Your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy should be approached with an understanding of your target audience, your current position in the marketplace, how well your competition is playing the SEO game and your keyword rankings with the Search Engines. Our SEO program provides many of the analytics needed for this process but the 'questions' below will help you develop an online marketing approach and to set expectations.
Do you currently have a means by which to measure the results of any search engine marketing efforts you undertake? Do you need pay per click advertising management or paid inclusion management to advertise your rapidly-changing or frequently changing products or services? Does the SEM firm actually make the changes to your site, or simply advise you on what changes to make? Though you may need to add requirements specific to your products, services, competition and audience, you can see that the answers provided to the questions in each step drive the questions to be asked in the next step - ultimately leading you to identify what services and capabilities are needed to meet your needs and marketing goals. The report will provide a graded review on how well the webpage being tested has been optimized for the keyword or phrase used.
You will also be provided 7 direct action items that if followed, will help to increase our keyword rankings. What is new, however, is how online video lends itself to content optimization—and, in turn, to personalization. When it comes to viewer abandonment (point 1), Ooyala’s technology lets you identify the exact second—the exact frame, even—where a viewer stops watching. When it comes to sharing and linking (point 2), the right video technology allows deep-link sharing.

Finally, the proliferation of screens—laptop, tablet, mobile, OTT—means you don’t need to worry about imprecise reporting at the household level (point 3). Rovi has finally executed on its long-rumored acquisition of TiVo, with the set-top box company that had a major hand in changing how consumers watch TV being purchased – along with a treasure trove of user data – for $1.1 billion.
ComScore is delivering the results of its first round of development of cross-platform ratings to clients for private preview. The release follows the merger of comScore and Rentrak , and are based on fully integrated panel and census-based datasets, covering both linear and time-shifted TV, Video on Demand (VOD), and digital viewing. Nielsen will integrate aggregated set-top-box data from Dish Network into its local-TV measurement in all 210 DMAs, expanding to be included in Nielsen’s national product – Total Audience strategy -- that measures marketing effectiveness and return on ad sales. The multi-year deal comes just days after Dish made a similar agreement with Nielsen’s chief rival, comScore. Globally, a new study found more than one-quarter of consumers (26%) watch broadcast or VOD programming via subscription streaming services like Netflix, Amazon or Hulu, and nearly one-third of them say they plan to cut the cord to pay TV. Unless HTML anchors are used extensively, sharing and linking with text-based content is clunky. You may find, for example, that placing a main punchline within the first 20 seconds of the video increases by 25% the number of viewers that watch your video to completion. So users aren’t sharing content titles and top-level domains, but specific sequences, scenes and lines. Today’s viewers each watch on their own screen, so it’s possible to capture individual viewership insights.

Smart companies are using Ooyala’s real-time analytics and individual-level reporting to see their viewers clearly and optimize the performance of their content. But when it comes to granular insights into user behavior—the kind that allow for full optimization—text offers only imperfect solutions. You’ll know that an article was shared, but you won’t know what sentence or idea proved so interesting to the user that they Tweeted it or posted it to Facebook.
But because audience-related data—like the Nielsen ratings—were reported at the household level, there was no way to truly understand how viewers watched as individuals. Or maybe two-thirds of your viewers are fast-forwarding to the place where the outfielder makes an incredible sprawling catch. With the right tools, you can understand exactly where your viewers are the most engaged—and devise strategies to maximize viewership.
You can fully personalize the viewing experience, add content recommendations, and even optimize your monetization strategy by serving only ads that are of interest to each viewer.

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