Elon Musk's relaxed approach when it comes to announcing stuff on behalf of Tesla Motors is something that other carmakers should try to implement.
However, here comes Elon Musk, who tweets that the "Model 3, our smaller and lower cost sedan will start production in about 2 years. One reason for the delay could be that the Model 3 will be offered in both sedan and crossover versions according to Tesla Motors CTO JB Straubel, although Musk only refers to the car as a saloon in his tweet. Also, Tesla's determination to launch the Model X as quick as possible might have disrupted the natural flow or things, and they ended up with more car launches than they can handle at this moment.
From what we could see in recent footages captured by drones flying over the Gigafactory building site, Tesla's facility is far from finding itself in final construction stages. However, the Gigafactory's grand opening is scheduled to take place sometime in April 2016, which suggests finished the factory on time is now a race against the clock for Elon Musk and Tesla. Air Liquide, Europea€™s leading supplier of gases for food processing offers a range of process technologies to support the UK food industry. Modern lifestyle has increased demand for nutritious snacks and convenience foods, ethnic dishes and other speciality products.

In this highly competitive market, Air Liquidea€™s range of gases, equipment and technology leads the way in the successful production of convenience food products.
We can help improve the efficiency and performance of your production process, including the chilling, freezing and packaging of products, from sandwiches to ready meals, and increase shelf-life using MAP packing.
Air Liquide offer a range of cryogenic equipment for rapid continuous chilling or freezing of a wide range of prepared foods, such as pizzas and prepared ethnic meals, to maintain product quality and reduce production times.
With our unique range of Crust Flow equipment you can create truly IQF products whether you have raw, cooked or coated products.
By effectively inhibiting the principal spoilage mechanisms, MAP techniques ensure that prepared food products reach the consumer in optimum condition. The food industry can also benefit from dry ice cleaning as an extremely effective method of CIP.
Air Liquide offer a flexible range of technologies for the transportation of chilled and frozen products. Of course, that's only a personal remark, because the reason we brought you here has to do with the upcoming Tesla Model 3.

That's what we would do, especially since players like the new Chevy Bolt and Nissan LEAF are looking to secure a chunk of the market. Air Liquide offer a range of batch chilling and freezing cabinets, utilising carbon dioxide or nitrogen, which can be sized to fit existing trolley sizes, thereby minimising product handling. Air Liquide can supply everything from pre-mixed cylinders, from our high quality food grade range, to bulk storage and on-site mixing systems. When sending samples to customers, by using dry ice and specialist packaging, it is possible to ensure products are delivered in optimum condition. These compact systems have a smaller footprint than conventional air blast units and meet chilling and freezing requirements more rapidly.
It reduces production downtime as most plant can be cleaned in situ and without dismantling, for example production line belts which is a difficult but vital task.

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