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The key to getting the most out of each site visitor that encounters your e-commerce store is to encourage them to visit as many pages as possible. Having a convenient section at the bottom of a catalog page that allows visitors to search by product size, type, popularity etc.
To aid the customer in finding exactly what they’re looking for you’ll want to categorize your products based on as many criteria as possible, including size, color, brand, style, width, material, price, etc. Just as placing navigational menus at the top of the site can be beneficial, including all of your product categories within a neatly organized themed footer is a great way to make your entire site accessible within a small section at the bottom of each page.

DisclosureWe are an independent Web Hosting Reviewing site and receive compensation from the companies we review. With shared hosting you share server resources with other customers, so you have all functionality of a professionally managed web server but only shoulder a small share of the server cost. All you have to do is just get started by going through the design elements to search and determine for which pages you need, edit the content and then just push. To do this you need to utilize effective interlinking strategies to improve your site’s navigation and increase the number of upselling opportunities. You could also do the same with a side navigational menu, as many visitors can’t help but glance to the side of the page as they are scrolling down. Another good idea is to add a side navigational pane to every page that allows customers to fine-tune their results based on demographic (i.e. Doing this effectively links all of your products together by making virtually every category accessible within a single click of the mouse. To remove this text, login to your WordPress admin panel and go to Appearance >> Widgets, and drag & drop a widget into this widget panel. We only list the companies after reviewing their offers directly from their respective websites. In a real store people browse through each department looking at products leisurely, and in many cases this results in them purchasing something they didn’t originally plan to buy. A good way to keep your site from becoming cluttered and present navigational menus in an easy-to-understand way is to have them expand upon being clicked to expose additional categories that are less commonly explored.

Furthermore, by placing keyword-rich category names in your footer you’ll be improving search engine optimization efforts while simultaneously enhancing your site’s navigational attributes. Now for hosting we normally require a Cpanel or a Site builder access, you can have a look on the demo of these two without having to buy them. You may also want to incorporate shopping cart applications that allow customers to compare the main features of two products side-by-side.
In essence, you can convert your themed footer from a basic aesthetic component to a miniature, easy-to-understand site map that helps customers find what they’re looking for, while also helping search engine crawlers index your pages more effectively.
Hostgator is making this available for anyone which I think is great again which speaks of its confidence. Click Here VPS Hosting GuideOur ultimate VPS hosting guide – Learn how VPS works, how to choose, and exclusive VPS hosting discounts inside. This means our hostingreviews are written based on our true experience – we signup, examine, track, and review almost all of the hosting companies listed on WHSR.

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