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While you're at it, make sure to surf over to the Worksource Oregon web site where you'll be able to follow their Twitter feeds and get notified of new job openings in your industry.There's a lot more coming, so you may want to bookmark this page. Portland is a city in the state of Oregon, located in the Northwestern United States near where the Willamette and Columbia rivers intersect.
Portland started as a place known as “the clearing”, which was on the banks of the Willamette River. Visitors will find Portlanders a friendly, easygoing bunch that is happy to share their terrific restaurants and bars, wonderful art and cultural scene, and beautiful land.
Portland has a growing restaurant scene, and was recognized by the Food Network Awards as their “Delicious Destination of the Year”, among 3 other nominees. Not only does Portland have perfect summer weather but its best-kept secret, is this city's shopping scene.
With more than a dozen hospitals and a vast array of clinics to choose from, residents of the Portland Metro area have access to the finest medical care in the state. Portland is served by six public school districts and a lot of private schools, with the largest being Portland Public School District. Portland is home to the Portland Timbers of Major League Soccer and the Portland Trail Blazers of the National Basketball Association. About a third of the 300 positions Merritt Paulson pledged are not up to him, and the city considers a salary subsidy. Merritt Paulson pledged to create slightly more than 300 jobs by bringing a Major League Soccer team to Portland. Of the jobs Paulson would directly create, about 160, or three-quarters, would be full-time positions paying roughly $50,000 on average with health and retirement benefits, he said. What's more, independent researchers have repeatedly found that new teams or stadiums provide little to no boost to a city's economic prosperity.
In fact, Paulson's part-time workforce at PGE Park earns such paltry wages that the City Council spends taxpayer money to boost their pay.
Mayor Sam Adams, one of Paulson's chief supporters at City Hall, has rallied against Wal-Mart's expansion in Portland partly because of its low wages.
Paulson contends Portland and Major League Soccer offer a unique match that academic economists haven't studied. Instead, the mayor said he wants to invest taxpayer money in the deal to revive the moribund Rose Quarter, put Portland on an international stage and provide the city with another entertainment choice. One issue that remains unresolved: How and how much to pay part-time workers at both stadiums. A task force that studied Paulson's proposal told the City Council that stadium workers should continue to earn the city's fair wage. When asked if he would pay a "fair wage," Paulson said the issue is still under negotiation.
The city started subsidizing PGE Park workers' pay after it renovated the stadium to bring Triple A baseball back to town. At the time, Commissioner Dan Saltzman and then-Commissioner Erik Sten said they wished they had required the private stadium operator, Portland Family Entertainment, to pay higher wages rather than tap taxpayers for a subsidy. Sten is gone, but Saltzman, who cast the deciding vote to back the recent stadium deal, still thinks workers should earn a living wage and that, preferably, Paulson pay it.
During talks with Paulson, Leonard, a former firefighters union boss, concluded that the city's subsidy hurts stadium workers' chance to organize. Leonard said the city should require Paulson to allow the workers to organize without interference, much like the city does today. Adams, who has campaigned for higher worker wages since he joined the City Council, remains undecided. In 2007, Adams pushed Global Spectrum, which used to manage the Rose Garden, where the Trail Blazers play, to drop its janitorial contractor over concerns about low wages and unaffordable benefits.
Adams said that as a city commissioner he fought Wal-Mart's expansion because of low wages and because the retailer resists worker attempts to organize.
Wal-Mart's entry-level workers, full time or part time, typically earn $7 to $9 an hour, said Eric Bull, spokesman for the union-backed group Wal-Mart Watch. Adams' and Leonard's positions worry Joe Rastatter, a labor leader with the Portland office of Jobs with Justice and a former ballpark vendor.
Asked for counterpoints, Paulson and his consultant, Don Mazziotti, pointed to several studies that included one by Santo, the professor who studied Portland's bid for a pro baseball team.
Santo's work cites eight "empirical studies" that established "conventional economic indicators cannot justify public investment in sports facilities. Santo's study shows that is partly because politicians know that sports teams generate intangible public benefits.
Santo said there's evidence that new parks can channel economic activity into a depressed neighborhood. Despite the academic research, Paulson and other team owners continue to push the economic benefits of publicly financed stadiums. The day's important news, including local and national headlines, delivered every morning.
I worked for that particular company for 8A? years before they decided to kick me to the curb like yesterday's trash. This subject is very near and dear to my heart and I want to help everyone I can find a good job.

