Slick Audio is our comprehensive suite of audio products and services that includes digital audio workstations, audio hardware and software, and recording capabilities.
Slick Cyber Systems knows business computer & networking security is essential to protecting your company from viruses, spyware, hackers, and other threats. About UsSlick Systems, LLC has been in business since 2002 providing quality sales, service, and support to businesses of all sizes. A performer used a great deal of ingenuity to create a successful acoustically recorded performance.
Consequently these movements could distort the dynamics intended by the composer of a musical selection.
Sound Arts Recording is a world-class, award-winning studio, specializing in ProTools HD3 recording, mixing, mastering, and CD duplication on state of the art and vintage gear and mics. Finding information about recording on a shoestring budget isn’t easy.  Sure, there are plenty of articles online that can guide you through buying sensibly and cheaply, but very few that actually, from start to finish, give you an idea of how to record your songs with the most merge of funds.

Favourite bit of gear: My Tanglewood TW145ASC – an excellent value but high quality guitar.
Thing I couldn’t live on the road without: I’ve only had a handful of gigs and don’t tour. It is with great pride that Sacred Bones Records present its official, expanded, re-release of the soundtrack to David Lynch's landmark 1977 film, Eraserhead. The customized VB Mobile Studio™ ranges in size from 20 feet to 54 feet and utilizes a slide-out expansion trailer system.
Interior height and width are maximized offering a comfortable work space with optimal acoustics.
Contact a VocalBooth Sales Rep today to see how a VB Mobile Studio can take your business to the next level. However, in the one or two gigs I have done I have found that having really good friends helps!

The bonus song "Pete's Boogie" is a newly discovered Peter Ivers recording taken from the original audio tapes and mixed by Lynch himself. With the advent of DAW’s (digital audio workstations), the industry has shifted from dedicated tape decks to computers. This happens to fall into our President and CEO’s passion, as he is an avid musician and has his own recording facility that is run by a Windows based DAW running Nuendo and Cubase with a whopping 16 terabytes of online storage.
We are passionate about this industry and will help you around the pitfalls of doing something wrong.

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