Java applications as well as Symbian (S60 release 3) applications can be installed to or removed from the phone by the user, using either the Nokia PC Suite software, which is included with the phone, or the installer application on the phone itself. The 'N73 Internet Edition' was essentially the Music Edition, but retaining the 'multimedia button' function, rather than a dedicated 'music button'.
Nokia has also released another model of the N73 called the 'N73 Special Edition' in the Middle East and North Africa. Nokia also released N73 Special Edition in Indonesia without pre-loaded Islamic applications. The Nokia N73 is the best selling phone in the Nokia NSeries, and one of Nokia's best selling phones, owing to its balanced features and attractive price . Nokia N73 mit Vertrag von T-Mobile D1 ohne Vertrag und mit T-Mobile D1 Vertragsverlängerung. Das Nokia N73 ist ein UMTS-Handy mit 3,2-Megapixelkamera, Carl-Zeiss-Objektiv und Autofokus, MP3-Player und 3D-Lautsprechern. Sie können das Nokia N 73 mit Vertrag von T-Mobile bestellen, indem Sie auf den Button "auswahlen" klicken und damit den Bestellvorgang einleiten. Notably, Nokia supports firmware upgrades to the N73 to be made by the user via a module in Nokia PC Suite or directly over-the-air.
It has technically the same hardware as the N73, but the 'multimedia button' on the keypad has been replaced with a button that starts the music player.

Bei Smartphone und anderen Produkten sind teilweise Farb- und Ausstattungsvarianten gegen Mehrpreis abgebildet.
Weitere Infos zu den Tarifen von T-Mobile erhalten Sie, wenn Sie auf den Tarifnamen klicken. The majority of these applications support background execution; for example, one may listen to music while browsing the Internet, and then may switch to write a text message or e-mail, without having to close any applications. Since the N73 supports access via Bluetooth and USB Mass Storage (amongst other methods), it is possible to transfer large collections of files to and from it using any computer that also supports either Bluetooth or mass storage via USB (e.g. The phone has the same hardware as the other editions of the N73 but comes pre-loaded with Islamic applications and the phone is completely white. Wir liefern Ihr Handy oder Smartphone durch DHL gegen Nachnahme-Zahlung, das Nokia N 73 wird also erst bei Empfang bezahlt.
With the exception of newer Sony Ericsson phones like K550 and W610, non 'smartphones' typically cannot do this or can do it in only a very limited way; for example, only the music player can run in the background. The Music player on the Music Edition supports Album art and visualisations, while that on the regular N73 does not. Wir liefern unsere Handys durch DHL gegen Nachnahme-Zahlung - die Handys werden also erst bei Empfang bezahlt. Ma?geblich ist der Zeitpunkt des Eingangs des vom Kunden vollstandig ausgefullten Antrags bei

The feature which most distinguishes the N73 from other 'N'- or 'E'-series Nokia mobile phones is the 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera.
The N73 uses a database system for the supplied 'Gallery' applications (which permanently run in the background, in order to reduce seek and operation times) and again these databases can be updated locally on the device itself. It also has an improved control interface where 'play', 'pause', 'stop', 'next' and 'previous' may all be selected directly by simply pushing the phone joystick in the appropriate direction rather than having to scroll through on-screen buttons for these controls and then select them as on the ordinary N73. This means that supported image, video and audio files can be placed almost anywhere in the file system and browsed easily, and in the case of MP3 audio files, by ID3 tag (e.g.
The Music Player application stays in the background at all time (even when music is not being played) in the Music Edition of N73.
In the latest firmware versions this application can be terminated, but doing so prevents from using the Music Edition remote control to start listening to music, until the application is started again by using the phone's keypad. Exceptionally making it better compared to ME because of its multimedia keypad rather than having only a single usage button, same features of Music Player like ME that supports Album art and visualizations, enhanced control interface and also available on start screen when menu key is pressed and hold after the phone boots up.

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