After some time I presented two programs with which I was able to change the background image and we customize logon screenSite (login screen). We use cookies to Personalise content and ads, to Provide social media features and to our Analyse traffic. Here is another simple tool developed by Deviantart user which can quickly set your wallpaper as the logon screen background.
Windows users really miss some in-built options to change the default logon screen; hence users have to rely on third party software’s to change the boring old logon screen. This logon screen changer provides the option in your right click context menu to change your logon screen. It also comes with a libairy of free login screen Backgrounds, Like great windows 3D logo's and various other Themes like Movie, Cars and many more. Once you select the option “Logon Screen” from the right click context menu you will see the interface where you can select browse and change your logon screen background.

You can change your Windows 7 Login screen in seconds savely and reverse settings it back to the previous and original loginscreen anytime.
It's also comes with a browsing function to select your own images and has a build in control the image doesn't exceed the Windows 7 limit of 246KB for the maximumsize of the Login screen image size. Text and button style can be tweaked from the advanced appearance settings.Thoosje’s Windows 7 Logon Editor It is a tool that not only makes changing of Windows 7 logon screen a breeze but also provides you with great online library of free screen backgrounds. Of course it has a preview option so you can see the effect of the changes before committing to them. The library includes great Windows 3D logo’s and various other themes like cars, movies and many more.
The editor provides variety of other options like backup, restore backup, restore defaults and more backgrounds. Backup option lets you backup the current logon screen and restore backup allows you to restore the saved backup.Windows 7 Logon Background ChangerThis application is free and open source software and provides you a great GUI with awesome 3D look and feel.

It provides a scrolling bar located at the top which contain the thumbnails of all the images present in the selected folder. By default, thumbnails of images from the ‘default folder’ are inline.Windows 7 Logon Editor PortableWith this application you can’t only change the background image with one click instead you can also tweak the button transparency and the text shadow. You can use the test button to preview the new logon screen and hit the revert button to get back to the Windows default logon screen.All of the above applications has been successfully tested on Windows 7.

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