The resulting shot shows the subject walking from right to left, establishing the viewer's position and orientation relative to her. In some cases crossing the line is unavoidable, or at least desirable enough to be worth the awkward transition. In live-action situations such as sports coverage, crossing the line is often necessary to obtain the best views.
The iPad version includes the same main content as the DVD-ROM version, except for editable video clips. The Android version is the same as the iPad version except that the example video clips are not included in the initial installation.
You will be able to reverse only uncompressed AVI files or ones that use a simple compression, a compression image by image.
Method 2: Save each frame of a video clip as a picture, and put the pictures back together in reverse sequence.
Method 3: Do it programmatically with DirectShow, as long as the video file supports IMediaSeeking to each frame. On my 64 bit Windows 7 laptop I needed to run the installation and open the app as an administrator or it wouldn't install or work.

SHARE THIS ARTICLE Google has implemented shortcuts to Google Drive to simplify the editing process for their users directly from the cloud.
If you don’t see the update just yet, keep checking back in Google Play Store within the next few days as Google states a full rollout will take approximately 1-3 days. It refers to an imaginary line which cuts through the middle of the scene, from side to side with respect to the camera. As you can see in the resulting shot, the view of the subject is reversed and she appears to be walking from left to right. In this case you can minimize confusion by using a shot taken on the line itself to go between the shots, as illustrated below.
Sometimes this isn't a problem, especially if it's a view the audience is used to, but sometimes it can be very confusing (for example, a team suddenly seems to be playing in the wrong direction). The disc also includes unedited clips from two films for pupils to practise editing, and printable PDFs for use in film making projects.
Due to file size restrictions on Google play, these files will download separately when the app is run. On my 64 bit Windows 8 desktop I didn't do anything special for the installation but had to run the app as an administrator or in compatibility mode with XP.

Newsoft VideoWorks Version 5, which came with my Canon DVM500i, has an absolutely marvellous option called Reverse Sequence.
It comes in presence of a blue button that when tapped will direct you to different third-party editing apps that are installed on your device.
Crossing the line changes the viewer's perspective in such as way that it causes disorientation and confusion. This software functions in a very simple way, this is why it can function only on a very simple AVI. If you want to reverse a compressed AVI, it will be necessary for you to decompress it or convert it to a type II DV-AVI file (for example, with Movie Maker 1 or VirtualDub with the Panasonic codec). This is ideal for those who often make small changes and hate the idea of having to save each time they finish editing.
Other editor from Google that also make use of this shortcut includes Google Docs and Google Photos.

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