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We all remember the days when the Windows Media Player software, which came pre-installed on your PC, wouldn’t play the song, or video clip that you had sourced. Most media players out there use a core set of pre-installed codecs, allowing you to play certain media types, usually just the most common. We checked the latest version of VLC Media Player using 50 antivirus software and found it virus free.
Some services give you the ability to download additional codecs, if they have been created. With time most of the features of VLS have been incorporated into VLC, with the result renamed VLC media player.After a complete rewrite in 1998, the program became open-source and developers from all around the world started working on the project right away. Its interface is very simple and easy to use, and it has a huge variety of customizable skins available.

It will stream live radio through the internet, it will play a long-forgotten media file lost since 1995, and it will play your DVDs.
VLC Media Player’s open-source code is also very customisable, which has led to a great variety of user-created add-ons being made available for download.VLC Media Player is a very flexible program that can be used not only on desktops and laptops, but also on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
It even records!VLC comes with a wide range of options from configuring external displays, tweaking the audio, and video looping.
It is compatible with many operating systems, including Windows, OS X, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and is available in 48 different languages.
After more than a decade of work, VLC Media Player really does seem to handle more media types than any other single piece of software.
It might not be the prettiest or the most integrated with other apps, but it will fail far less often, and to top it off, it’s completely free to download. Fans can contribute time (development, design, documentation, packaging, tests, user support, translations), materials (not-working DVDs, VCDs, satellite cards) or even money.Here you can get various VLC-related goodies, from wallpapers to chocolate bars.

What has changed about it since 2011 when VLC player was removed from Appstore?VLC: Many things. The latter is compatible with the App Store terms and conditions, which allowed us to re-develop VLC for iOS from scratch. Due to the huge number of files most people collected over the years, there is definitely a market for mobile players.

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