Sandra Gayton, 57, stood by her son to the end, but Terrence Kimble's quest for justice continues. Terrence Kimble and his mother who passed away on the 14th March 2012 from an illness at the age of 57, Sandra Gayton. A review of the evidence indeed causes any logical person to question how he could have been convicted at all, let alone receive such an extremely lengthy punishment; almost two-decades behind bars. One of the forces that has kept Terrence Kimble motivated to survive his ordeal and prove his innocence, quite naturally, was the love and support of his mother, Sandra Gayton, who died, tragically, last week in her home.
Coleman blew the whistle on racism and civil rights violations in the prison and in turn, was charged with 15 counts of cigarette smuggling as a guard.
Offering testimony on Coleman's behalf, Kimble indicted prison staff in a variety of crimes, particularly bribery, and told the judge and jury that there were in fact, prison staff guilty of the crime Coleman stood accused of, but it wasn't Coleman, some of the names were those of Coleman's superiors.
Terrence Kimble and those who know and support him, say he has been the focus of an ongoing retaliation effort by the Oregon Department of Corrections in the years following his support of former Officer William Coleman.
A mother's love is something that transcends many things, and while it is natural for a mother to stand by her son even when he makes mistakes or runs afoul of the law. This is an incident where staff send inmates on missions to harass, attack and provoke another inmate into self-defense, which is not permissible, and off to 'the hole' the inmate who was approached, assaulted and offered defense to protect himself, goes.
This has been Terrence Kimble's story time and time again, since he stood up for William Coleman, the guard he knew was a good man; one willing to sacrifice his own career to expose racism in the prison system, and systematic human rights violations, assaults, bribery, even murder.
As mentioned above, Kimble's honest testimony allowed William Coleman to emerge from a harrowing ordeal as a free man. It is a simple fact that Lane County Oregon's court in the city of Eugene, has a habit of convicting African-American men of crimes they did not commit. It is a sad story for Terrence Kimble who as a prisoner, has existed without ever recanting his position of total and complete innocence.
We received this as a handwritten note Terrence Kimble penned, regarding the huge loss he has experienced as a man who has already lost so much.
Also like her late mother, she suffers health-problems; the stress from years of having one of her only family members incarcerated this way, when she has personal insight into his personality over this very thing, is understandably heartbreaking. His sister reveals another view into this story, that is in addition to anything I have ever written about the case, I didn't know she had been sexually abused as a child and that it was a horror she endured with her brother Terrence. What an ironic and devilish twist of fate that he would end up at the receiving end of such charges. The letters from these family members had no impact on the Oregon Governor's decision to not grant Executive Clemency in the case, as related in yesterday's article, Oregon Judge: State 'Stuck their neck out' for Son of DA Who Raped 13-Year Old . This story is dedicated to Sandra Gayton and all of the mothers whose children are taken and locked away, sometimes with no chance of ever seeing them again. Tim King has more than twenty years of experience on the west coast as a television news producer, photojournalist, reporter and assignment editor.
Tim specializes in writing about political and military developments worldwide with an emphasis on Palestine and Sri Lanka, Iraq and Afghanistan, and the U.S.
All comments and messages are approved by people and self promotional links or unacceptable comments are denied. A film editor is a mechanic who removes the unneeded and fits pieces of film together to make a finished movie.
Being a film editor requires hours of looking through footage and then assembling a film a half-second at a time, while working quickly to meet the filmmakers' deadlines.
While a skilled movie editor's contribution can mean the difference between a hit and a so-so film, film editing done well is completely invisible to the audience. A­While movies traditionally have had a single lead film editor, the trend with big-budget features is to split work between two editors. The two editors split up the scenes, edited them, and then swapped and re-edited each other's. From science to culture to tech and beyond, get essential stories and videos straight to your inbox. I think there’s a misunderstanding a video editor is just the guy who pieces the finished footage together.
