In this training you will learn how to import video or stills from camera cards & media drives, preview and organize your assets from the project panel, and fine tune your movie using industry-standard trimming tools such as the Ripple, Roll, Slip and Slide tools.  Once you've finalized the picture, you'll begin perfecting the soundtrack using Premiere Pro's powerful audio adjustment tools including the built-in Audio Mixer. Related News Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Training (2015)Color Correction in Premiere Pro CC 2015Art Of Strength - Kettlebell Training Clinic: Volume 1 DVDTaijiquan - Classical Yang Style DVD Comments (0) Information Please Login or create a free account to leave comments. Admissions are opened for NEW BATCH Scintilla Digital AcademyScintilla is a state-of-the-art post production company equipped with sophisticated digital technology. Journalists who edit news copy are both the quality control for the newsroom and the reader’s representative. First of all, this is an asynchronous lesson unit, which means no live events are scheduled for this lesson. Are you the type of person that loves to watch movies?Are you interested in visual storytelling? In the morning, the focus will be on video production in a HD (High Definition) TV studio setting with camera gear and lighting.
The afternoon will focus on special effects and video editing using Adobe Premiere to create your final video production.
During the workshop, you will have a chance to see what it's like to be part of Conestoga College's School of Media and Design by working with current college students.
Please wear long pants and closed toed shoes as these are requirements for filming in the studio! Oktoberfest, Special Olympics, Art Galas and Music Festivals are all different types of special events that draw tourists!
Event co-ordination includes everything from fundraising events, festivals, and so much more!
You will be transported from your school to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre Every school's departure will differ. In the morning, you will learn how Culture and History play a role in our museums and more about a Curator's role. During this 1 day session you will learn from experts how to develop the characters you play when working with text and script!

Work with Audio Engineers to learn how a song is truly put together by working on the style, structure, rhythm, lyrics and instruments. During this session you will develop your Innovative, Creative and Entrepreurial (ICE) Skills, as you work along designers, artists and managers from local companies to help them solve a current CHALLENGE they face in their company. Employers will explain their CHALLENGE and you will work in small groups to find a solution.
Great chance to work as if in the real world alongside real people and the challenge they are currently facing. From movies to video games, TV shows and science simulations, animation enables creators to bring images and objects to life. To start, you will paint a drawing on a Plexiglas plate, and then complete a watercolor mono type of the drawing. Whether you've tried printmaking before, or you are brand new to the concept, signup to learn more about printmaking techniques in this 1 day session. Scintilla imparts exceptional practical-oriented training in film making for those individuals who are passionate about contributing as a professional in the film Industry. You can edit the content that appears here by visiting your Widgets panel and modifying the current widgets in Sidebar 3. A copy editor’s mandate is to make sure news stories are clear, correct and consistent — and answer all of the reader’s questions.
At Conestoga Collge, we will teach you skills that allow your creative vision to stand out.
You will use our Ikegami Cameras, Axia Audio Console, Ross Vision Switcher and Ross Graphics to shoot a short video newscast production that you will edit in the afternoon. During this 1 day session, you will learn how to co-ordinate events by understanding what is needed for short and long term event plans.
You will understand how tourism is essential to recreational, leisure and business purposes. With over 400 Booths for you to discover, presentations speakers, educational theatres and live hands on demonstrations!

ZOOM Career Days are fantastic events that help students to explore and learn from industry professionals. In the afternoon, you will discover and become introduced to Anthropology as you complete a lab to understand how fosil records reveal information about socal development, while also examining real and replica hominid skulls. Plus understand how to give an effective audition, and what directors and producers are looking for. The day includes a tour of the University of Waterloo Campus, lunch and a chance to engage with current UCEP students! Stop Motion is a specific animation technique used to make an object or character appear to move on its own. You will also use the same drawing and Plexiglas plate, to do a dry-point print of the same motive as the mono-type. Leverage the new Lumetri color panel for color correcting your shots using intuitive controls and options that include RGB and Hue-Saturation Curves and a redesigned Video Scopes panel. Or, if you want to be a true ninja, you can add your own content to this sidebar by using the appropriate hooks. As the last line of defense against errors, copy editors need knowledge of grammar, punctuation, style and the power of language. This one-day workshop is designed to introduce you to professional camera equipment, editing software and video production possibilities such as green screen effects. The day will include discussions on daily skin care regimen, preparing the skin for makeup application, day vs. These editors also sell the reporter’s work by writing headlines that entice a person to read the story. After completing this two day training session you will receive 3 certifications in CPR-A (basic rescuer), Standard First Aid and AED (Automated External Defibrulator.

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