In a project like this, we generally present the client with  multiple logo design directions to select from.
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We produce event videos such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, parties and any other type of event. A 3D Animation Video for Swift-Pass Medical to demonstrate their new vascular tunnelling device. A video for Bell Workwear to celebrate their 20th Year in Business and help raise money for The Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance Trust. Video Testimonial for G-Display from their client Searcy's at The Gherkin, live event hosted at the Square Meal Show. Video Testimonial for G-Display from their client IET Venues Ltd, live event hosted at the Square Meal Show.
First in a series of Videos for Ash Lawrence owner of the ABC Networks and The Millionaire Mindset Seminars. A video for the County's most established Business to Business Exhibition at the Ashford International Hotel.

A motion graphics logo animation for iS-Digital to brand a digital signage pilot in Folkestone High Street. Coming Soon - A new corporate video for Vivid Pixel to promote their graphic and exhibition design services.
A new logo sting for Creative Resins Distribution Ltd makers of the Marine A-Glaze products. We wanted to create a short opener that showcases our motion graphic talents to our clients and something we could also use in other applications and projects. A video that showcase's the website design and video production services that What If Solutions and Creative Motion can offer to new and existing clients. A web video to promote Harts vast range of office furniture, products and services for their recently updated website. Make a bigger impact with better mediaProdigy Multimedia has the expertise, creativity, and passion to help bring life to your creative vision. Since we have an intense passion for what we do, and just happen to be very good at it, you have much to gain by choosing Prodigy to create your next compelling video production, photography, or multimedia project.
Currently located in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Prodigy Multimedia is looking forward to working with you.

Prodigy MultimediaFrom full scale HD Commercial Video Production, to a your new business logo, Let us help you create an outstanding piece of work. We developed a iconographic brand identity that married the traditional film icon with the concept of digital production.
Don't want it to be tied too much to weddings since we do produce videos for other events. Please leave feedback directly on the designs to guide the designers in the right direction2. The objective for the typography was to allow it to be strong enough to stand on it’s own.
Please score designs between 1 and 100(best) to help designers know your preferences.We want you to get the best possible design for your business.

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