The job itself is about a 10 for satisfaction, but monetarily, it’s becoming more and more of a part time thing. If I could go back and do something differently, I think I would have approached this with a little more focus, or else I might have chosen not to do it professionally in the first place but to keep doing it as a hobby. Deadlines can be stressful, but this is a big part of who I am and what I love, so there’s really no worry over the stress or balancing it with my life. Especially today, certification in the newest software can’t hurt, but as long as you have a good demo reel, I find not many employers or clients really care what sort of degrees, plaques and certificates you have hanging on your office wall. Subscribe to our NewsletterJoin 103,000+ readers and receive daily career tips in your Inbox!

For many that graduated college years ago, the fear that embraced them as the graduation date approached is, if lucky, a distant memory. Also, never stop learning and don’t be afraid of change or to look for jobs in unexpected places. My first paid gig was actually when I was 15, writing a column for a biotech company’s internal newsletter. Now working at my first “real” job, a part-time reporter and online coordinator for Heritage Media, which is a chain of weekly papers near Ann Arbor, Mich. I guess to add to my initial Twitter comments, not everyone has to end up at a big-city metro to “make it” or “to grow.” I have learned a lot in my five years at the Yakima Herald-Republic and there’s still plenty of things to learn.
At age 16, I started as a sports stringer for The Frontiersman in Wasilla, Alaska, covering high school sports in the Matanuska Valley, while also playing some of those sports (including basketball, against you-know-who, who tells the world she was an aspiring sports reporter. I couldn’t take the coming darkness of winter and the isolation of Alaska, after so many years in the light, so I took off for parts South, where I happened to land photojournalism jobs at various publications and newspapers in Northwest Arkansas. In the end, I had to leave there too, because Reagan deregulated media ownership rules and venerable newspapers all around me were merging or shutting down, laying off my colleagues by the thousands. Center-spread double-truck photo essays and feature stories, my stock in trade, disappeared overnight with the cookie-cutter layouts and short stories of the USAToday template-driven approach to newspapering. With no real emphasis on social media in my undergrad study I lucked into a part-time Social Media Strategist job with a journalism foundation. Now: I work on servers, blogs and help build interactive apps for a chain of papers at The New York Times Regional Media Group. I asked colleagues to talk about their first journalism jobs to help recent graduates as they begin their careers in the journalism. My first professional, paid journalism job after graduating college was a 5-month contract position doing research for a well-known business trade magazine. Contributor to the now folded Georgia Guardian writing pieces on urban affairs and revitalization efforts. Well, not to sound cynical, but nearly EVERYTHING is up when you compare it to a year and a half ago. He also said that at the site’s peak in 2007, they had about 1,200 job listings, not including include 150 internship posts. Jobs listings are also up at Online News Association‘s Career Center as well, according to ONA Web Editor Sean Connolly.
With our industry in such turmoil, the constant technological changes, the evolution of news consumers and the uncertainty of the future, the question on the minds of veteran and aspiring journalists alike is what skills do I need to stay relevant, employed and innovative. The top skills required for a Web journalist are solid news judgment, strong ethics, thrive under deadline, accuracy and a mastery of the AP Stylebook. Plus, the ability to tell stories in all media: text, photos, audio, video and the combination. In the past 4 years this edit facility has focused on some amazing broadcast and corporate projects including, work for Universal Studios and NBC News. If you or someone you know already is proficient in final cut pro and adobe after effects please share this post.
Gayton will see no such thing; however this loss will only increase our efforts to communicate this story to the public until we are able to see Mr.
Among the benefits offered are profit sharing, 401(k) and cafeteria plans, excellent health benefits, group life, short-term and long-term disability insurance, an employee assistance plan, and a bonus program.
He is a collaborator who works with cinematographers and sound editors to bring sight and sound together. By the time shooting was complete, they had plenty to work with -- 1.5 million feet of film. I do a lot of freelance work as a video editor, director, and producer, and a lot of that comes from the video games industry, cutting promos, interview clips, and so on.
