Proposing to open in September 2012, the Portland Academy on the isle of Portland, Dorset, will be an all age school of approximately 2000 pupils. The Aldridge Foundation and Dorset County Council, together with visionary educationist Professor Stephen Heppell, are committed to working together to transform Portland through entrepreneurship, integrated education and opportunity. A desire to build on the best of traditional primary and secondary education provision, and provide all-through provision in a single institution.
A commitment to develop the Academya€™s other specialisms of environmental and sports science. About a third of the 300 positions Merritt Paulson pledged are not up to him, and the city considers a salary subsidy.
Merritt Paulson pledged to create slightly more than 300 jobs by bringing a Major League Soccer team to Portland. Of the jobs Paulson would directly create, about 160, or three-quarters, would be full-time positions paying roughly $50,000 on average with health and retirement benefits, he said. What's more, independent researchers have repeatedly found that new teams or stadiums provide little to no boost to a city's economic prosperity. In fact, Paulson's part-time workforce at PGE Park earns such paltry wages that the City Council spends taxpayer money to boost their pay. Mayor Sam Adams, one of Paulson's chief supporters at City Hall, has rallied against Wal-Mart's expansion in Portland partly because of its low wages. Paulson contends Portland and Major League Soccer offer a unique match that academic economists haven't studied. Instead, the mayor said he wants to invest taxpayer money in the deal to revive the moribund Rose Quarter, put Portland on an international stage and provide the city with another entertainment choice. One issue that remains unresolved: How and how much to pay part-time workers at both stadiums. A task force that studied Paulson's proposal told the City Council that stadium workers should continue to earn the city's fair wage. When asked if he would pay a "fair wage," Paulson said the issue is still under negotiation. The city started subsidizing PGE Park workers' pay after it renovated the stadium to bring Triple A baseball back to town.
At the time, Commissioner Dan Saltzman and then-Commissioner Erik Sten said they wished they had required the private stadium operator, Portland Family Entertainment, to pay higher wages rather than tap taxpayers for a subsidy. Sten is gone, but Saltzman, who cast the deciding vote to back the recent stadium deal, still thinks workers should earn a living wage and that, preferably, Paulson pay it. During talks with Paulson, Leonard, a former firefighters union boss, concluded that the city's subsidy hurts stadium workers' chance to organize.
Leonard said the city should require Paulson to allow the workers to organize without interference, much like the city does today.

Adams, who has campaigned for higher worker wages since he joined the City Council, remains undecided. In 2007, Adams pushed Global Spectrum, which used to manage the Rose Garden, where the Trail Blazers play, to drop its janitorial contractor over concerns about low wages and unaffordable benefits. Adams said that as a city commissioner he fought Wal-Mart's expansion because of low wages and because the retailer resists worker attempts to organize. Wal-Mart's entry-level workers, full time or part time, typically earn $7 to $9 an hour, said Eric Bull, spokesman for the union-backed group Wal-Mart Watch. Adams' and Leonard's positions worry Joe Rastatter, a labor leader with the Portland office of Jobs with Justice and a former ballpark vendor. Asked for counterpoints, Paulson and his consultant, Don Mazziotti, pointed to several studies that included one by Santo, the professor who studied Portland's bid for a pro baseball team. Santo's work cites eight "empirical studies" that established "conventional economic indicators cannot justify public investment in sports facilities. Santo's study shows that is partly because politicians know that sports teams generate intangible public benefits. Santo said there's evidence that new parks can channel economic activity into a depressed neighborhood. Despite the academic research, Paulson and other team owners continue to push the economic benefits of publicly financed stadiums.
The day's important news, including local and national headlines, delivered every morning. Great guest experiences begin with Team Members who feel appreciated, valued and respected. We will be the preeminent global hospitality company and the first choice of guests, Team Members and owners alike.
Physical Therapy Jobs in Portland and information on what makes Portland a great place to live and work! The Headteachers of Portland's schools have partnered in a uniquely collaborative way to try to change this  by uniting the Island with a single educational vision. It will recognise and value the characteristics of the island, including its individual communities, through the creation of an inclusive, all-through Academy able to provide human-scale education; a hub for the community and an invaluable asset to it. Wyman paints the lines in preparation for opening night at PGE Park tonight, when the Portland Beavers play the Fresno Grizzlies. With Oregon's unemployment rate among the nation's highest, Paulson's promise makes a compelling argument for taxpayer support.
His economic consultant, Economics Research Associates, says Paulson's plan would add 217 jobs within his soccer and baseball teams.
The rest would be low-wage, part-time, seasonal ticket takers, ushers and others who get no benefits.

Consumers simply move their finite entertainment spending from bowling alleys to stadium beer lines. Yet the retailer offers similar wages to what Paulson's part-time workers make -- and better benefits.
The money -- most of it coming from taxpayers -- would renovate PGE Park into a soccer-only stadium and build a baseball park where the Memorial Coliseum now stands. Today at PGE Park, the city subsidizes worker wages under a 2001 agreement that predates Paulson's 2007 purchase of the minor-league soccer and baseball teams. A 2008 study by the Northwest Federation of Community Organizations found a single adult in Oregon must earn at least $12.39 an hour to meet basic needs. The company says it contributes to workers 401(k) and that 52 percent of its workforce had company health care as of November.
It could take years for stadium workers to organize because many of them work only 10 to 20 hours a week for extra money, he said. People like sports and the teams can boost civic pride and provide "big-league city" cachet, an argument Adams supports. That's what you can expect at Hilton, where we have created a culture of excellence, continuous improvement, and innovation that helps Team Members reach their full potential. Our goal is to hire people who share our passion for hospitality and want to further their careers while remaining committed to our Vision, Mission and Values. Team owner Merritt Paulson's economic consultant estimates 217 new jobs for baseball and soccer with the renovation of PGE Park for soccer and a new baseball stadium. Paulson's 300-job pledge includes about 100 jobs that might be added by restaurants, parking lots and garbage haulers who feed off the teams.
He argues that out-of-towners would come see Seattle's team play Portland or watch a European exhibition.
In a 2004 survey, Santo found 70 percent of Portland-area residents thought a new pro baseball stadium would help the economy. Come get a first-hand look at our unmatched natural beauty, our bustling local scene, our sumptuous dining and welcoming accommodations- all effortlessly accessed thanks to our justly-famous light-rail system. For your convenience, if your room assignment states EXECUTIVE TOWER, you may arrive and park there directly.Hotel AccommodationsGuest RoomsThe Hilton Portland & Executive Tower hotel consists of two buildings. Though it's not easy being green, it's exactly why so many visitors flock here, year-round.

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