Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. You need to understand why a particular smartphone app needs to support more than one platform. If you know that your app is going to be hitting multiple platforms, then your developer first needs to make provisions for it. It’s very important to consider where and how to store data during smartphone app development for multiple platforms. All apps will have images within them, and since most platforms have difficulty in reusing the same ones, the targeted platforms should be kept in mind before the images are built.
During smartphone app development for multiple platforms, ensure that your app developer does not build the same user interface. It’s very difficult for an app developer to excel in multiple platforms, so having a team of developers is the best option. Even though iPhone is the leading platform for most apps, both Android and BlackBerry are worthy competitors, so let Web Industry develop your multi-platform application.
To help associations with their social media campaigns in China, MCI’s teams in Beijing and Shanghai worked together to outline a primer on the world of Chinese social media and the Chinese user market.
In Asia, when using Social Media in a communication portfolio, it is important to understand local differences between Social Media perception and channels. The China Social Network Report says 54% of of China internet users today own or visit blogs, and 47% have a page on one or more social networking sites (SNS). Social media is progressively becoming a crucial element in the lives of Chinese people that would not be otherwise accessible because of distance, governmental control or other constrictions. It is important to keep in mind that the actual influence of Social Media in China should reflect the penetration in your own profession or industry sector in China, but Social Media is still highly relevant among internet users in China and it is definitely a growing channel. SNS (Social Networking Sites) are online platforms which focus on building or reflecting social networks among people who share the same interests or activities.
Some associations are starting to form their own online networks.  An example of this is the Association of International Accountants an international organization representing accountants. Keep in mind that these Chinese Social Media tools are not just copies of their Western counterparts, but new creations that incorporate elements of the Chinese culture and Internet customs.  For instance, Sina microblog, the Chinese alternative to Twitter appeals to multimedia-loving Chinese and thus has extremely well developed video and photo sharing functions, better even than Twitter itself. Sina Blog really differentiates itself by having a focus on celebrity members and celebrity posts.  Sina Blog members’ major interest is to follow celebrities instead of providing their own stories. Sina Micro-Blog is integrated to the Sina Blog.  The Tecent Micro-Blog is connected to QQ, the instant messenger tool of Tecent and is, therefore, used mostly by Tecent users.

A video hosting service allows individuals and organizations to upload video clips and comment and recommend them. According to a recent survey by OgilvyOne China, a full 55% of Chinese social media users will comment on a brand or marketing activity. It is important to understand that China has its own Social Media ‘culture’ and is not adapting the westernized Social Media platforms.  With the exponential rise in the number of users and high acceptance of these social media platforms in less than three years, associations interested in using Social Media in China must be able to understand the various channels outlined above and use them correctly. Here now are some recommendations to help your association adapt its Social Media strategy to China.
Know your target audiences and their domicile in the Social Media world :  Different social media platforms have different target groups. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Vine, YouTube, Periscope, LinkedIn… ????? ???? ?????? ?? ???????????? ??? ?? ??? ???????? ?? ??????????? ?? ????? ????? ?? ????????? ??? ???? ????????? ?????? ?? ????????? ??? ??? ???????? ??? ???????? ???. Smartphone app development has also become a booming career option for creative people with programming experience. The platform should have a relevance to the business that you’re trying to promote through an app. Before they start coding, ensure that the developer structures the final application accordingly, as this will help save time and energy. Please use this form to describe your objectives and we will provide a free quote within 24 hours.
Florence Chua, Director Association Management and Consulting, MCI China will present a session on this topic at the ASAE Annual Convention in St.
More than 25% write 10 or more posts on forums, blogs or SNS every day, 92% visit social media pages at least three times a week, while 27% have pages on five or more social networks. Kaixin is definitely the largest SNS in China, and it is mostly used for entertainment purposes.
Both Sina and Tecent are restricted to 140 characters per update, while Sohu allows its users to post more than 140 characters.
While YouTube is the most popular website in America and Europe, both Youku and Tudou are popular in China.  Youku was launched first and has an excellent performance on video playing speed. It is a software that allows users to leave messages and access information of general interest.
It is important to identify those and engage on the platforms that suit the associations’ mission and objective. Previous experience was in technology sales and hotel sales for a combined 29 years in sales to the association industry.

However, in this technology-driven era, developing apps that can be supported on multiple platforms is a major challenge.
Not all mobile devices are popular or widely used in many countries, therefore you also need to figure out who your targeted consumer base is and get the developer to create smartphone apps for platforms that suit them. An app becomes fully functional only when it completely suits the interface design of the platform it’s running on. The brand Baidu offers a more professional image and is more consistent with its Western archetype Google. Apart from that, all three channels offer photo sharing and can be compared to the Western software Twitter. It is, therefore, basically an online community which main functions are chat and discussion forums. Looking at the value for associations, it should be mentioned that while Tianya and 55bbs work heavily with advertisements, Mop is free of advertisements. You have to ensure that the app you develop can support platforms like Android and Windows Mobile. The website RenRen can be called the ‘little brother’ of Kaixin, since it is operating in the same way, but focuses on a different, younger target group which mostly consists of students. The website Tudou has replicated Youku and offers more video resources and also has a friendlier interface. A key point to appreciate about BBS in China that should be considered is that anonymity is preferred when it comes to posting messages on BBS. At MCI Theresa work with clients to help them grow their organizations internationally, specifically concentrating on meetings and conferences. The other two sites, Tianji and Wealink are more oriented towards building a professional network instead of entertainment. While BBS is not that popular in Europe and America any more, it is highly adapted and China and is typically frequented even more than blogs and micro-blogs. Both offer ways of recruitment for associations, and members are able to put their personal resume on the site.  To give a comparison with the Western Social Media portfolio, Kaixin and RenRen can be compared to Facebook, while Tianji and Wealink have more similarities with LinkedIn.

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