In my experience working on my own projects, I’ve found that editing is where the story really comes together. The fact is that just about anybody can handle the software these days and you don’t get hired on your technical prowess alone anymore. If they have three dozen notes for you on the first draft, they’re going to have three dozen notes for you on the second draft, too, and on the third, and the fourth. I’ve been asked to cut together a promo clip for a DVD on how to dance with your cat. One year it might be thirty thousand for a few major projects, the next it could be five grand which I supplement with other video work, writing and photography gigs. But, as you know, there is a new wave of journalists about to join our industry… so, I’ve collected stories from journalists when starting out.
Whenever you’re in a professional setting, be it a conference, meetup or internship, treat it as a job interview.

Took me a while to find one, but was lucky in finding it: the lead came from a response of a tweet I sent out. I’ve learned so much from my involvement with organizations like AAJA and SPJ and through online venues such as #wjchat (an online journalism Twitter chat). While some people in Wasilla were supposedly dreaming of it, some of us were already doing it). At the time I was very disappointed in the assignments I was getting, because I got stuck with the Beauty Pageant beat for every podunk town and hamlet in the Valley (including you-know-who as a flute-playing competitor). I saw my best work being reduced from the size of dinner plates in the Daily Fishwrap to the size of postage stamps. It was a lot of grunt work but I made it very clear to the editors I wanted to be a writer. I got the position because of a professor that I did an assistantship with in graduate school who happened to be a former executive editor at another publication for the company.
It was kind of life being in a small town paper, having to do everything for my sections — write, edit, blog, tweet, photograph, proof, content development, etc. But you can’t deny that this is a positive trend and potentially a sign of growth and rebuilding. Other skills I include are knowledge of HTML, experience with CMS, working understanding of SEO, being social in Social media and the willingness to try new technologies. This job is being added to support our post production editing suite on the backlot of Universal Studios. Our other team members in Orlando will stay in place, however we are adding a new final cut pro edit suite. The first cut may take up to three months to assemble.Make revisions, as requested by the director and producers, and prepare the final cut for release to the film house for production.
Because the movie combined live action with animation sequences, he also brought in Sabrina Plisco, an editor experienced with visual effects. But more than simply selecting and assembling footage in the desired sequence, they had the challenge of combining footage of the human actors with that of animals who seemed to be talking, like Wilbur the pig, or were simply animations, like Charlotte the spider [sources: Editors Guild and IMDB]. Sometimes when I talk to someone who sees what goes into my work and really appreciates it on the level of a cinephile, I’m glad to have carved out my little niche in the world of movies and video.
You never know who you’ll meet along the road that will play a huge role in your career trajectory going forward. With all that’s out there, I think one would be hard pressed to not grow wherever they’re at.
If you would have asked me a year ago I could have never of guessed I’d be in such a position, but as the industry changes so must the industried.
I worked as a bartender at night to make enough to pay the rent, for groceries and car repair bills. Two days after I started I was given an assignment and now I’m an education reporter.
It has actually been my only paid work as a journalist, though I have done several paid and unpaid internships and some freelance work. I work 6a-3p M-F, managing the Facebook and Twitter accounts and helping our journalists with personal branding and social media education.
I even remember speakers coming to my class when I was in college advising photographers to look for other careers because still photography, they incorrectly predicted, was dead. I used to do this with a camcorder and two VCRs back before high speed editing was made available to the general public. Not everyone knows how to set up a server, do SQL queries or code for a production environment. That job led directly to a full-time position within the same company at another business trade mag that was the no.
Getting paid has really been a corporate-world reality for me; I’ve never been paid to write anything I feel proud of as a writer.
If you can prove to your bosses that you have skills that set you apart from the influx of cheap labor, they may employ you. You could also do what I did: Get another job offer halfway through your internship, which pushed the St.
Basic economics: If you have skills that not many have, and people are looking for those skills, your value goes up.

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