Look at the parts of the business that will be using video in their marketing strategy, for instance sales, corporate events, product, and communications. After determining the scope of your videos, you need to decide what types of videos best tell those specific stories. Posting video tutorials that are relevant to your line of work is a crucial part of your marketing strategy as it helps you connect with your customers. As part of your video marketing strategy, this is likely to generate more responses from your viewers when compared to content that your company has generated.
While you may upload all your videos on YouTube, it is important to note that in video marketing, the best place to prompt conversion is on your own website. Video marketing is indeed a good way to stand out in a sea of text-based marketing campaigns.
Please watch carefully 10 video clips and together we analyze why this videos is capable of viral on Youtube. YouTube is one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms, coming only second after Google in terms of traffic. A little while back, we wrote a blog post that covered the best marketing techniques for reaching millennials. Marketing experts near and far will tell you that millennials are interested in highly engaging content. One of the most essential steps of a video marketing strategy is to fully understand what message you would like to send your viewers.
When you’re investing money into a video marketing strategy, you don’t want your videos to be produced by some clown recording them on his flip phone.
With the right video marketing strategy, you’ll add more fuel to both your email marketing and social media marketing campaigns. Research key information that drives the success of the video from the beginning with thorough keyword research, understanding the customer buying cycle, appropriate video styles, publishing and promotional platforms. Produce engaging video content with a clear core message that educates, resonates and informs your audience.
Optimize your video to rank highly on search engines by carefully selecting keywords, titles and meta-descriptions. Publish your video on social media, blogs and video sites to generate traffic back to your website. Analyze your online marketing video efforts, so that you make smarter decisions and can report on ROI. Organisations that take the time to develop each of these areas thoroughly, ensure that they produce an online video that kicks goals. At Digicast, we work with companies to help develop each of these stages, to ensure maximum effectiveness of their online videos. Many Individual company create their Introductory videos which are very useful to people who are in hurry to check your web contents.
Your video should give the answer of the above question for example WebChanakya – Why they are here?
Team introduction videos are for the service based verticals who want to create trust factor in their audience and also to attach with one emotionally. Though there are many resources, tools, and mediums to reach the people, it is very important to enhance the customer experience with the video marketing strategy. People love to watch the videos if the video has some specialty or difference from the rest of the videos.
Many marketers just target their products in the video and film the same everything about their services in the entire video. Along with your product or service advertisement, include the tutorial videos and how to videos for the audience and allow them to know about the advantages of using your products and services. First of all you will need to identify your business objectives and make a clear plan of action. Of course – it is likely to be a combination of all these things and more, but it is important to focus on one area at a time, and plan your strategy around each of the cogs that will turn the wheel. For example, if you are looking to generate exposure, there is no better way than a video that goes viral. Take Tipp-Ex’s “Shoot the Bear” video for example, which went viral from day one – with 1 tweet per second in the first 10 hours, and one million viewers after 36 hours. Our previous article looks at some of the ways video can be implemented to increase your website conversion rate. At a cost of around 900,000 Euros for “Shoot the Bear”, not every company will have the marketing budget of Tipp-Ex!
The reality is that you don’t always need Hollywood-style production to make a video that delivers value, so once you have worked out the budget your business is able to put towards video marketing, it is just a question of tailoring your strategy to make the most of it.
There will be potential video content all around you every day – capture one of your team giving a talk; introduce your staff on camera; film testimonials from happy customers… Content is king, and there are opportunities everywhere – you just need to open your eyes to them!
Contracting a team of video production experts will take most of the work off you, but if you are on a shoe-string budget – be as creative as you can, like these guys were using just one camera and a few borrowed treadmills. Probably the first area to look at is the one where you already have a captive audience: your website. For increasing visitor engagement, reducing bounce rates and increasing conversions – effective video is an unbeatable medium, and your website is your prime piece of real estate to showcase your business.
If there are areas of your site that are less successful (maybe visitors are spending less time on a particular page, or not completing an action you hope they will), look at how video could be used to keep your audience engaged and informed.

