Create a standalone file that can be played from every computer without any software to install. Using the Professional Edition you will also gain access to the Talk-Over record mode and the Music Synchronization mode. Microsoft PowerPoint (also known as Microsoft Office Outlook) is a powerful, easy-to-use presentation graphics software program developed by Microsoft. It combines a personal computer and WYSIWYG page layout software to create publication documents on a computer either large scale local multi-functional peripheral output and distribution. At CustomShow, we like to think that everyone can use our presentation software to create better looking presentations, thus serving as a great powerpoint alternative to people.
Summary – Customshow is a presentation software program used mainly for businesses and companies with more than 25 employees.
Summary – The presentation software is a template-based platform that allows for people to create elegant looking presentations. Summary – Known as a presentation launch pad, SlideDog mainly takes all of your documents, presentations, pictures, or video and places them into a play list that can be moved around and presented in a seamless way. Summary – Probably one of the leaders in the DIY presentation animation space, Powtoon allows consumers to create presentations and videos that are animated, interesting, and engaging. Summary – One of the standard bearers in the presentation software space, Keynote is meant to allow presenters to create customizable presentations. Summary – To switch things up a bit MediaShout is a presentation software tool for religious institutions and churches.
Summary – Built mainly for B2B sales people, Kineticast is a cool presentation tool that enables sales people to be more effective in their sales and marketing. Summary – Knowledge Vision is one of the newest players on the block when it comes to creating better looking presentations that are customizable.
Perfect For – Individuals and small businesses who just need to create simple animated tutorials and software demonstrations. Summary –  Offers advanced features and extra tools for organizing, simplifying, and editing screen captures.
Perfect For –  Creating Video demonstrations for customer support, employee training, and product presentations. Summary – Projeqt gives creatives the ability to weave together stories dripping with style and personality from Flickr photos, RSS feeds, tweets, YouTube or Vimeo videos, and any media stored on your own computer.
Summary – The Emaze user can easily build sophisticated presentations with little effort.
There are probably an additional 50 – 80 presentation software tools we missed on this list. And if you believe you are a good match and should be added to this list, feel free to email us and we’ll consider adding. This presentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. Planning Center is a house hold name for planning church services and now they want to be the home for your presentations not just your planning, so they created Projector.
Projector allows you to use your Planning Center Online plans to create media rich presentations and control them from the iPad. It automatically creates lyric slides from your songs and allows to fade them seamlessly over a moving background.
In the fine print you can read that this is a iPad only app and will not be created for laptops of computers. During the beta period you can use Projector for FREE, after that the cost is between $2 – $10 a month.
Really Excited to try this out, just need to find an iPad to test with, we are in the market for a new PC and Media system, but are a church on a limited budget, this looks like it really can accomplish everything we want and for a much better price since we are already on PCO.

