Portable Licence: This portable program is provided free of charge for use on a memory stick and is not to be copied to any computer hard drive.
With Graph Maker you can easily add data, labels and much more to produce bar graphs, pie graphs and line graphs. Description Features Design Shop Suppliers Community Sign-Up Login Web's Best Graphic Design Software, Page Logo Maker. Free Graphic Design Software - Logo Maker Online - Photo Editor - Best Page Creator Draw Program Download. Windows live movie maker – download, Windows live movie maker is essentially a simple, easy-to-use video editor that helps you put together photos, videos, music and special effects to create an eye.

Free video software & video codecs download, Afreecodec is the best software directory for freeware and shareware download.
Instruments include piano, guitar, organ, pan pipes, saxophone, steel drums, trumpet, violin and xylophone. It adds so much to any presentation or article to add a graph and with Graph Maker it's easy with the copy and paste facility. Even young learners can use Graph Maker, to show data in an understandable graphical style. You don't need to worry about the values shown on the x and y axis as the program works these out for you automatically.

Graph Maker allows you to produce professional looking graphs for school projects and much more. From a graph you can easily tell which is the most popular, who jumps the longest, what are your classmates favourite colours, what is the most popular pet and much more. Pie charts or pie graphs, also give an insight into fractions and how proportions are calculated.

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