VLC (VideoLan) is a portable & an open source multimedia player available for like Linux like operating system, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and android. Come potremo notare dalle immagini, il nuovo Player Audio di Ubuntu Touch porta con se un’interfaccia grafica moderna, semplice ed intuitiva con incluse le piu importanti funzionalita presenti nei principali player audio di default in Android e Apple iOS.
Tra le varie caratteristiche del nuovo Player Audio per Ubuntu Touch troviamo la possibilita di selezionare le varie directory nelle quali sono inclusi i nostri file audio, inoltre troviamo l’integrazione nel Dash per effettuare ricerche mirate per artista, brano, album ecc. Tomahawk team finally made the latest Tomahawk social music player into its official PPA with support for the upcoming Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid. Above command adds the Tomahawk PPA into your system and you can receive future updates along with System Updates via Software Updater. I'm a freelance blogger who started using Ubuntu 5+ years ago and wishes to share my experiences and some useful tips with Ubuntu beginners and lovers. If Steam is what is being talked about here, and nothing else, that would be a welcome surprise.
That for me would be the only good reason behind this honestly… proper gaming support. From the way I interpreted this, as should be obvious, you make it sound as if packages in the open, say Unity for examples, will continue to be developed in the open.What I think you were trying to say is that current features of Unity in the open, will be developed in the open. Android is actually an interface that is implemented in JAVA, in a Virtual Machine that runs in a customized Linux Distribution. Most people are blissfully unaware they are running Linux on their phones, thanks to a VM and interface that gives a unique feel to phone and tablet operation. What worries me is if they will be cutting out more good code than bad, like most distributions now axing support for RAW1394 access, as if it’s a magic hacker tool and nothing else. Working for a television broadcast station in the Las Vegas area, I recently tried Ubuntu and other solutions and found everything recent has had the 1394 driver neutered of any useful connectivity. They claim nobody uses firewire anymore, yet WD recently released an external HDD with network and firewire 800 connections….

Did big business step in and mandate the removal so consumers could not access their videos in the highest possible quality without paying for expensive products from Black Magic, Matrox, and the like? It would be terrible if consumers could use a $15 1394a card to ingest their family footage to edit in Premier or even, gasp, Windows Movie Maker….
It would be even worse if we could stream TV quality video over the internet using a free tool like VLC…. My question here is: What else will be stripped out to make Ubuntu’s next generation OS slimmer and faster? I find the same mentality pervasive in the evolution of the GNOME interface, which was standard for Ubuntu until the Unity interface was introduced. Now if only they can release an update that allows me to install it without going through unnecessary hoops and difficulties. I think that if people don’t like the new OS they should just install a different one which is more in-keeping with GNU ideals. Sorry to blow the comments up, but last thing, that’s bothering me about ubuntu more than anything, is all of these damn bugs with the updates! VLC plays ourĀ favorite audio and video files, it can play various audio & video formats such as mpeg, divx, mov, mp3, mp4, dvd, vcd, wmv and quicktime. Per maggiori informazioni sullo sviluppo della nuova app Musica consiglio di consultare la pagina dedicata dalla sezione CoreApps del portale Ubuntu. An application that can play not only your local files, but also stream from services like Spotify, Beats, SoundCloud, Google Music, YouTube and many others.
Judging by his words, Shuttleworth is sick of Ubuntu features being torn apart by critics before they’re ready. The things that are currently developed in the open will continue to be developed in the open. Features not in Unity will be developed behind closed doors until a sort of RC stage has been reached.

Sometimes it just loses connection to the monitor and starts reading out all these bug messages, and as of right now it just gets stuck on the xubuntu boot splash page. You can even connect with your friends’ Tomahawks, share your musical gems or listen along with them. After Symbian, I switched to Windows Phone and, from today’s point of view, I am way too invested in that ecosystem to switch and try another. Why can’t we have, for example, all of the Debian based distros installable as sessions on top of a Debian base, instead of as different distros, kind of like how Ubuntu does with its X, K and L variants? The pieces of Linux that I really care about, my shell, my LaTeX editor, my programming tools are unaffected by the window manager.
In a word, the focus will be mobile; tightening up the core of the operating system so that it uses less memory, less CPU time, and thus less battery power.
So with your logic, how can the next big part of Unity be developed in private when Unity as a whole is already in the open?
Like just install Debian as the base, and any number of distros as your desktop environments– for example Mint, Ubuntu, Lubuntu, and Mepis.
And you could fork Debian from two into 3 variants– Stable as a base, Testing in actual development, and Daily builds of Testing as another base. Which reminds me of another thing, which is that Ubuntu has tendency to erase Fedora from the Grub menu from time to time. Keep Linux as Linux, stop trying to make everything work for me out of the box, at the expense of too many restrictions and lack of customizability. Jus’ sayin, I try to tout linux to friends and stuff, and the whole One million distros, one million DEs thing just kinda boggles their minds.

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