As a show of Patronage and appreciation we ask that you help us to continue to make these types of projects possible by filling one of our quick and easy Sponsor Forms it wont take but a few seconds. IPInfoOffline 1.43View information about IP addresses, without connecting to any external server. FileSearchy 1.42A fast, powerful tool to search for files and text in files on your computer.
Hitman GO: Definitive Edition-A brilliant adaptation of the Hitman seriesWatch out, because Agent 47 is back.
Train Simulator 2016 53.8a-Take control of locomotives all over the worldTrain Simulator is the latest in the long-running railway series. FLV Player is a standalone freeware to play FLV (MPEG-4 encoded video file for Flash) files. If you want to play any video clips on your own website or blog, you need a FLV player Flash object, or a SWF FLV player.

Any FLV player support simple FLV playback functions, you can double click the software to open FLV files, drag and drop FLV files. It has some interesting and necessary features like reconnect on network errors to make sure users never get silence and cache management to avoid memory memory consumption. So the visitor of your website will get better playback effect with the metaData injected video file.
With it, you could easily customize flash video player like YouTube player for your website to play flash videos, stream videos, live videos and SMIL presentations. Also, use this Moyea Web Player Premium, you can easily add your own Ads or network Ads inside or over videos for playing on website to earn cash. Customize flash video player for website with only a few mouse-clicks, and the player supports to play flash videos, live videos, streaming videos and SMIL presentations.2.
Easily add and replace flash videos for the web player to play from both software and created Xml file directly4.

Easily Capture beautiful and representative screenshots and add for displaying video list8. User-friendly interface without complicated program knowledge Multiple Forms of Advertising Features:1.
Easily insert any numbers of advertisements with types of flash video, SWF, images into the flash video to play2.
Advertise with SWF and image (gif, jpg, png) file on the reserved users define area for your business purpose3.
Advertise business info via setting links for navigation at end and on click Advanced Features:1.

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