If you have a passion for music and can play any musical instrument, I am sure at some point of time you would have got that urge to create your own music.
Every now and then you listen to your favorite songs on the music CD, I am sure you would appreciate and wonder how the various instruments sound so clear in the song, or how the bass and the drums sound so pounding. Welcome to the world of Digital Audio Workstations, Advanced Studio Software, Modular Synthesis, Production Mixing and Mastering…Welcome to the world of Digital Computer Music Production!!! Professional quality Music Production is much within the reach of the average guy, who can just afford to have a home based studio.

With computers becoming more powerful and cheaper, it is possible to accomplish a lot more with your personal computer. There are various aspects of hardware and software that you need to know and put into practice, to be able to create that dream mix.
Here are some more career options that you may consider, once you have sufficient experience and if you have a flair for entrepreneurship. To many people, Digital music production means creating music for genres like electronic, hip-hop, techno, house, etc.

But actually speaking, the scope is much wider and involves a lot of music arranging work irrespective of the genre of music. Besides knowing how to use the sequencer and the tons of effects that are available nowadays, you also need to have good understanding of music theory and harmony.

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