There are lots of video editing software for making YouTube videos, from beginner to high end. As a gamer, I used to capture lots of game play videos and upload to YouTube, before upload to YouTube and other video sharing sites, I need to edit the video clips a little bit, like add some background musics, subtitles, cut the unwanted part, merge the game videos, split the videos etc. Of course, to make my game videos stand out from millions of YouTube game videos, I need pay lots of efforts, the content is the most basic element, I always recording game play videos when I play video games with my partners with Smartpixel Camera, the video clips are fresh and the scene is amazing, all I need is to add some background sound and subtitle on the special killing spot.
Once I import the game video clips into Smartpixel Producer, drag them to the video editing window on the right side, play each game video clip and cut the unwanted part, that's the very first step.
Smartpixel Producer supports most of the YouTube video formats like FLV, AVI, MP4, WMV and other formats.

To select the best video editor for YouTube videos, it is mainly depending on your needs, experience, and expectations, it is difficult to choose the best YouTube video editing software. Unlike other YouTube video editing software, Smartpixel Producer do not need lots of disk space. For simple videos, most of your everyday low-cost video editing software will do the trick.
Let's take a 5 minutes YouTube game videos for example, usually it takes around 300MB disk space when I finish the video editing. In Smartpixel Producer, there are some cool effects you can insert into the Youtube videos.

After the video editing I can export the game videos via the formats I mentioned above then I can login my Youtube account and start uploading.

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