Just as consumers have been waiting for predictions of flying cars and beam-me-up technology to come true, bank marketers have been eagerly anticipating the day when all banking is mobile banking.
Mobile banking – which means enabling a customer to conduct financial transactions through a smartphone or tablet, preferably through an app supplied by the bank – has always appealed to bankers as a cost-saving way to offer financial services. In another sign of mobile banking’s bright future, a February 2015 survey by SNL Financial found that most U.S.
But there still will be consumers who want to stick with telephone banking and automated teller machines (two innovations only a few decades old), traditional paper checks and face-to-face contact in buildings.
Mobile payment services like Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Square are gaining acceptance, but both sellers and buyers need to become more comfortable with and accustomed to using the service. E-commerce, defined simply as any commercial transaction done over the Internet, has been changing. This Olympics-focused editorial series is written by Ronald Urbach, Chairman of law firm Davis & Gilbert LLP and the co-chair of the Advertising, Marketing & Promotions Practice Group at the firm. But to advertisers and agencies, the medal count pales next to the critical question - who will be the breakout advertising spokesperson of the 2012 Olympics? When you think of 2012 Olympics advertising superstars - potential or real - who come to mind? How about Gabby Douglas, the 16-year-old African American teenager who won the gold medal for individual overall gymnastics? Ronald Urbach is the Chairman of law firm Davis and Gilbert LLP and the co-chair of the Advertising, Marketing and Promotions Practice Group at the firm. As an email marketer, I can tell you that many of the people in my profession work hard to develop good content, sell their products and constantly increase the size of their subscription base. Poor unsuspecting Joe.  He never in his wildest dreams imagined that he’d be getting two messages a day from them (on top of all the other spam email he already gets). Rather than judge a list by its size, how about we evaluate how effective it is.  What is your click rate, what is your conversion rate? Now that the company has been flagged, good luck getting people to buy the matching belt and fedora to go with their new sweater. It seems that perhaps Joe is not the only one at fault.  The email marketers of the world need to not be so naive about what our subscribers actually expect from us, we need to not be so lazy about determining what we send and to who, and we need to help educate our subscribers about how to unsubscribe when they want to. The good news is whilst most get email marketing wrong, there is plenty of free space to do it right and EXCITE and connect with your customers. A great example in Australia is ANNACONDA (outdoor sports enthusiast outfitters) with personalised and friendly updates – signed by their regular sales attendant. A digital marketer works on many mediums or platforms such as social media, the Internet, television, billboards, radio and even SMS.
The trick is to capture the correct audiences for their products or services whether it is for a large online business or a growing startup. Just like our many other cheatsheet posts, remember to click on the links to get a clearer view of the entire cheatsheet or infographic.
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The Lord Howe Island Tourism website had been redesigned and recoded, but programming inconsistency led to numerous problems, and the original web developer was no longer available. Search engine optimisation (SEO) improvements were required, along with consolidation of the content management system (CMS) in order to upgrade and maintain the site more easily on a long-term basis. This post offers an inside look at traditions, tips and ideas for corporate holiday gift giving for law firms, lawyers, marketers, consultants, and other professionals. Offering holiday gifts of appreciation is often rife with unspoken rules, not to mention the juggernaut that can be created when a committee or team gathers to contemplate the why, who, what, and how much, not to mention the need to ensure that the gift is appropriate, memorable, and welcome* for broad, diverse recipients. For gifts that come from “The Firm,” two things are foremost: (1) settle on your budget and (2) determine your recipient list.
Are gifts sent to clients and business associates over the winter holidays just a nice gesture or a smart marketing tool to remain top of mind and get your name in front?

