Publisher's description of Express Points for Mac 1.03Express Points is free presentation software for your Mac. From the File menu, select Export… In the window that appears, switch to the QuickTime tab. In the past five years I’ve come to know its many strengths (and few weaknesses) and have become something of a champion or evangelist for it.
In doing so, you are instantly able to share your presentations with anyone using any computer running any platform, even if they don’t have Keynote. If you have PowerPoint presentation, you can also open it in Keynote, although sometimes it may have some minor artifacts accrued during the import process. Keynote will now go frame-by-frame through your presentation and save it as a QuickTime movie.

You can change the resolution in Keynote by going to the Document inspector, and selecting a custom slide size from the Slide Size menu.
All you have to do is make five different Keynotes, export them to QuickTime, and distribute them to ArraySync clients.
Raise communication effectiveness and make your points more compelling with music, text, images, graphic shapes, and narration.
Once it’s finished, launch ArraySync, and drag it in just like any other QuickTime movie.
A good idea might be 1920 x 1080, also known as HD1080, or 1280 x 720, also known as HD720.
Express Points can make delivering explanatory and instructional information much more enjoyable for your audience.

You can get creative and make presentations that alternate between showing the same content and then different content.
I usually go with that option, and change the format to AAC, best quality, 256 kbps bit rate.

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