Highlights of MSHA data including number of accidents and hours worked by employees for safety and efficiency analysis. Detailed capital structure reports provide a complete view of a company's long term obligations, capital costs and credit ratings.
Our customizable Excel templates provide a wide range of tools for analysis, from a simple summary of coal mines owned to a more complex collection of peer analysis tools.
SNL's propriety transportation costs permit analysis and benchmarking of coal mine to plant deliveries. Integrate SNL Energy's commodities data into your own Excel models with auto-refresh capabilities to stay current.
Instantly view pricing data for coal, natural gas, electricity, heating oil, crude oil, and emissions. SNL Coal Report provides a weekly summary that focuses on the news that matters most to the coal industry.
Training simple - fabricators & manufacturers, Training is available in a variety formats to suit the needs and learning styles most preferred by adult learners.
Rab professional development training schedule, See schedule complete list professional development training events rab.

Connecticut state university - location view, How register workshops click title workshop choose register icon. Phil is often called in to train featured actors for major films and productions world wide. The system developed in Phils Fight Schools: The Jomsviking System, is designed to make extras and actors ready for choreographed fighting in big and small fight scenes as quickly safely and efficiently as possible. Fight Assistants can also stand in for a character or actor and do the fight scene using post production to edit the scene correctly. Phil has produced the first of a series of video guides to train actors and enactors in the arts of fighting safely with steel sword and shield for the purpose of filming or recreation. Phil trains each week throughout the year, fighting in groups and on a one to one basis with master combatants using steel weapons.
Phil coordinates and trains a number of large scale enactment events for national governments and organisations around the world. Users can also pull data directly from SNL databases into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using SNL functions to examine to years of historical data and to create tailored reports.
With further modification, the spreadsheet can also be adapted to track any "downtime" that may be causing delays in a project's schedule.

Photos top and below left show Phil working with untrained stuntman for Gladiators, broadcast in the UK nationwide, March 2004.
Instead of spending time rehearsing choreographed stage fighting techniques, the system prepares the subject for free style fight moves based on 6 principle moves.
This particularly useful on documentary and small budget where trained fighting principles may not be available to train to fight due to the time available. The advantage is that large numbers can be prepared by The Fight Director and Fight Assistants if required. Wwhen filming takes place, the time to turn a shot around is greatly reduced and the quality of foreground and back ground enhanced.

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