Approximately 2.2 million people reside in and around the Portland Metro area, making it the 23rd populous area in the Pacific Northwest, after Seattle, Washington and British Columbia, Canada.
In 1843, William Overton had great potential for commerce in this land but didn’t have enough money to file a land claim. Among being known for its microbrewery beer, with over twenty five breweries within the city, Portland is home to more breweries than any other city in the nation.
Some are Oregon Museum of Science and Industry has many hands on activities for adults and children, with an OMNIMAX Dome Theater among other Featured Exhibit Halls. This diverse mix of options is what adds to the stylish feel that exudes from this Oregon jewel.
No sales tax, numerous one-of-a-kind boutiques and three major retail areas within a mile or so of each other.
Health systems such as Kaiser Permanente, Legacy Health System, Oregon Health Sciences University, and Providence Health System operate hospitals and clinics to meet the health care needs of the community. Visitors can choose from many national chain hotels that cater to the business traveler including, Marriott, Holiday Inn, Hilton, Hyatt, and Westin Inn.
An abundance of higher learning facilities, including top notch college and universities, such as Portland Community College, Portland State University, and Oregon Health & Science University.
Wyman paints the lines in preparation for opening night at PGE Park tonight, when the Portland Beavers play the Fresno Grizzlies. With Oregon's unemployment rate among the nation's highest, Paulson's promise makes a compelling argument for taxpayer support. His economic consultant, Economics Research Associates, says Paulson's plan would add 217 jobs within his soccer and baseball teams. The rest would be low-wage, part-time, seasonal ticket takers, ushers and others who get no benefits. Consumers simply move their finite entertainment spending from bowling alleys to stadium beer lines. Yet the retailer offers similar wages to what Paulson's part-time workers make -- and better benefits.
The money -- most of it coming from taxpayers -- would renovate PGE Park into a soccer-only stadium and build a baseball park where the Memorial Coliseum now stands. Today at PGE Park, the city subsidizes worker wages under a 2001 agreement that predates Paulson's 2007 purchase of the minor-league soccer and baseball teams. A 2008 study by the Northwest Federation of Community Organizations found a single adult in Oregon must earn at least $12.39 an hour to meet basic needs. The company says it contributes to workers 401(k) and that 52 percent of its workforce had company health care as of November. It could take years for stadium workers to organize because many of them work only 10 to 20 hours a week for extra money, he said.
People like sports and the teams can boost civic pride and provide "big-league city" cachet, an argument Adams supports.
The economy is shot with no end in sight, with companies folding every day; ones that have been around since I was a little boy and even longer. I felt totally betrayed when it happened and that was the moment that I decided that I was never going to work for anyone again.I discovered SBI! There's a growing list of Twitter channels that you can follow and get up-to-the-minute job listings.Here's a great Twitter Guide to help you learn how to use it. Being out of work stinks.Above all else, keep a good attitude and try not to get too discouraged about things.
But with an estimate of about 590,000 people living in Portland direct, that makes Portland the 30th most populous city in the United States. He made a deal with his partner, Asa Lovejoy of Boston, Massachusetts: for only .25 cents! That could be why Portland is also known as the best city for happy hour in the United States. Portland Art Museum the city’s largest art collection and whom owns the recently added the Modern and Contemporary Art wing making it one of the United States twenty-five largest museums.
Once here, you will find that The Hip Pearl District includes a wealth of the Portland’s bars and nightspots.
With the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and an assortment of alternative health care clinics, Portland offers consumers a real choice in health care.
Families will enjoy the amenities of such hotels as Comfort Inn, Fairfield Inn and Residence Inn. Among a few of the private universities are University of Portland, Reed College and Lewis & Clark College.
Running is also a popular sport, the city hosts the Portland Marathon and much of the Hood to Coast Relay, the world’s largest such event. Team owner Merritt Paulson's economic consultant estimates 217 new jobs for baseball and soccer with the renovation of PGE Park for soccer and a new baseball stadium. Paulson's 300-job pledge includes about 100 jobs that might be added by restaurants, parking lots and garbage haulers who feed off the teams. He argues that out-of-towners would come see Seattle's team play Portland or watch a European exhibition.
In a 2004 survey, Santo found 70 percent of Portland-area residents thought a new pro baseball stadium would help the economy.
More than 8% of workers here are self-employed and there were 2,973 business licenses issued in 2007.We were also ranked the 6th best city in the US to start a small business (Fortune Small Business Magazine).

