We’ve teamed up with Brockenhurst College to offer a six week How to Market Your Business Evening Course starting on 20 April.
Friday night I decided to replace the tumble dryer so recalling the catchy AO lets go jingle I logged on. If you are an experienced marketer seeking a part-time role (16-24hours) in a boutique agency, who's local, here's a shout out. If you've articles you'd like to share do get in touch and do take part by commenting on individual posts below.
More than worth it's weight in gold it offers lots of marketing pointers to either refresh your ideas or to help ensure you put your best foot forward. You'll be added to our occasional emailer "Marketing Know How", which we trust you'll find useful, however you may unsubscribe at any time.
We provide a retained marketing service for a number of High Street shops including Rutherfords and the Big Trophy Shop in Wellingborough. There is no doubt that footfall on most High Streets has reduced over the past ten years and that internet traffic has grown. That is exactly what Rutherfords and the Big Trophy Shop, two classic high street shops have done and the results have been very impressive!
Sales have grown from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands in a couple of years more than matching their high street shop sales! New customers have been won, both big and small, from customers who would never have visited Wellingborough as they are based in other countries. High Street Shops are clearly going to struggle if they rely on footfall from passing trade.
If you are running a shop, restaurant or cafe why not give us a call to discuss your marketing options.
Activate Lead Box clients Jarvis Butchers in Wellingborough enjoyed a fantastic weekend due to their involvement in the Discover Wellingborough Medieval festival organised by Wellingborough BID.

This was a great way to driving footfall, generated by a Wellingborough BID event, directly into his shop where of course he knew that they would be able to see his meat counter and possibly make a purchase! An alternative to collecting cards and doing all the data entry yourself is our Lead Box service! You really want to concentrate on talking to people but need to make sure that you don’t lose any contact details.  You could offer a prize for all entries to encourage people to leave their details.
Alternatively you can use a Quick Reference (QR) code for people to scan and receive your offer within minutes.  Most Smart phones with a camera can use an app that enables the user to scan a QR code which will then open a web-form on their mobile device.  As soon as the form is completed an email get sent to the same device!  You now have someone looking at your website and better still you have their contact details in your database! The great thing about using QR Codes is the quality of data entry and the fact that your customer enters their details STRAIGHT INTO YOUR DATABASE saving you the cost and delay of data entry. Anyone living in or working around Wellingborough will have noticed a marketing campaign called ‘Hidden Gems’ by Discover Wellingborough!  The campaign is managed by John Cable of Wellingborough BID and implemented by Steve Rees of Activate Business Development. The Aim of the campaign is to promote twenty five BID area ‘Hidden Gem’ businesses with great OFFERS and build each Hidden Gem a customer database using the Activate Lead Box. John Cable, The Wellingborough BID Manager, commented ‘This campaign has once again helped drive footfall into the town and encourage people to spend. The great thing about Wellingborough, other than the Hidden Gems, is the number of great local suppliers who have helped produce marketing material to make this campaign happen. They were already a big success when I did that case study on SEL, and now things have only gotten better. Anne posted earlier today on the Pink Cake Box blog about Monday’s challenge, which sounds pretty difficult to me. The Pink Cake Box story is a great one, and if you missed it the first time, I invite you read the case study on Search Engine Land from earlier this year. If a high street shop is reliant on just footfall than obviously trade will have reduced, so why not enjoy the best of both world and trade online? However, by building an online shop and marketing it well there is no reason why they can’t enjoy the best of both worlds and trade both on and off line.

If you do not have an up to date plan for your marketing activity we can help put this together whilst you focus on your business. Check it out: This coming Monday, December 8, chef Anne Heap will be competing in a Food Network Challenge.
Andy was tasked with ensuring the uniformity of each page, strengthening and jazzing up the content, and finalizing photos and graphics.
However, one of the most important activities in marketing, data capture, is often overlooked and forgotten in the flurry of activity from the campaign.
The result was a fabulous website that we are proud to show off to clients, delivered in a timeframe shorter than even he has anticipated. I would recommend Andy and Bent Business Marketing to people who need professional assistance in website design, copywriting, and editing.a€? - Jenelle Kreiling, Clinton Regional Development Corporation a€? Ita€™s been awesome how easy youa€™ve been able to communicate with me a€“ text, email, phone, Facebook, and in person.
Youa€™ve made it so easy for me to ask you questions and get my business going in the right direction.
I have to tell you that the ideas you came up with- ESPECIALLY about sending customers REAL MAIL a€“ have given me a boost in sales when I felt like things were slow.a€? - Lisa Porter, Premier Feeds of Rock Falls, IL a€? Bent Business Marketing has the most on-the-spot responsive and utterly creative team! I trust your instincts on marketing strategy, and admire the effective communication style you use to capture my businessa€™s growing audience. He handles our crazy requests with a great attitude and always delivers the best final product!
We highly recommend working with him!" - Abigail Rock, Director of Marketing, Necker's Jewelers a€? Andy not only served as a highly motivational facilitator for our event, he presented and orchestrated educational component to our Blogging Academy that was top-notch.

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