The next part of your video strategy will be to look at the channels that can connect quickly to your audience.
Social media networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are changing the way businesses communicate with their customers, and make it possible for everyone to create and share content.
The next important part of your strategy is to plan and research how you are going to optimize your video for the search engines. Make sure you fill out all information fields relating to your video, and add descriptive, catchy titles. Take it step-by-step, and there may well be a fair amount of trial and error – but it will be worth it! Having invested so much time and effort into your video marketing strategy, you will want to make sure it is working for you.
Without visible analytics, it will be impossible to know whether you should continue down the same path or change tack – and hopefully, with a clear strategy in place you will already be half way down that path! More and more businesses are finding new ways to use the platform so as to reach their customers.
You then need to decide the kind of stories to tell under each part of the business, for instance under 'products' you could tell stories that showcase the product’s benefits and strengths.
You can opt for how to videos, detailed demos, company culture videos, case studies, documentaries, webinars, interviews, and testimonials. Think of a story that you can tell that can be broken down into a number of parts over the course of a number of weeks. Offering this valuable information to your customers will help them see you as an expert in your niche. However, if there is no call to action after watching it, then customers are denied the chance to interact with your products, services or even company. Even if you upload videos on YouTube, you need links back to your website on the YouTube descriptions. Some of the metrics you could use are: attention span and drop-off rates, click through rates, and the total amount of video your leads consume. When done right, this marketing strategy is able to engage your customers and convert leads to sales. We didn’t really go into great detail about video marketing, though, because we felt it would be worthy of its own separate entry. They want content that speaks directly to them, and what better way to do so than with a video? We’ve all searched for something specific on YouTube and then found ourselves clicking on related videos, inevitably ending up watching all sorts of viral videos. Besides that, 84 percent of millennials follow brands and companies on Facebook, 75 percent subscribe to them on YouTube and 47 percent follow them on Twitter.
Content marketing is hyping in the age of social media, where content goes viral every second. Video Campaign has been master stroke for many FMCG brands who run video campaigns targeting a festival or audience. Marketers are competing for one another to produce better content online in order to attract the consumers towards them.
Here are some best ways to provide the best experience to your consumers with the innovative video marketing.
In this huge competition, the marketer must generate different and attractive videos without crossing the relevancy. It is essential to use video to captivate and engage your targeted audiences and potential clients. But how do you integrate video into your overall marketing strategy and make the most of your efforts? When you set out to create a video marketing strategy, the road ahead may seem very long – but drill in deep and simplify it down to the key objective for your campaign.
Easier said than done, perhaps, but with video sharing sites getting millions of hits a day – you could just hit the big time. A bespoke, high-definition video can cost less than ?1,000 and will show a massive return on investment if done well – so it is worth exploring your options carefully.
Everyone knows the power of YouTube, and video sharing sites have the potential to engage a worldwide audience of millions with your brand – take a look here to get a more detailed look at some of your options. Tap into these incredible marketing tools and plan how to get your content out there (these all warrant individual posts so apologies for the lack of detail)!
Google loves video content and will rank you high on the search engines if you learn how to choose the right keywords to target. A good video production company will be able to advise on the best way to get started once your video has been produced, but if you are going it alone, take a look at our recent article on the video seo basics and also running a quick search of the relevant video sharing sites will find you tutorials and advice. Many video platforms offer detailed metrics to help you measure and track the effectiveness of your strategy, so decide which are the most important for you to measure and choose the appropriate platform. You then need to offer a reward for the best video that showcases how your customers use your product or services. You also need a destination on your site where potential clients can access content and get to interact with your brand or products.
In this post, we’ll discuss why and how a vibrant video marketing strategy can be your key to unlocking the vast market of millennials.
It’s great to show off your products and services in video form from time to time, but trying something fun and educational is what will build the trust of your viewers.

A deep knowledge of video editing software does not come easily, so consider outsourcing your video marketing to an expert who can make it spectacular. You don’t want people to watch your video and say, “So what?” and then proceed to spend three hours watching cat videos without ever making it to your website. What better way to tap into the millennial market than by posting your videos on the social media sites they love so much? No matter whether your content is visual or scribed one thing is sure it talks about you and your services right way.
Every second of the video content is very important for the marketer to attract the customers towards the products. Advertise your product must not be your main agenda, your target must be attracting the people and enhancing the customer experience, for that you have to include the useful and interesting relevant content within your videos.
It made the audience get involved and interested in your videos and increase the chances to transform as your customers. This tool helps generate new leads as well as intrigue the ones you already have and can be measured to determine whether it is producing a productive outcome. Creating videos is no longer a daunting task due to tools that help you make videos at little or no cost. For instance, if your business is a salon, you could post videos showing some styling tips. You can include a coupon code that customers can use when purchasing your products from your site or elsewhere. Constant evaluation will also help you know where you are going wrong and lead to even better marketing campaigns. Top off your video with a call-to-action that entices viewers to visit your site or make a purchase. If your videos are really great, viewers will share them with their friends, further increasing the reach of your video marketing campaign.
Test out a few different video ideas to see what hits home with your audience, and when you find what resonates, run with it.
You can schedule your traffic via such tutorial channels for example: Rand Fiskin white board firday Moz blog. Videos have become all the rage in marketing, enabling businesses to introduce new products, exhibit promotional events, and offer problem-solution tutorials. On Vine, Twitter’s micro video app, as well as on Facebook, the videos play automatically. If you are a marketing business, you could post a video series that offers information on how to leverage social media to market a brand.
You can also offer discounts for customers who mention the video when purchasing the product from your store.
Buy this product right now!” In fact, two in three millennials will lose interest in a video if it’s too promotional. One of the most important parts of your video marketing strategy is to make sure you have fun with it.
Video Marketing is an incredible content marketing strategy for every business in any vertical. There are numerous platforms for the video marketing and many social platforms have turned as marketing hubs today for the video advertisers.
Other customers will want to understand what has created all the passion and they will probably give your products a try. Instead, videos that showcase your company’s culture are perfect for humanizing your brand and bringing it to life. Seriously, if you show people a creative, fun video that helps your viewers understand that you love what you do, it will speak volumes for your brand. As video become the powerful media to reach the people, even the social platforms have integrated the video features for the audience.
As much as shooting videos has become easier, you still need to have an effective video marketing strategy in place to leverage the power of video. This way, your brand becomes familiar in the clients’ minds and they begin to trust your brand. To ensure that your tutorials and tip videos are relevant, seek to answer your audience’s questions. For example, here at Fat Guy Media, we’ve dedicated weekly Fat Guy Friday videos to showcase delicious recipes we’ve cooked up in our office. Visual content not only creates a psychological benefit over viewers but also can explain limitless things about your business verticals. Once a database has been built, your business can determine which areas would be appropriate for longer videos.Decide Streaming Location – Videos should be posted in a designated area on your website, but where else can you market your services? We provide amateur, apprentice and professional journalists with the digital tools required to reach a local or global audience.GroundReport provides a platform for you to observe the world around you and to share your knowledge with others. Please consider participating as a reporter, and if you like what we stand for, please consider making a donation.

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