The release of a new version of Photoshop is a major event for every loyal user of the program and right on schedule, the beta of PhotoShop CS6 is here.
Last week Adobe released the beta Photoshop CS6, the next version of Photoshop, to the public.
You also need at least 1 GB of RAM and the beta requires 1 GB of disk space when installed.
After playing with the beta for a few days I’ve found several features and changes that really stand out. As with many of the changed or new features in CS6, those preferring the old look can revert back to it through a setting in preferences. Content aware move allows moving an object in a photo somewhere else while filling in the old spot with appropriate content with only a quick selection. Before these changes were only available to photographers and editors with time, patience, and lots of experience in Photoshop.

In this photo, I’ve moved a plaque in a photo using only the content aware move tool. Multiple overlays reflecting common rules of composition including the rule of thirds and the golden spiral can be displayed over the image when cropping.
This is an extension of the lens correction which lets you correct for the distortions in an image caused by wide angle lenses. You can take any wide angle photo and quickly have a more natural looking and correct representation of the original scene. After playing with the beta for just a few days, I’m ready for the new version to be released.
I have observed in the world of today, video games would be the latest fad with kids of all ages.
Photoshop has a huge community who are very happy to share their experiences with the community.

Added by jason on 2015-05-16 Editing Video in PhotoshopWe show you how to edit video in photoshop!
When it comes to editing video, people usually think Premiere Pro, Final Cut and all the other amazing video editing softwares out there. In our next couple episodes, we’ll be going over the basics of video editing in photoshop.

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