Ideal as a companion to ACDSee or ACDSee Pro, or used on its own, Photo Editor 6 packs plenty of power.
Take control of the brightness and contrast in your photos with the Advanced Lighting tool, powered by ACDSee’s patented LCE (Lighting and Contrast Enhancement) technology. Transform the mood and atmosphere of your photos in a click, thanks to a bevy of Instagram-inspired artistic effects. Photo Editor 6 supports the latest RAW formats from the most popular camera models, so you can use your high-resolution RAW files as objects in your photo layouts. We're constantly updating our editing awesomeness so you'll never get bored with photo editing again!
Photo Editor-Selfie Effects A free, specialised, and comprehensive photo editing tool, that let’s you quickly and easily take gorgeous selfies and portrait photos.
If you found any illegal file or The violation of your copyright, please inform us, we will remove within 24 hours.
It’s time to replace your old mouse-driven desktop image editor with a mobile experience that lets your fingers do the retouching.
Don’t worry because we prepared a list of the top 15 free and paid photo-editing apps which you can download at the Google Play Store. We're back again with another fabulous set of games more than worthy of gracing your Android screen.
Correct lighting issues, fine-tune color, transform your shots with artistic effects, and combine various elements with the freedom to customize any detail you wish.

Use the Brightening and Darkening sliders for precise edits, or adjust the internal curves by clicking and dragging directly on your photo.
Instantly lighten shadows and reduce highlights in one click, adjust individual sliders to fine-tune shadows, midtones and highlights, or click directly on light and dark spots for instantly improved photos.
Subtly or dramatically change the saturation, brightness and hue using sliders, or click directly on precise color ranges in your photo for arresting results. It gives you the power to process massive photos with tons of tools that are quick and easy to use! As Android devices become faster and more capable computer-replacements, we’re expecting them to do things our traditional computers do, like photo editing. Flattering pictures (for the average mobile phone camera photographer) are hard to capture.
These Android photo editing apps are must have for comprehensive editing power, arty effects or just a quick way to spice up a photo before posting it on Facebook. Maybe you’re interested to take a look at the following articles: Banner Widgets for WordPress, WordPress Themes for Photographers and Typographic Posters Examples. The popular developer has just announced that Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing will be the next ones to make their way into mobile. For a professional polish, you can also adjust the contrast, or add fill light to lighten dark areas. Protected by the copyright laws of the United States and Canada and by international treaties.

That means you can start uploading a set of photos when you leave home, and then edit them on another computer at work or school. We've got hundreds of unique layouts and adjustable settings, empowering you to create unique works of photo art.
If you have given up hopes to edit your pictures using Photoshop, have a final go at these apps before you throwing in the white flag. You can make your photo cards and other photo effects without any headache, just choose an effect and click on it, then download your photo.
Lots of effects, overlays, and borders to personalize any image, Thus making your photo or image become more attractive. With nothing to download, multi-photo upload, free cloud image storage, complete editing history and built-in Flickr and Facebook integration, Ribbet! With the ability to instantly choose from your Facebook and Flickr photos, from other websites and from your own Ribbet! A complete beginner with no photo editing experience whatsoever can produce sophisticated results, and have fun doing so, thanks to our easy-to-use interface. With a familiar interface and all the same functionality, Ribbet makes the perfect Picnik replacement.

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