If you are frequent user of YouTube for uploading your own videos say tutorials, presentations, how to’s  then you should follow simple steps for search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine targeting. By doing these simple filling ups, you can actually enhance the reach of your videos and can get more traffic from YouTube.
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As an example of engaging content, Manny shows us a video from the England Metropolitan Police department that shows a video that uses the “choose your own ending” annotation approach.
The amount of time people spend watching your videos is a part of the YouTube ranking algorithm. Drive users back to your site with a Call To Action (CTA) Overlays (51×51 image + title and body text that leads back to your site). Purna tells us she is really interested in talking about how to engage your visitors once they get to you, and how to strategically use YouTube analytics. How To: When you upload the video, there is a section that will ask you if you want to upload a custom thumbnail. Matt notes that it doesn’t have to be something that is safe; sometimes a little controversy that gets people talking is good.
He emphasizes that complete views are important and recommends mentioning to people in your marketing that you want them to check out the entire video. Remember, it’s all about doing what you can to engage and to get people engaged with your video. In general, 2 minutes is the upper limit because we want those complete views to send strong YT ranking signals.
The case study company is an exterminator; lots of people were searching for “do roaches eat toothpaste?” The company capitalized on this by dressing up like a roach and making entertaining videos where the roach goes into people’s houses and uses their toothbrushes.

This is a great example of a video that can make an impact and get thousands of views without being super produced. Always make sure to share your physical address and phone number as well as your business name in your video. Chelsea would love to be stuck on an island with a triad of Davids: David Sedaris, David Eggars and David Amerland. Interesting cases and question you mention in the article that makes you think about, the right way to handle your Youtube profile. By the way I think this is the reason why VEVO videos rank always on the top of the results. This will help you getting your videos displayed when people will search for terms related with your own video. When people search for a particular video on YouTube, the algorithm does try to serve them the best possible result from the server. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area. I am developing a keyword research software and your videos gave me a lot of ideas and insights. Are you creating content that allows (and enables and inspires) people to take the next steps?
Identify users that are committed to creating content; identify what they are interested in and where they go. Create these by creating an ad in Adwords for Video, target obscure keywords (no one will ever see this ad), then pause the ad.
Pick a channel icon that will be used across YouTube; make sure it’s a really good quality image that is clear in a variety of sized (sometimes the channel icon is very small and text doesn’t read well. Featured and related channels – You can choose to disable featured and related videos so the videos of others (ie: your competitors) don’t show up next to yours, but then your videos wont show up in the right column as a related video for others either. In other words, you can create a custom visual experience for your subscribers, and a totally different experience to entice not-yet (but potential!) subscribers.
This video was shot with an iPhone and it’s just a guy offering information (10 things you need to know before you move to Phoenix).

Probably the best method I have found for ranking my channels and videos is having my channel featured by other channels with high page rank. So whichever way you look at it, Google is certainly upping the musical prowess of YouTube recently."It's business 101.
YouTube is a huge source of traffic for lot many sites and authors who used to upload many videos related to a popular term (keyword).
Based on the YouTube algorithm, it hits the title part of the video and then popularity of the same. Channel icon dimensions = 800x800px – avoid text because text doesn’t read well very small. This way I get high quality backlinks from within YouTube itself and those links are also dofollow backlinks.
If I'm a business trying to sell a product to a customer, and there's a way for me to put my products on the shelves of a place where millions of my customers are spending time and engaging with content about me, that's going to drive new revenue for me", CEO J Sider told Music Ally earlier in 2015. If you want same kind of traffic by showing your own videos on first page of search operation on YouTube then follow the steps mentioned here. If you have populated proper terms in these areas and asked your fellows to rate your videos then that will definitely come in the search results.
One big question is whether BandPage will keep working with some of YouTube's biggest competitors.
That makes it sound like it will remain platform agnostic, though its non-YouTube partners might feel a little uneasy about it now. Music data startup The Echo Nest was acquired by Spotify in 2014, but the company's algorithms still power the recommendation engines of a number of competing music services.
It's likely that the value of the startup closely matched the synergies of YouTube - an artist can post their music video on the Google-owned social network and then have it instantly distributed to other online sites. A service which removes ads, offers the offline viewing and of course, comes bundled with Google Play Music, Google's paid music streaming subscription service.

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