The parallels between content marketing and the video game industry are fascinating when scrutinized with an impassioned eye. Both mediums employ dizzying storytelling, engage their audience at the highest levels of immersion, and provide mighty and pronounced visuals. To say the best video games are on equal footing with the best works of international cinema is no exaggeration. In any first-person shooter, your character can only carry so many items in a single load-out. For the video game industry, however, theatrical success is less important than theatrical production. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Microsoft just announced that it will cut prices of it’s Xbox 360 Elite by 100 dollars.
Research group, NPD Group, released figures that show video game sales falling for the fifth straight month in July of 2009 ( down 29% from last year). Xalt: Internet Based Business NewsNews and current events for topics relating to business, technology, security, design, web and internet, management and leadership, marketing and entrepreneurship. As a group, we conducted some field research at Target to examine how video games and toys were being marketed towards children eight and under. Although games targeted towards boys depicted stereotypes, they weren't nearly as prevalent or emphasized as the stereotypes in the girls' games. Pre-orders are particularly crucial for a marketer – it’s the period where you need to build enough positive word of mouth and sales to be a commercial success, because after the reviews (which are held in high regard by gamers) hit the web they will guide opinion from there on in. This has been no more obvious than in the run-up to this year’s E3 gaming conference which launched this week. Fans of the publisher might, for instance, be interested in how the game is similar to their beloved games from that brand.
Today’s blockbuster games have massive budgets, with a huge amount of time devoted to marketing. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form without prior authorization.
Video game products and social media use multiple channels, offer users something of value, and employ both social and mobile platforms to extend their influence and augmentation. Resident Evil, for example, tells the story of an evil corporation with no business ethics that turns the population of a local town into lumbering zombies.
Tablets, phones, and social media sites need digital entertainment, too, and the industry has quickly risen to the occasion by providing interactive entertainment on all platforms. You want to have your own brand enthusiasts that preach the good word about your products and services, as well?
As a player, you learn that to survive the game’s most intense situations, you sometimes need to swap out powerful items for more ideal weapons to achieve success.

Their crossover appeal may not always translate to success when it comes to movies, but when they do, they can make it big.
Sure, it’s nice when a game is made successfully into a film, but if it gets made into a film at all, it’s success has already been acknowledged by people other than gamers. This announcement comes one week after Sony dropped the price of Playstation for the same amount. I specifically looked to see how prominent gender constructions were on the covers of video games that were targeted toward our age group. Almost all the games marketed towards girls had stereotypical content, and covered in pink. This could be due to the fact that boys still make up 75 percent of the market for video games, so those games that are targeted towards girls are marketed in a very polarizing way and exaggerate gender roles in order to reach the targeted market (Cassell & Jenkins, 8). The excited midnight queues outside your local Game store with people dying to get their hands on the latest title. And with such a plethora of different games and genres battling for the consumer’s pocket, the game launch period has widened.
Firstly, the engagement value of video content should never be underestimated – and with the announcement of a YouTube channel dedicated to gaming, it’s only going to be more important. Pre-orders are where developers make their money, and they have to sate gamer’s appetite for new experiences and new games. From hardcore to casual, from fans of genre to fans of a publisher (to name but four), each will be targeted differently. However, the nuances of gaming launches are ever-changing, as are audiences and their motivations. Along the same lines, no major brand can ignore the fact that Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube should all be utilized to ensure maximum reach.
Marketing visuals, much like video games graphics, can lure consumers in—even when the content isn’t always the best. Both items are valuable, but one item will possess a better value in a given gaming situation. The decade-long run of Resident Evil films (2002-2012), for example, made almost a billion dollars ($916 million, approximately) and has prompted a sixth film to be put into production for 2017. It was interesting to see how many video games already portray gender in a stereotypical way, even at such a young age.
This could be the primary reason for all genderized advertisements and video game covers, because without it, games might very well never reach the intended consumer. Or the pre-orders that sold out almost instantly. But all of this has changed as digital becomes embedded into our daily lives. But as things changed, developers started using the weeks before the conference to build excitement prior to launch.

We now expect to be involved in all aspects of the game, and aren’t afraid to express disapproval. Indeed, working with Activision on Call of Duty showed just how avid a consumer base gamers can be.
Fallout 4’s new trailer has amassed almost 14 million hits in under a week, without even announcing new features.
While hardcore gamers will be interested in in-game footage, live action ads featuring celebrities will appeal to the occasional hobbyist. Activision knew it could get a host of pre-launch sales by drawing on the fact it was built by Bungie, creators of first-person shooter masterpiece Halo. What worked for the last version of a franchise may not be appropriate this time round. Attention to detail is the hallmark of creating a successful game. How about the story of the student that has to complete a term paper in one night and must suffice on only a few hours of sleep? Content marketing is similar in that you have to use blogs, YouTube, and webinars so you can appeal to each consumer’s personal tastes.
It’s tentative title—The Final Chapter—indicates this might be the final installment, but if it generates the kind of money its predecessors have, expect a reboot or a prequel some time in the 2020s.
During a Nightline interview done over a decade ago in 1997, MIT’s Sherry Turkel stated, “if you market to girls and boys according to just the old stereotypes and don’t try to create a [video game] culture that’s really more inclusive for everyone, you’re going to just reinforce the old stereotypes…We have an opportunity here to use this technology, which is so powerful, to make of ourselves something different and better.” This statement was made as game consoles and video games in general were starting to be marketed towards both boys and girls. However, this brings up the question once again of why games of certain content are marketed towards specific demographics.
The launch has in effect moved from one day, to one month – extending to before and after, with teaser videos, trailers, live streams and sneak peeks into what gamers can expect.
Gamers who pre-ordered Destiny far enough in advance received special DLC (downloadable content) in the form of weapons and vehicles exclusive to those who bought the game early. Based on our simple field research, it is safe to say that Turkel’s concern about the reinforcement of old stereotypes was justified. For example, why are the cooking, crafting, and gardening games marketed towards girls, and the violent and sporting games marketed towards boys? Another telling example was a computer game called I Love Games: 16 Great Games For Girls, which included a game called My Boyfriend.
This relationship between advertising and gender expectations seems to perpetually circle, to the point where it becomes a "chicken or the egg" situation.
This game’s only objective is to “win your dream boy’s heart.” There is nothing wrong with this goal, but to say it doesn’t follow a certain stereotype would be completely false. It is unclear whether games advertised to already set gender expectations, or if these expectations arose out of the advertising of these games.

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