MagicLantern is free multimedia presentation software that lets its users create presentations. This is an amazing free office tool which can be used for your presentations and project works. MagicLantern is very innovative free multimedia presentation software that gives you an extra edge over others using inferior tools to create presentations. MagicLantern is an excellent free office tool that is designed to be innovative and suits all your needs regarding creating presentations. For those who want another free Microsoft Powerpoint replacement, free office tools like Impress are IBM Lotus Symphony Presentations are good alternatives to take a look at. These presentations, by leading agile speaker and author Mike Cohn, explain how agile teams plan.
Join the thousands of other development professionals who get the latest news on Scrum and agile from us.
Aurora 3D Presentation uses powerful and highly effective techniques to enable you develop impressive, professional, and compelling presentations in a variety of formats! An overview of Aurora 3D Presentation – and why it’s the best option for all your 3D interactive presentation needs! Sit back and watch the demo movies, and find out what Aurora 3D Presentation can do for you.
Check out our selection of example 3d interactive presentation, business presentation and product show created in Aurora 3D Presentation. No need to learn Flash, AE, Photoshop or other 3D Applications to design effective and stunning presentations. Choose and pick many included design elements, such as backgrounds, themes, styles, shapes, effects and so on.
Export to standalone EXE, Mac App or video(only for windows) files, and import other 3D models or textures developed with any 3D design software. When your goal is to stimulate your prospective clients’ interest in your material, you certainly don’t use mere words to deliver your message!
Liven up those uninteresting spreadsheets by importing CSV files into Aurora 3D Presentation in order to animate your tables and data, or create animated charts and graphs, even 3D models! Over the last 12 years of our existence we have created a 2200+ software for various companies, We consulted several international companies. Power Point Presentation (PPT) has become the norm for slide show visuals in most business presentations.
PowerPoint presentations can be prepared in to pages complete with music or narrations, to visualize on CDs or DVDs. It is easy to modify presentations with your company logo and to astonish your audience by using one of the many design templates that are inbuilt with the programs. China, Korea, Mexico, Malaysia, Russia, Columbia, Taiwan, Italy, Thailand, Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Indonesia, Philippines.
Use the full power of your 3D video card to pump up your slideshow with innovative effects.
Microsoft PowerPoint is used to present information in an organized manner to an individual or group. Using Wink you can capture screenshots, add explanations boxes, buttons, titles etc and generate a highly effective tutorial for your users. It is a part of Windows Essentials software suite and offers the ability to create and edit videos as well as to publish them on OneDrive, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr. These presentations play via AirPlay to an Apple TV or over an HDMI adapter to your display. This projector seems to me very effective to demonstrate any presentation to office or educational sectors.

It is a user friendly free presentation tool, meaning that anyone should be able to use it. MagicLantern uses your own gallery of images stored on your computer for creating presentations which makes it easy for you as well when using this free Microsoft Powerpoint replacement. This free presentation tool is completely free of charge forever with no trial versions or limited features.
These sessions, including one presented to the teams at Google, blow that myth out of the water! Learn why story points have become the most popular unit for estimating work on agile teams.
Instead, you want to make sure to use stylish and engaging graphics, charts, and images! Why struggle with a mixed bag of presentation applications when you could consolidate all of your presentation making proficiency and talent into Aurora 3D Presentations? Everything that you could ever ask for in a presentation product you’ll find in Aurora 3D Presentation!
Sometimes users of the program write that they are creating a PPT presentation instead of word PowerPoint.
If you are in the business field it just involves a few minutes to add a descriptive chart of data or a structural chart of your company's structure. Many more free add-ins and templates are obtainable online from Microsoft and a mass of other websites. Every aspects of this projector are cool and I'm looking forward to utilize planning center projector to present my official presentation. You can even create presentations on one platform and transfer it to another in an instant, using this free Microsoft Powerpoint replacement. You just have to drag and drop the images you wish to use from your file browser into MagicLantern. Explore how the popular Planning Poker technique, paired with story points, helps eliminate common estimating problems. Import images, create albums, use 2D and 3D text for impact, and play around with special particle effects and backgrounds! We implement your company profile or business plan on Website which can be Online or Offline. PowerPoint will use graphical method to presentations in the form of slide shows that describes the oral delivery of the topic. You can also make your presentation into a web page for emailing purposes or as a promotion that can be displayed on your company's website. Regardless to slide show, PowerPoint has printing options that allow the presenter to provide outlines for the audience as well as notes pages for the presenter to refer to during the presentation.
This Scrum presentation is available in a variety of formats including Apple Keynote, PowerPoint and OpenOffice. Much like other presentation software out, PowerPoint is converted into static images so you will loose any animations that you had. Gain insights into predicting project completion using velocity and confidence intervals, including how to plan a fixed-date agile project. To start, how about an interactive menu that automatically launches slideshows, websites, or executable programs? All in all, PowerPoint is a very helpful to create successful presentations for the business world, the classroom or just for your own personal use. Or a virtual wall of pictures and information arrayed in a rotating circle, or a flowing and elegant curving animated arc around the viewer?

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