Here is aA series of practical tips on tactics that marketers can use to complement their content-focused online marketing efforts.
A lot of the information on content marketing that we promote here on TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog offers process, strategy and models of approach.
We’ll be going through the list in alphabetical order and following a fairly consistent format.
Content CurationA – As an art gallery employs a curator to find, organize and manage the best art, a content curator does something similar with information. Digital Newsletters – Newsletters provide a consistent source of useful information, advertorial and links to web pages that further engage the reader. Earned Media (PR)A – Media Relations often results in contributed articles from a brand placed in industry publications or contributions of content excerpts to a larger story published by online and offline news sites. Email MarketingA – From timed sequences of articles to special promotions, messages via email continue to provide the highest conversion rates of any online marketing tactic. GamificationA -From frequent flyer programs to unlocking badges in Foursquare, gamification is permanently embedded in our cultural DNA. Infographics – A picture is worth a thousand words and an infographic might be worth a few thousand eyeballs and nearly as many links, tweets and shares. Interactive Tools – Tools that allow user input and that publish customized output as content can be very effective but tools can also simply answer questions or facilitate a process. Mobile Applications – The popular web is increasingly mobile, so apps that provide information and experience can be very effective as part of a content marketing program. Mobile Content –A Content specifically written and formatted for mobile consumption is also a worthwhile consideration and for some markets, essential right now. News ReleasesA – Press releases are certainly content, although the format, application and distribution has evolved.
Podcasts – iTunes provides an effective distribution and promotion platform for many popular podcasts which can be audio or video. Print Magazines – While the print world has experienced substantial changes, print is very much alive for certain markets. Print Newsletters – One of the oldest forms of content marketing, printed newsletters that arrive via snail mail can provide an effective compliment to online promotions or serve niche markets where print is a preferred format. Real-Time Video – Livestreaming video taps into all of the immediacy needs of both content consumers and consumers and there are now more tools than ever to make real time video a part of your content marketing. Real-World Events – The content opportunities around an industry conference or trades show are abundant, from pre-event storytelling through interviews and advance articles from speakers to liveblogging during the event.
Social Content – Content created specifically for social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn may be a different format, but can have significant impact on awareness and engagement when planned and implemented using best practices. Virtual Conferences – An online conference aggregates a variety of content and incorporates many of the content tactics included in this list from promotions to presentations to the social exchanges inspired by the event. Webinars – Audio combined with presentation slides, Q and A and chat provide a content experience that can also be replayed when stored in an online archive.
White Papers – In digital format, a deep dive into a specific topic can be very effective for educating and persuading B2B prospects.
To help make this series as useful as possible, feel free to share any specific questions that you have on the above list of tactics in the comments below.
Of course, if you have need of a content marketing strategy and discovering the right mix of content for your marketing, check out TopRank Marketing’s content marketing services. Let us take away the confusion by explaining these terms and how they can improve the effectiveness of your marketing activity. Its main objective is to convert enquiries into sales by assessing the profiles and activities of your sales leads and then implementing your targeted campaign messaging via digital channels (email and social media), nurturing them from interest through to a positive sales outcome.

