This title page template features a classic lined look with a clear title highlighted in large red all-caps text. The template compiles as a standalone document to act as a starting point for creating a document but it includes instructions for integrating this title page into an existing document. This title page was originally created by Peter Wilson but has been extensively modified for this website. These thoughts have led me to the realization that victims of sex trafficking also have blank pages that lay before them. Others are currently enslaved, forced to endure a horrific existence of exploitation and abuse. Will you join me by picking up your pen and get serious this year about ending modern day slavery and exploitation? If you find any hope and value here, please consider becoming a Community Member with a recurring monthly donation, between a cup of tea and a good dinner. Keep Reading This New MP Thinks Pornography is a Public Health Issue…and He Might Just Be Onto SomethingThe age of the internet has caused the porn mag era to sputter to an end. Keep Reading Boys Groomed for Sexual ExploitationThink it’s only girls who are trafficked for sex? Keep Reading Stolen Organs – How Human Traffickers Hunt for KidneysI recently visited a refugee camp in East Africa, where refugees and NGO staff told me about the dangers of journeying through the desert. Join thousands of incredible people who receive amazing articles, news, and stories every Tuesday. Always start your template work with an internal page, because the internal page template will dominate the site.
In larger sites containing a variety of content, your internal page template may be a set of templates that vary in details, such as the number of columns, to accommodate the range of content and user interface needs (fig. Sites that incorporate web applications, blog or wiki formats, or complex forms may need a simplified template variation that strips away some of the usual site navigation elements.
Most sites are organized in a multitiered hierarchy, with vertical dimensions (home, secondary pages, internal pages) and a horizontal spread of distinct content regions that graphically and organizationally help the reader navigate. Secondary page templates help create a concrete sense of the vertical dimension of sites and may perform varied functions in the tiers between the home page and the internal content pages. Complex, multitiered sites usually need submenu pages to provide an organizing and navigational focal point for major subsections or regions of the site.
Many marketing or communications campaigns that point to web sites require a focused, immediately recognizable page to bring in visitors.
Large corporate or enterprise sites require secondary or even tertiary levels of pages that act as home pages for the local department or program. Designing an effective home page can seem daunting, but if you’ve already thought through the fundamentals of your site navigation and have done the hard work of creating internal and secondary page templates, you have a great head start. Too many sites project a strong brand image with logos and bold graphic design and then utterly fail to explain themselves to the new user.

Kiva’s succinct service statement at the top of its home page is essential for a lesser-known brand and a novel service (fig. The roughly 65–75 square inches at the top of a home page comprise the most visible area of the web site.
In sites designed for efficient navigation the density of links at the top of the home page should be maximal within the limits of legibility. Of course, it’s not likely that the average site needs anywhere near this much density of information. When there is a lot of content or merchandise categories to fit on the home page, there is the temptation to use dropdown menus to cram many choices into a small screen area. Avoid dropdown menus that depend exclusively on JavaScript because they may not be accessible to keyboard users. Users usually arrive at a home page with specific topical or product interests or functional goals in mind. My next post will be a 12 point guide to how you can get started, so make sure to check back this week to get some ideas.
On April 13, over 900 police, tax, and customs investigators raided Berlin’s biggest sex club, Artemis. Gone are the days of men discreetly placing a nudie magazine on the store counter while the sales clerk verifies their age. Some of the refugees from South Sudan, Eritrea, and Somalia who are fleeing violence, conflict, and poverty attempt the risky passage from East Africa to Israel through the Sinai Desert. Government Closes Loophole that Has Allowed the Import of Slave-Made Goods for 85 YearsWhile politics in the U.S. The home page is important, but the home page is inherently singular and has a unique role to play. Applications, complex forms, large data tables, and many kinds of highly graphic content (artwork, engineering drawings, repair manual graphics, and so on) usually require as much screen space as possible (fig.
These alternate entry points must bear a clear graphic and topical relation to the marketing graphics, featured product, or communications theme, but because they also function as alternate home pages, they should orient visitors to the larger site navigation as well (fig. In a multi-tiered site your template system should establish a clear hierarchy of page header labeling and titles so that readers can see the relation of a department page to the larger enterprise (fig. Designing the home page layout last allows you to acknowledge the unique introductory role of the home page but places the design firmly within the larger navigational interface and graphic context of the site. How you blend them depends on the overall goals of your site, but most good home pages do not balance all four elements equally. Home page designs should always reflect a particular design strategy, depending on the nature and business intent of the web site. For example, Dartmouth College’s home page strongly projects both identity and a lively sense of campus life. Unless you own one of the world’s top one hundred brands, always put a brief explanatory comment, or tagline, prominently on the home page, so users understand instantly what you do and what you have to offer them.

Most users will be looking at your site on 19–22-inch monitors or laptop screens, and the top 6 or 7 vertical inches are all that is sure to be visible on average screens, particularly on the short, wide screens of most laptops. Judging by two of the top sites on the web, that maximum density is about one visible link per square inch of screen space, or about seventy-five links in approximately seventy-five square inches (fig. Some sites, such as the Denver Zoo, are designed to fit on the screen, with little or no need to scroll (fig.
The space savings, though great, come at a cost to visibility and usability, because most choices are hidden until the user activates the menu. Remember, too, that search engine spiders do not execute JavaScript code on the pages they scan, which is a huge disadvantage because navigation menu items make ideal keywords and linked keywords count heavily in search engine ranking. Most home pages thus feature prominent navigation lists or visual menus of topics, products, and services. Splash pages are not accessible in any meaningful way, and if they depend on JavaScript, ActionScript, or other scripting to move the user to the real home page, most web search engine spiders will never get past your splash page, effectively preventing your highest-traffic page from contributing to your search rankings. But our actions can also fill pages, shaping the fates of the ones who are vulnerable, or enslaved, or trying to heal. Your internal page template will be used hundreds or thousands of times across larger sites, and the navigation, user interface, and graphic design of the internal pages will dominate the user’s experience of your site. Navigation and tools aren’t neglected, but they play a secondary role in the overall page impact (fig.
Careful navigation design can yield an effective hybrid strategy, in which you don’t rely on dropdown menus but rather provide them as enhanced functionality for users who choose to explore them (fig. Web dropdowns tend to be slower and less forgiving of errors in mouse positioning than menus on Mac or Windows operating systems. When using JavaScript to provide enhanced menu functionality, make sure the menus are workable from the keyboard and with JavaScript disabled. When someday I read the journal entries from 2012, what will I have experienced then that I don’t even know about yet? The law bars imported goods that have been made by convict, forced, or indentured labour from entering U.S. Get your internal page design and navigation right, and then derive your home and secondary page designs from the internal page template (fig. Older users and users with less hand-eye coordination usually hate web dropdown menus, especially because they are often implemented with small font sizes and small cursor target areas.
Decide what your priorities are, and build a home page that gives the user a clear sense of theme and priority (fig.

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