Video marketing (especially on YouTube) rocks and you do not have to spend a ton of cash to create videos that are stunning and showcase quality. One of the coolest, easiest and most inexpensive way to create great YouTube videos on a budget is to combine still images with your audio recording. About UsMariner Business Solutions has been providing innovative business solutions for our clients for over 20 years.
Whether deciding to plunge into the digital world of advertising or creating the next viral video hit, video length plays an important part in how long a viewer will actually watch a web video.
Studies have shown that the average attention span of a person can range anywhere from 8 seconds to a full 15-20 minutes given the context. When making a web video for the purposes of entertainment, it is important to be short and to the point.
For marketing, business, or promotional means, keeping a video short may seem like a daunting task. Videos that engage and excite a viewer are going to be far more successful in the digital world, but it is still important to produce quality content.
D-Mak Productions is a Phoenix, Arizona video production company specializing in producing corporate videos, industrial, marketing, training, live performance, real estate, live events, and web video production. Ubisoft challenged our film production company in Newcastle to create this energetic online trailer for their upcoming release of international console hit Just Dance 4.
We're one of the most celebrated and trusted online video production companies you'll find. Tools like the legendary Windows Movie Maker, Animoto and iMovie for Mac users will allow you to produce videos from an audio recording and still images. Here, you will find a list of apps and movie production services that are directly linked to YouTube.

It comes with multiple transition effects and a user-friendly interface that lets you create professional videos.
With these great tools, you really shouldn’t give an excuse on why you are not yet tapping into the power of online video marketing.
Our state of the art software and hardware solutions have given our clients a competitive edge in an ever changing marketplace. With today’s short attention spans, it is no wonder that audiences are becomingly increasingly harder to hold on to. For the sake of online video production, however, it is much more likely that a person’s attention span will hover near the 8 second mark.
Viewers of online video are not as likely to sit around waiting for that dramatic punch line. When trying to push a product, a business may be tempted to cram too much information in all at once. After a strenuous shoot (for the dancers at least) and some enjoyable time in the edit suite creating eye catching motion-graphics, we produced an exhilarating short film that captures the essence and the new features of this massively popular video game. With offices in Newcastle and London it's easy to arrange an informal consultation with one of our producers, to find out how we can help you. These three tools will allow you to create the most spectacular YouTube videos at a price that is next to free. Not so long ago, there were only three such tools but the list has now expanded to nine super cool apps that you can use to create videos. Our highly qualified and trained team of experts provide you the support you need to maintain your system. Here are some reasons why a shorter, more to the point video will succeed better than a video of a much longer length.

The reason behind this is that online video is by and large primarily for entertainment purposes. Learning to adapt to consumers’ needs and wants is a big part about having a successful online video production.
Additionally, Stupeflix comes with a text-speech feature, which is useful in case you do not have audio recording equipment.
This means that the consumer is usually not going to be forced the watch the video in question. They can become distracted by a new, fresher looking suggested video and click off just as easily as they clicked over. That way, they are short enough to keep your viewers attention, but long enough to share the benefits of your product or service, and compel your audience to buy from you. This is why it is important to capture the audience’s attention in the first 5-10 seconds of a video, even earlier if possible.
If adults have such a hard time concentrating on important tasks, this makes the job of the web video maker that much more difficult.
Ideally, an entertaining video will be no longer than 15-30 seconds if its purpose is to merely make someone laugh.
Statistically, videos of 30 seconds or less are far more likely to be watched all the way through. With YouTube’s new algorithm, audience retention (or how long they watch the video) is becoming more important than total views in regards to video length.

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