For example, in the charset ISO-8859-1 (matching an alphabet suitable for West-European languages), the position number 196 represents the umlaut A„. LISTSERV Maestro supports other charsets, and if users are given the right to use other character sets, an active link will appear at the end of the Language: Mail will be sent with language charset fora€¦ sentence at the bottom of the Define Message screen. In a roundtable discussion format we will meet guests from all walks of filmmaker life who will share their golden nuggets of wisdom about everything from hiring a producer, to finding a composer, to seeking out investors. Cindy also directed the behind-the-scenes content creation for Jenna’s film In the Darkness.

After two years of rising through the Minnesota film community Edwards made the move to Los Angeles. During this time Edwards was also able to gain valuable production experience working on shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Malcolm in the Middle, and working with studios like Disney, MTV, FOX and CBS. But when a woman in a movie offers herself as some sort of taming device without getting anything in return, it makes both characters look weak.
Flushing diamonds down the toilet or having a house full of amazing gadgets that never get used, children who never get hugged and pets who never get walked could also communicate the same idea. A post-therapy scene where a concerned boyfriend reminds his girlfriend that she doesn’t need to be afraid of closeness anymore can be compelling and transformative.
It should motivate character to new action and they should be changed, if even slightly, by having experienced that scene. Enter a scene (pun intended) just before or just after the act and you’ve got a lot more to work with in terms of exploring character, defining relationships and maintaining momentum.
The bad news should feel specific—like something that we definitely don’t want to happen to THIS person. An agoraphobe forced to relocate because a tornado destroyed his house will invoke more of a reaction than the same situation happening to an executive who’s never at home anyway. If we’ve never spent time at a character’s summer home, it’ll barely register when that summer home is wiped out by a late season storm.
However, if the loss of a job means that a character has to move back home with their millionaire, superstar sibling and their controlling parents who never supported them in the first place, that character’s in a much more painful situation. However, if the illness is brought on by the unregulated drug the new patient invented and rushed to market…that really hits home for that person.
He continued to play on his keyboard as a hobby after school hours and learned to play his favourite songs by ear.
His feature film debut was UNSTOPPABLE, starring Wesley Snipes.  He just completed his directorial debut, PLAYING HOUSE, based on a script written with Kristy Dobkin. They talk, Talk TALK their way through three acts, telling you not just the plot points you need to know, but also how untouchably brilliant the writer behind that masterpiece is. Actions, in turn, get to be much more definite, clear and decisive when you don’t have someone in the shot narrating what we’re seeing anyway. If you haven’t seen it, it’s amazingly powerful and nothing any character could say would do those moments justice. Editor Karl Hirsch joins us to talk about workflow, the technical aspects of editing, and collaboration.
He has guest-lectured at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona, Film Independent in Los Angeles, and has spoken on film festival panels in Victoria BC, Austin, and Phoenix. Sure, there are some prodigies who can whip out a perfectly formed first draft, but most professional writers will spend months or even years on a script before they plug every plot hole, smooth every character arc and crystallize every line.
Even if you are writing a story based on your life or the life of someone you know, you will need to give your character their own existence. Writing a screenplay is difficult work, but the good news is that lots of people have done it before you.
Producer’s Rep Noor Ahmed joins us to give tips on how to increase the value of your project and on working with the MPAA.
Before leaving for Los Angeles, he worked on the indie feature Blue Car which premiered at the Sundance film festival and was released by Miramax. This photo editing technique is so simple and easy, you'll be tempted to use it on photos of people who honestly don't need it.
In fact, all you need is the Lasso Tool, the Free Transform command, and the Healing Brush to clean up any rough spots. By selecting the "Sample All Layers" option, Photoshop is able to sample from not only the layer we're on but also from any layer(s) below it, which is exactly what we want.
It also works best if you click on individial spots with it rather than trying to paint over the entire problem area at once. Again, I'll click with my mouse rather than paint with it, since painting large areas with the Healing Brush tends to give Photoshop too much information to work on at once and usually gives you poor results, so it's best to click instead of paint.
If they think they look great in the photo and have no idea what sort of work you put into it to make them look so good, then consider it a compliment to your Photoshop photo retouching skills and a job well done! Special a€?Drop-In Contenta€? elements in the form of text, links, files, or a database can be added to the message. In addition, all text, including any changes you may make down the road, will be entered into both the HTML and the text part of your message so you only need to enter the text once. The message as a whole will have the "complete" state only if all placeholders are supplied with a value and are marked with the green checkmark. The kind of binary allowed for a given placeholder is usually made clear by the placeholder name and context. At the recipient's side, the binary will be viewable even if the recipient is offline or has loading of linked binaries disabled in the email client.
