In this effects tutorial we’ll have a look at how to create some fancy glowing lines and how to make it so that the end of the line will fade nicely.
First let’s make the background a little bit more interesting to look at, select the Blend tool (aka Gradient tool). Now we want a white line, so change the color to white and choose stroke path, this time we want a 3px thick line.
The layer mask controls the transparency of the layer, but unlike just setting the opacity of the entire layer, the layer mask allows you to set different transparency for different areas in your image. Now set your FG and BG colors to black and white, then select the Blend tool (aka Gradient tool).
Choose the gradient called FG to BG (RGB), the shape should be set to linear and the gradient should not be reversed.
Then create a gradient from just before the end of the line and all the way to where the selection ends. Grab the Free Select tool, draw a selection around the end of the line, and create a gradient (make sure your FG and BG colors are black and white first, and that you are working on the layer mask). The red line should be 12px thick and have a Gaussian blur of 12, the white line should be 6px thick and have a Gaussian blur of 3. As you can see we get a problem when the line is so thick, it doesn’t fade as nicely as the smaller lines.
To get a good result, you should click and drag from where piece 4 ends, to the end of the line.
Not a big difference yet, so click and drag from where piece 3 ends, (right where piece 3 and 4 meet), to the end of the line.
Now you know a lot about adding glow to lines created by paths, but what about objects that aren’t created by paths? Create a new layer, set the color to white, select the Brush tool and grab a large Fuzzy brush and make it even larger.
That should give us a strange stretched white dot thing and a bunch of white spark like things. Now duplicate the layer with that blurred red on it, this will make the glow seem stronger. I personally think this image goes well together with glowing text, like the kind you learn to make in the tutorial about glowing text.
If you have problems finding your old paths (those that get hidden when you create a new one), you can look in the Paths dialog, it’s the third tab at top of the layer dialog. I’m starting a new online business and want to make a logo with the globe on a transparent background and the name of the company in the foreground in blue, white, and red normal letters, and yellow italics.
Yes you have to create all those letters in separate layers that you want to have separate colors.

Can you explain more in detail HOW to do the curve line because i have tried many times and i don’t know how!!! This happens if the background and the white line is on the same layer, they are supposed to be on separate layers. Just to be sur (sorry i’m french so i apologize for my mistakes), how do you add a new layer ? I had a really weird problem… After I made the first line, I found myself unable to make a second one.
To do this I plan to pay artists to write tutorials that you and I can read here on this site!
This tutorial explains how to utilise a number of features in Edge Animate, from creating shapes and manipulating them using filters, to grouping them as Symbols to move multiple elements quickly and efficiently, rather than tweening individual particles. Once you’re done, you can use this as a background for a web-based gallery banner, and perhaps layer content between your new particles; or even as a full-screen background for your website, constantly moving slowly to give your design a really subtle yet dynamic feel!
Sam Piggott is a young digital designer and self-confessed jack-of-all-trades from London, UK.
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Here you can reduce the brightness, I reduced it by 35, but it’s up to you how much you want to reduce (or increase it). We’re actually finished, but I thought the image was a little large, so I cropped it.
To do that, choose the Rectangle Select tool, draw a rectangle selection around the part of the image you want to keep. Set the shape to radial, select the gradient called Incandescent, and reverse the gradient.
To solve this we’re going to use the Iwarp filter to make the end of the line thinner. Sparks like these can also be made with the Path tool the same way we made the big lines, only you need to make them smaller. I selected gradient B and W from F to B then used the gradient to disappear the end of the S but it got a black region created on the both end of the S. For example, as doctors, we know that if we give medications that cause unwanted side effects, that patients will NOT take their tablets. For example, one of the very troublesome side effects from a very common type of blood pressure pill known as ACE Inhibitors is an ongoing, chronic cough. Micardis is a highly effective form of hypertension medication used to regulate levels of blood pressure in individuals.
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I am confident that these 40 superb AE tutorials will guide you in creating some amazing motion graphics for your next project. So useful in the fact that you take us on a journey introducing new methods which would be normally overlooked or missed.
Now the hard part will be deciding which of these amazing tutorials you will use in your next creation.

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