The Twitch comparison is massively oversimplifying something that will change the landscape of streaming.
A new update to Google Play Games has enabled Android users to easily record gameplay from their phone or tablet, which seems rather cool to us.
From within the app, you simply select a game, hit record, and the app starts capturing video. While 1080p resolution isn’t supported, 720p and 480p is possible, with the ability to easily upload the video directly to YouTube.
Youtube Gaming had recently added streaming support, but being able to save clips is great for those who want to control exactly what they show to others. The feature is currently available for users in the US and UK, with it set to expand to other countries soon. When the team focused on the finer details of the sounds a gun makes, they also noticed that there are specific audio characteristics, giving each weapon its own personality.
After hearing those mechanical sounds when firing these guns, the team opted to ensure these characteristics were properly captured. Be sure to check back next week for part two of our trip to the gun range, in which our heroes pull the trigger.
The sounds from the original Bioshock were some of the highest quality I’ve ever heard in gaming.

You’ll be able to pop on your own VR headset and essentially occupy the same space as the streamer, freely moving around the world to watch them play as the headset re-renders their game. If you have a headset like Gear VR or Cardboard, you’ll be able to watch 360 degree videos, while streams can also be viewed on 2D on monitors as normal. You can even use your front-facing camera and mic to offer your own insights via a picture-in-picture mode. There are so many considerations that need to be made in order to ensure the best possible audio fidelity, it can quickly become a daunting task. The layout that was settled on was fairly robust, allowing a great range of audio frequencies to be captured, and the options the team had afterwards were certainly inspiring when dealing with the task at hand.
While some of the mics placed further downrange would capture the echo from the weapons, the ones placed a bit closer to the source would be able to best capture the immediate transients. When someone listens to a gun being fired from a few feet away, there’s that distinct, sharp pop most associate with it, but when shooting the guns themselves, a new experience awaited. The mechanical action of each weapon was recorded separately from the firing session since the sound of the gunfire was overwhelming the microphones. Weapon feedback is really important to my enjoyment of games – Far Cry 2, and the Bioshocks, and Portal all get it. Du kan valja mellan 480p och 720p, och sedan redigera videon innan du lagger upp den pa Youtube.

However, when the gents from the Irrational Games audio team traveled to a gun range to capture the sounds of battle for BioShock Infinite, lady luck smiled upon them, giving them a great day to go shooting. Four mics were dedicated to close-weapon recordings, with several stereo recorders placed throughout the range – 150 feet away pointing at the weapon, 300 feet downrange pointed away from the guns, and an omni-directional mic right in the center of the field. When firing a weapon, the team could hear all the fine mechanical sounds the weapon had to offer. Tack vare Googles nya verktyg kommer alla med en Android-telefon kunna spela in och lagga upp videor pa sina favoritspel till mobilen.
Det finns aven en funktion for att med den framre kameran och mikrofonen spela in dig sjalv under spelets gang. They’d be able to hear all the metal parts moving around, even hearing the bullet leaving the chamber, all over that small timeframe.

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