The city of Portland has been referred to as one of the most environmentally friendly or “green” cities in the world.
With major all directional Interstates intersecting, international air terminals, major marine shipping facilities, and both west coast intercontinental railways, Portland is situated in an economic advantage location. Visit Davis Street Tavern, Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub, or Jake’s Grill for the quintessential Portland classic American Tavern serving steaks, seafood, and beer. Oregon History Museum was founded in 1898 and has some of pictures, artifacts and maps dating back throughout Oregon’s history. Noted far and wide as the home of micro brewing this side of the Atlantic, Portland has a host of quality brew pubs.
Starting in Downtown you can find department stores, a well-appointed urban mall and independent owned stores of everything from Italian-tailored suits to British combat boots. If you are looking for more unique accommodations, try Salishan Spa and Golf Resort or The Resort at the Mountain.
TriMet operates most of the area’s buses and the MAX (short for Metropolitan Area Express) light rail system, which connects the city and suburbs. Snowboarding and skiing are also highly popular, with a few resorts located on Mount Hood. Simply type in what you're looking for and what area you're wanting to search in and any job matches can be sent to your email, as a text to your mobile device, or to Twitter.
Also, a home base for edgy chefs, alternative rock bands, progressive environmentalists, and urban-planning junkies, Portland has developed major-league hipster cachet over the past decade. Located at the northern end of the state, Portland  lies nestled in Oregon’s most populated region, Williamette Valley where the Williamette River runs north through the center of the city where to the northwest it joins the Columbia River (which separates the state  of Oregon from the state of Washington). Portland has a history of attracting and retaining a mixture of company headquarters such as IBM, Lexmark, Regence, Willamette Industries, Louisiana-Pacific, U.S. From quaint French Bistro, such as Chez Joly Bistro or Nel Centro, H5O Bistro, to Mother’s Bistro & Bar for an elegant dining experience. An interesting concept, theater pubs specialize in offering microbrews along with a movie. Head north, across West Burnside Street to the Pearl District, where galleries, restaurants and chic boutiques are replacing warehouses in abundance. For the Downtown traveler, there is the Portland Streetcars, which runs north-south through Downtown.
Additionally Portland metro has its own cricket league, Oregon Cricket League that hosts two formats.  Portland has two Division I college teams, the University of Portland Pilots and the Portland State Vikings.
Search 1000's of Jobs FREE!Virtual Assistant Forums - Try marketing your skills as a Virtual Assistant. Weather in Portland is usually described as Marine west coast or Oceanic, with mild, damp winters with an annual precipitation of 40inches.Summers are usually warm, sunny and rather dry, with a much larger day-night temperature variation than in winter. For the “Restaurant of the Year” try Saucebox, an award-winning Asian cuisine or Shigezo with its contemporary Japanese izakaya, or Mama Mia Trattoria if you are craving southern Italian food. Portland is one of only three cities in the contiguous United States with extinct volcanoes. In Portland, the cultural center is the Northwest's second largest featuring orchestra, ballet, and multiple theater companies to attend.
Both universities field teams in numerous sports, including football, baseball, soccer and basketball.
Even though the job outlook is far from rosy, there are a lot of solid Portland Oregon businesses to promote yourself to.
Spring can bring unpredictable weather, from warm spells to mild thunderstorms, rolling off the Cascade Mountain Range. With Intel being Portland area’s largest computer components manufacturer providing the most jobs in the area. From the upscale Bluehour, one of Portland’s most exclusive restaurant to Berbat’'s This Portland institution has its hands in a lot of different pots. Major Interstate Highways, such as Interstate 5, I-405, and I-205 which is a loop freeway connecting to Portland’s International Airport. Snowfall occurs a few times a year and is usually short lived, although the city has been known to see major ice and snow storms ranging from trace amounts up to 50inches on occasion. In addition to beer, Portland is known as being a premier coffee destination in the Northwest, with more than 20 coffee houses in Portland with rating of four and higher.
Amtrak railways, bicycling, walking, private vehicles are among some other forms of getting around in Portland.
Temp agencies can provide temp-to-hire work and other ways to keep your head above water with some really decent Portland Oregon jobs.Career Fairs - Search and attend career fairs in the Portland Oregon area. The steel industry in Portland predates World War II, making it one of the most thriving industries of employment. The marine terminals alone handle well over 10 million tons of cargo per year, all while being home to one of the largest commercial dry docks in the country.

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