In order to help marketers gain relevant insight into their leads and therefore target marketing activity effectively, we can utilise software such as Google Analytics, which uses tracking codes in social media, email and web pages to track the behaviour of anyone interested in a product or service to gain a measure of intent.
This software can record which social media group or thread they followed, which link was clicked on in an email or which search term was used to access a website.
Email marketing 2014 statistics shows that click through rates (CTR) are still successful and stable.
With the on-going buzz surrounding digital marketing, it is also important not to forget the more traditional marketing methods that have long been tried and tested. Direct mail is still one of the most effective marketing methods out there according to recent statistics from Royal Mail (2) with a strong return showing an average ROI of ?4.60. 44% of UK adults have done something in the last 12 months as a result of the direct mail they’ve received.
At Tiger Marketing we specialise in interpreting consumer behaviour using our experience and analytical software. We hope that this blog has helped you to understand how you can make your marketing more effective whilst achieving a positive return on investment . In class, we talked about how marketing focuses on top-line revenue and, accordingly, seeks product variety (available on short notice) from well-stocked inventory pools. An intriguing point was how a lot of companies fail to focus on creating value for customers.
Marketing wants to offer the broadest possible array of titles to reinforce Amazon’s sales pitch of having huge variety and delivering those titles instantaneously to reinforce the convenience of online shopping.
It tries to address this conflict by examining the economics of inventory and understanding the value of lead time to customers. Any business whether it is small, big or of any size should start focusing on Digital Marketing. Many businesses have already jumped in to the digital marketing and started to see it as a important factor for driving business and new potential customers online. In the last recent years Digital Marketing has seen tremendous growth and it is now considered as a important part in marketing strategy where it has ease the methods of communication between marketers and its potential customers. The best thing about digital marketing is that it is cheap in cost compare to traditional marketing. It helps you to keep in check your business growth with real time customers feedback, queries or complains which are very helpful for any business to improve relation with its consumers on that basis which ultimately increases business efficiency and sales. While everyone on the internet is busy purchasing products how long you will keep your business offline? Digital Marketing helps in outreaching targeted customers through PPC marketing or Social Media Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc) which can be based on geo location or demographic filters. While you are half way through your marketing campaign, you can optimize your digital marketing strategy any time to get better results. It is almost impossible to track ROI (Return on Investment) in traditional marketing where else in the digital marketing there are a lot of factors which can measure accurately that traditional Marketing cannot. Get a Digital Marketing Report of your business’s current digital presence. Contact now for FREE ASSESSMENT. Recent PostsMost ViewedThings you need to know about Content Creation Process SEO Updates: Google Search Algorithm Changes, Then & Now! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Get in touch to receive a Digital Marketing Report of your business’s current digital presence. This series makes the bold assumption that the reader has already considered goals, audience, strategy and measurement and is looking for tips on tactics that fit within their planned digitalA marketing mix.

A Below is the list of tactics I’ve decided on and as the posts are published, links will be added below so this page will serve as an index.
Annotated with descriptive text and repurposed, infographics that are well planned and executed are high impact for social sharing. A Press releases can still reach journalists, but are also effective as direct to consumer content as well. A Like newsletters, podcasts are often published according to a schedule and provide regular, useful information. Print magazines may be based on a subscription model on topics related to the brand, such as a lifestyle magazine. Reports co-authored with marketing partners or industry analysts can boost credibility and reach. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on integrated content, search, social media and influencer marketing.
This method of targeted marketing is most commonly used in business to business (B2B) and longer business to consumer (B2C) sales cycles.
This analysis can then track buyer behaviour which allows us to target towards their needs and interests and hopefully convert them to a customer by streamlining the process and appealing to their direct needs.
We will aid our clients into choosing the right marketing channel for their business and provide a monthly insight report to explain how their marketing activity is performing and use this data for comparison purposes to make continuous improvements to our clients marketing strategy.
Operations worry about cost, looking for efficiencies in manufacturing and the supply chain. Operations, on the other hand, cannot support such a proposition — at least not cost-effectively. Thereafter, it sets shipment lead times to come to a good compromise between marketing and operations. Companies should also consider option bundling to increase complexity and offer a variety of services to customers. When your prospects are searching and buying products or services online thus it is more essential for any type of business to include digital marketing in their overall marketing strategy. It will be preferred if you have started taking advantages of digital marketing at an early stage as it will help you to reach out to the wider audiences who are looking for your services and products online and they can be reached effectively through Digital Media Campaigns.
Those who are not using should at least start learning if not practicing digital marketing which includes social media marketing as well.
By adopting Digital Marketing any business can reach its existing & new potential customers.
I have been working in the digital media for now almost 3 years and have worked for diverse digital projects, I love combining creativity with skills and marketing with technology. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely on a beach somewhere doing absolutely nothing. The name referring to the tension between marketing and supply chain is Differentiated Service Policies.
Even if you already have a good presence offline, then you may want to maximize your profit & customer base and for this purpose you certainly want to avail the opportunities ahead in the digital marketing world.

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