In these cases the "title" text will be displayed if the image should not be available (and also for accessibility purposes), and may also become visible as a tool-tip popup that appears when the mouse pointer is hovered over the image. Using this feature gives you the ability to reach a wider audience with your message and the ability to build your subscriber list using their friends as a referral. The forwarded email will also contain the same "Forward this e-mail to a friend" link that was in the original mail, allowing the recipient to forward this message, yet again, to more friends. This screen allows you to enable or disable the forward to a friend feature for your message. This system drop-in will later be replaced with a URL that, if clicked, will send the recipient to the special page where he can enter the e-mail addresses of his friends, to which he wants to forward the message. Also, if the first line contains only whitespace after the word "*UserMessage", then the linebreak at the end of this line will also be ignored and will not be part of the prefix.
For example, a drop-in content element could be created with a company header and added to all the outgoing email messages simply by including the name of the drop-in element in the content. It is possible to see what the drop-in will look like within the context of the message by clicking any of the preview tabs, Text Preview, HTML Preview, or AOL Preview. An example of a drop-in content placeholder using the default settings would be {{company_address}}. Copy and paste the name of the drop-in into the message to ensure the correct name and tags.
Click on this tab to see what the drop-in content elements look like within the body of the message. If in doubt, or if there is trouble selecting a tracking definition for a seemingly good link, double check the HTML coding of the links.
The advantage is that you have direct control over the HTML code; the disadvantage is the missing visual feedback of your input.
You can type directly into the box, cut and paste HTML source code, or upload an HTML file.
If you are used to using Microsoft Word as your HTML Editor, then you will certainly feel comfortable using the HTML Editor.
If this option is not checked, then it will be necessary to grant permission to use the applet every time HTML files are uploaded in a new browser session. Consider the use of images, linked or embedded, carefully to avoid complications for the recipients.
The error report is only a warning to remind the user that there are currently problems, but the upload is not suspended. The advantage of using conditional content is that ita€™s possible to prepare a single job for recipients who prefer HTML and those who prefer plain text, respecting each recipienta€™s choices as well as saving time and reducing the chance for errors while sending multiple jobs.
If the recipient does not fulfill the condition, a simple plain text email is delivered instead, containing only the plain text alternative. The actual emails will always include the images (either linked or inline, depending on the type of each image) no matter how the options are set here on the HTML Preview tab. Because of these reasons, it is extremely important that you make sure your message is readable and understandable even if the images in the message are not being displayed. Large attachments or numerous attachments can slow down the delivery of the message and use up bandwidth. Therefore, different charsets have been developed to correspond to the different letters and symbols for different languages. The same position, 196, using the charset ISO-8859-7 (the Greek alphabet), matches the Greek letter.
The link will be different depending on whether a different selection has previously been made.
In addition, it contains the characters with diacritics required for many West European languages, such as 'A¶', 'A?', 'A§' and others. Season One will focus on the development phase of making a movie starting with the seeds of inspiration and writing a script or finding material with a particular audience in mind.
It was while Cindy was working with Jenna that she was inspired to create the Film Method podcast.
But there’s a way to do it so that it makes sense and there’s a way to do it that is creepy, alienating and ineffective. But in movies like that that work, those characters usually balance out their misogyny with many other likeable traits. That sequence, however, falls into the “we know this couple is really trying to work on their relationship” category. These things are real bummers, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to have the impact you want them to in your script. By age of 11, he was attending private piano and music lessons and exploring multiple musical genres.
Join us as we speak to animation producer, Ellen Coss about her experience in the world of CG art and animation. Because I knew my weaknesses, I was able to find producers who were strong in the area of script notes. They shouldn’t do, feel, think or say things simply because you do, feel, think or say those things. Car designers need to understand engine mechanics so they make sure there’s room for one in their latest concept vehicle.
If you want to sell your screenplay, finishing the script is only about 50% of the work—because next you’ll have to make and nurture the connections that will lead to a sale.
There are plenty of blogs and websites (like this one) that can give you good, solid advice.
Or at least, that's what you can tell them when they ask you why you made their nose smaller.
One final thing to keep in mind with the Healing Brush is that you want to try to sample an area of skin that's close to the area you're healing, since different areas of a person's face have different skin texture, so you don't really want to sample an area from someone's forehead when trying to retouch part of their nose. I'll click on a few spots to clean them up, and as I do, Photoshop replaces the texture from the area I clicked on with the texture from the area I sampled. It is possible to include attachments to messages as well as select the language character set used to encode the message. Each placeholder can represent one or several instances of plain text or HTML, or a linked or inline binary. In addition, any placeholders that are "mandatory" are shown with bold text, while "optional" placeholders are shown with normal text.
The advantage is that the additional binary size will not be added to the delivered message, but the disadvantage is that the URL must be a publicly accessible URL and the binary can only be loaded if the recipient is online when reading the message and the loading of linked binaries has not been disabled. You should make sure that this system drop-in appears in a location where it can be easily found and understood by the recipient. For more information about creating drop-in content elements, see Section 15.3 Creating and Managing Drop-In Content Elements. It is possible to change the open and closed tags to other characters, but the characters must not appear in the actual name of the drop-in content element itself or anywhere else in the text. To define a new drop-in content element, see Section 15.3 Creating and Managing Drop-In Content Elements. If you want to enable the HTML Editor Toolbar, then select the If visual HTML editor is used: Enable advanced toolbar for form elements option. The reason that uploads are not halted when the HTML contains errors is that the linked files simply may not be available yet. Any drop-in content elements will be automatically added into the body of the text message.
