Who is your ideal client? Do you want to land a big corporate account, or would you prefer to work with small businesses?
What are your goals? Amazingly, many freelance businesses haven’t set their quarterly and yearly goals, much less a five-year plan.
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You know you need Twitter, Facebook and a robust mailing list of people who can’t wait to see your work. While you know social media is important, you also know that raising money, hiring crew and refining your script so you can actually finish your movie is equally, if not more important. When time and energy is limited, the last thing you want to do is think about your movie marketing strategy. But since only a small minority of filmmakers garner these types of deals, let’s focus on the other 99%. And against your wildest dreams, you find yourself getting several calls from distributors who want to “pick up” your movie? But once the excitement dies down and you actually start reading the offers – You may notice that very few of these distributors provide minimum guarantees.
As a result of this paradigm shift, many former film distribution companies have become VOD aggregators. Talk with a few of these distributors and you will realize that most VOD aggregators offer the same solution. And if you do some internet searches, you’ll find out that for a few thousand bucks you can access most any VOD platform. To this end, as part of your movie marketing strategy, one of things you must do is create a valuable internet experience for your audience… And you must do this well before you make your movie.

When you first arrived at this article, you probably noticed my BIG opt in form, asking for your name and email address.
As part of your movie marketing strategy, you need to do something similar on your website.
About Jason BrubakerJason Brubaker is a Hollywood based film distribution consultant, specializing in Video On Demand. You should assume that the owner of this website is an affiliate for providers of goods and services mentioned on this website and may be compensated when you purchase from a provider. Jason Brubaker is a Los Angeles based movie distribution executive specializing in direct to consumer distribution strategies. Anderson will give you better marketing performance and a superior ROI—today and tomorrow—with our scientific insights into customer behavior and your marketplace, our keen instincts, plus our disciplined, battle-tested thought process. Scott calls the shots at our Agency Services unit, and has been the prime mover behind literally hundreds of programs serving some of the world’s leading brands. If your ideal client is a corporate giant, then social networking isn’t going to be very helpful.
Freelancers are the worst at taking care of their own needs, because there’s no dollar amount attached to it.
So odds are good this is one of the first times you’ve considered a movie marketing strategy. You probably assume that if you make a good movie, some major distributor will swoop in and do all that marketing stuff for you.
And if you are fortunate enough to get an MG, odds are good the amount is much less than you ever anticipated. But when making this pitch, what most distributors don’t realize is that every distributor knows the same guy and pitches the same placement. And from there, how do you make it easy for your fans to share your movie with their friends?

In this sense, you not only build a relationship for your next movie, but if you do it right, you can build a solid fan base for the rest of your career.
He is focused on helping YOU market and sell movies more easily by growing your fan base, building buzz and creating community around your title. As the founder of Brubaker Unlimited, he currently consults with media companies, rights holders and content creators to develop strategies to source content, maximize distribution, grow audiences, build buzz and create community around each title. He’s known for pioneering the vertically integrated business model for a direct marketing agency, and refining media integration techniques long before it was the norm. If you want to land those local restaurants, a local networking group may be just the ticket. If you’re pleased, then see what other resources you can bring to the elements that are working. But before I tell you about some of the awesome solutions out there – I want to first tell you about the problem.
DVD has been replaced with VOD, which means there are over a gazillion affordable ways to upload your movie and share it with the world. He’s helped create some of the industry’s most intelligent databases and closed-loop ROI reporting systems, too. A great way to do that involves building trust by sending you valuable filmmaking tips via email.

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