Business Model Generation provides a powerful visual approach to understanding complex processes.  To me, this is gold. Storytelling – think of an example customer for your business model, and tell a story, walking through each of the 9 canvas areas in whatever order that makes the most sense (aha! I’m applying the Business Model canvas to developing my personal brand, as I develop my blog as my platform.
But your review of the book was very useful, I can make a decision to utilize the book and implement for my business model development.

Steve Blank has created the Lean Launchpad so entrepreneurs can really get to grips with the concepts. Your aim is to find the exit of the each level, which is well hidden by doors and guarded by unfriendly monsters who's only desire is to meet you and break your bones well for disturbing their domestic living area.
I like to help people be creative by offering ways to make something unique and meaningful.
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