If attachments are present, then LISTSERV Maestro adds the attachments to each of the messages, without applying conditions. If your message is not discernible, then you should rework your text so that the message is apparent without the images.
Recipients with slower connections may have a negative reaction to the message if they have to download large or numerous attachments. As a result, the same position number in the table will result in different characters being displayed, depending on the charset used for the encoding. But jerky powerful people also do lots of other things that show that they’re unempathetic.
Also, yes, there are some filmmakers who tend to be pretty exploitative when it comes to this sort of thing, and if you are Michael Bay, then what on earth are you doing reading this blog? However, films are not real life and on screen, a guy who coerces sex out of a woman comes across as a creep.
If all the woman needed to do was flash some flesh to get whatever McGuffin she’s after, then why are we watching an entire movie? First, I think the boobs in that movie are totally unnecessary, but here’s why they’re not a total turn off.
It is necessary for less-than-ideal things to happen to your characters, but not all downer events are created equal. Most recently they wrote HALLELUJAH together for acclaimed Japanese director Kazuika Kiriya (Casshern, Goemon). Through surrounding myself with others who had that skill set, I was able to learn and develop my own skills at giving script notes. Architects need to understand structural principals so that their buildings don’t fall down. If you want to produce your screenplay, you should make sure that what you’re writing is within your production capabilities—i.e.
Ahmed worked as an Associate Producer on the PBS documentary, California and the American Dream, a four part series that received a national broadcast in the U.S.
Enter a Feather Radius value of somewhere between 20-30 pixels depending on the size and resolution of your image. It also tries to blend the color and tone from the area I sampled with the color and tone of the area I clicked on.
When using the template designer, you can also preview each placeholder, providing a full picture of what the template will look like when it is finished.
The top part is where you enable the feature by simply clicking the Enable a€?forward to a frienda€? for this job option. For instance, if the name of the drop-in were "dec_header", then in the default mode the drop-in would appear as {{dec_header}}.
Sometimes, referenced web sites are under development or are being updated as the email message is being created.
For more information on this subject, see Appendix B Email and International Character Sets. And while we may hold each other to flexible standards, audiences generally do not give such lenience to characters in film. Ebeneezer Scrooge was the quintessential mean ol’ rich guy and there’s nothing sexy about his story.
If you’re not Michael Bay and can’t write your own ticket, then you should be trying to impress readers, studio execs and producers with substance over style. And the woman who can’t stick to her point of view long enough to get to sleep comes across as weak. Why doesn’t she just prance through life in a bikini taking money from stunned bystanders’ wallets, walking out of stores with unpaid merch, and slowly but surely rising to the rank of Supreme Ruler of all the World! If someone were to come up to me right now and ask me what my weaknesses were, I would be able to list them right now.  But, then I would also be able to tell them who I have surrounded myself with to balance those weaknesses out.
Surgeons need to understand how cells interact with each other so they don’t kill their patients.
It would not be possible to change the open or closed tag to an underscore a€?_a€? because it appears in the name of the drop-in element. In addition, some firewalls strip HTML messages that contain links to outside sources thus rendering the image invisible. By letting sex or sexuality be the secret weapon, characters don’t have to think, plan or grow.
They have a silly game of crashing weddings, but they don’t do it to be malicious and they help everyone have a fun time when they’re there. He attended Kingston University in London where he obtained his degree in music composition. However, you will have to do so actively (via the available links, see below), in order for the placeholder to be marked as complete (with the green checkmark). Conversely, if the actual message contains the text a€?{{a€? or a€?}}a€?, then it will be necessary to select different tags to use for placeholders. In November 2008 Ram was commissioned to write orchestral music and had his music performed by Kingston Chamber Orchestra in public concert. Ahmed worked for the distribution company Roadside Attractions traveling to various film festivals as their Acquisitions Coordinator.
Yes, they help them ultimately so that they can get off of work for the day, but their help is sincere.
During his time at Roadside Attractions the company acquired several high level indie films including Supersize Me and What the Bleep Do You Know. Because they are well-intentioned guys, their playtime with the girls feels fun and playful, not manipulative, gross or creepy. In November 2007 Ram’s music was performed in the South Bank Centre as part of the PLG Group season. Ram’s music is highly motivated by film music, as this is the greatest goal in his career.
Ahmed left Roadside Attractions to join Reder & Feig where he worked with the firm as a paralegal on films including, Brick, Thank You for Smoking, La Misma Luna, Southland Tales, and other indie features (full list on IMDb) before becoming the firms in-house Producer Rep.
He has been working as a freelance composer for several feature film projects and has written music for number of online advertisements and commercials and short films.

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