Forget the excess of the boom times and embrace the opportunity to select a holiday gift that makes the recipient feel as if you thought specifically about them. It’s perfectly acceptable to choose a modest gift that is tasteful and maybe even a bit understated. Larger firms sometimes find that creating a gift catalog of vetted, appropriate selections allows lawyers to choose and personalize gifts for individual clients AND stay within the budget.
My first year in business as an independent consultant I had accumulated a lot of people (clients, referral sources, and industry friends) to whom I wanted to send holiday cheer but I had a very limited budget. If the relationship is strictly with an individual attorney rather than the firm, consider matching funds up to a certain amount and let the lawyer choose the appropriate gift on their own. The president, CEO, or General Counsel may sign the checks, but the company works as a team.
Here are some other clever ideas that I’ve seen gifted (or personally received) with great appreciation. Chocolates in a hand-painted box that was suitable for stashing things after the chocolates were gone, and still sits on my desk! That’s how new technology usually has been adapted – TV became bigger than radio, but radio never went away. Researchers at eMarketer estimate that mobile payment users (defined as mobile phone users who make at least one proximity payment transaction in six months) will hit 41.7 percent in 2015.
A few years ago it seemed brick-and-mortar retailing might be doomed by the cost-saving business model of Amazon and its ilk. Retailers noted the success of the “buy online, pick up in-store” model of e-commerce, especially at peak shopping times. Mobile banking, e-commerce and bitcoins will not replace credit cards, checks and cash, just as YouTube has not replaced television. It appears that the media is compelled to quantify success, sort of like an Olympic box score. Exclusivity and its importance is a function of the history of the parties and the nature of the competitive landscape.
His clients include numerous multinational, national, and regional advertising agencies, including those agencies that are viewed as being the top creative agencies in the world. Figure out what Joe expects and wants from you, and give it to him.  Format your messages in a way that when the time comes that Joe no longer wants to hear from you, he knows what to do and despite his laziness, resists the urge to click the spam button. I also like subscribing to interesting email newsletters from time to time but end up putting almost all the weekly emails sent to me to trash because of my hectic schedule. Having to stay atop this wide array of platforms means that digital marketers have to keep up with the trends that affect the many different aspects of each medium. If you are an online business owner, the data, numbers and statistics might interest you to start investing in digital marketing. For gifts that come from individual lawyers, well, there’s more wiggle room as the lawyer will have more specific criteria as to who gets a gift, the personalization of the gift, and perhaps spring for part of the cost if it exceeds the allowed budget. Maybe both, but in any case the pros agree on one rule of thumb: holiday gifts should represent a token of appreciation, not a bribe or a blatant marketing play.
Recipients are likely to remember unique gifts, especially those that show you are familiar with what they care about, no matter what the dollar amount.
Catalogs include gifts that appeal to basic themes such as sports (golf, tennis, boating, etc.), pets, families, hobbies (wine lovers, cooks, book lovers), and etc.
So, to cover everyone, I designed and printed a holiday card with a festive cup ‘o joe on the front, a greeting inside that invited them to join me for a “virtual” cup of coffee, and inserted a (measly) $5.00 Starbucks gift card.
Marketers are typically tasked with finding fresh gift ideas and something unique, yet one that suits most everyone on the list.
A couple weeks later I got a thank you note where they indicated that a donation was made in my name to the Midnight Mission.
And studies confirm that growing numbers of consumers like the convenience and trust the security provisions of mobile banking.

Internet users currently used a smartphone for banking, but 62 percent planned to use it in the next two years. But that still means six of 10 mobile phone users won’t have done it even once in the past half year.
To add insult to insolvency, there was “showrooming,” in which customers would visit stores, select merchandise and then save money by ordering online. An Adobe study found there was an in-store pickup rate of 40 percent above normal on Black Friday and the Sunday of Thanksgiving week in 2014. The smart marketer of financial services will stay up on the latest technological developments and be ready to offer them according to consumer demand.
If you sign the athlete to a long-term deal, problems caused by retirement or injury are exacerbated. If there is a blood feud between two companies and the fight is now personal, not just a marketplace fight, the scope of exclusivity will likely become quite broad. Before all of his legal problems, OJ Simpson was an athlete that had made an effective transition to celebrity status, with movies and advertising stardom. This is, in my opinion, is one of the greatest hindrances why most email marketing strategies fail.
Instead, the pros suggest that you select a high-quality item that is useful, and if you must, use only a tasteful engraving or stitching of your law firm name (not logo). In addition to top clients, firms may decide to send smaller gifts of appreciation to valued vendors, media contacts, advisory board members, or friends of the firm (referral sources). Did you work with a group of particularly helpful secretaries, account executives, or staff counsels? Program a screen that allows the recipient to check off one from a list of four or more charities that the firm will donate to on their behalf.
She is the 17-year-old winner of multiple gold medals who is not at the zenith of her Olympic career, but at the nadir. This is especially true in certain Olympic sports where the competitors are truly amateurs, like in gymnastics and swimming.
Though defining exclusivity by ensuring that your spokesperson does not "consort with the enemy" is perfectly acceptable, it just may not be acceptable to the athlete, and you might be blowing a deal over emotion, not over what is important to your business. Some of you may remember OJ running through the airport to make a flight after dropping off his rental car. Consultants, agents, and advisors are only too happy to provide an opinion or advice (for a fee).
The form of the gesture may vary, however, the pros say that sending any item with your logo boldly emblazoned in blaring letters across it has the potential to look cheap and worse, easily discarded. The positive is that if you bet right, and this athlete becomes the next Michael Jordan or LeBron James, there will be tremendous value in signing the athlete before he or she actually becomes a real superstar. Well, when he was accused of murdering his wife, there were frantic phone calls on Madison Avenue that led to a detailed review of documents.
The person with whom you have the client relationship will appreciate the gesture, especially where the company mission statement is team oriented: it can show that you are tuned into their philosophy and mission.
If you have examples of corporate gifts you’ve sent that have been well received, please share them in the comments.
Think about your car purchase or lease, when you tell the salesperson how much you have to spend and that you love the vehicle, his eyes see dollar signs. Great Britain is coming on strong - now in third, and Andy Murray beat Roger Federer for the coveted gold in men's tennis. Since I was involved in that frantic effort and review, I can certainly say they were difficult times.

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