We have organized an instructor led training event like a concert and treated our SME like a rockstar. Each event is a new opportunity to learn something new and potentially test out some small portions of your new design ideas. Over the last 10 years Brent built his career as an industry leader through blogging, speaking at industry events, and promoting eLearning through social media channels. He joined the Litmos team in April 2014 as the Chief Learning Strategist and brings his wealth of experience, industry knowledge, and networks to the strong learning products under the Litmos brand. Prior to discovering his passion for technology-based learning, he worked in video production as a producer for a local Arizona NBC affiliate.
The M40 is often overshadowed by its older brother, the M50, but if your needs are solely for a recording headphone there is no reason to jump to the higher model: the M40 does the job handily.
The KNS-8400 stands toe-to-toe with the lauded ATH-M50 and does more than just hold its own.
If you have a professional studio or have some extra cash to throw around, you can’t get better than the HD 800 for mixing. Do you also recommend the German Maestro GMP 8.35 D for mixing or is the KRK KNS-8400 better for this? If you go with the GMP, it may be worth trying the oval earpads (product id 41-6050), people have reported an improvement in clarity.
You have the perfect recording studio- quality equipment, talented engineers, and sharp ears. Yet, we all know that you can do more and if you do, you’ll become immensely more successful. Get ahead of your competition with these tips, written by our marketing experts that have also owned their own studio. There’s so much to internet marketing, it’d take a 62 page eBook to cover the just the basics.
Now that the event is over and you have it recorded, you can use the recording to start designing. He’s built and re-built training organizations, and developed innovative technology based learning solutions across all departments within small, medium, and large corporate structures. After five years with The eLearning Guild, he is DevLearn Program Director Emeritus and was responsible for programming the event from 2008 to 2012.
He brings that experience, innovation, and creativity to the booming industry of eLearning. Soundstage, imaging, and instrument separation are amazing for such an affordable headphone. The ends of the frequency spectrum are a bit unrefined, and they sound congested at higher volumes but for a $50 headphone these are minor issues.
Gone is the bass-boost which makes the 8400 easier to mix with, comfort is slightly improved, and they come with a detachable cable. Electronic musicians need not look any further, as they pump out great detail in the bass and clarity in the treble for all types of percussion. They have been around for close to 20 years now and remain one of the most balanced and detailed headphones on the market.
It is able to expose your recording for what it is, and perfectionists will find their job gets a bit more difficult when working with the HD 800.

Whether your headphones did not come with a sturdy case or you are looking to upgrade, you have come to the right place!
Whether you are looking for a pair of gym headphones, outdoor running headphones, or even swimming headphones, here you will find a great headphone that suits your needs (and desires).
The small (and often foldable) designs of our recommendations will satisfy travelers and commuters alike. Give your studio a name that’s easy to say, spell, remember, and find easily on search engines like Google.
Brand your studio with an amazing logo, a slogan, and specific colors to use across all of your marketing materials. We’re going to touch on a few here that apply specifically to studios, but we recommend learning more by downloading the free NOOB Guide to Online Marketing here. Craft a fantastic website: take professional photos, list your equipment, boast testimonials, host your best recorded samples, and use a WordPress theme to easy add and edit it. Record videos and take pictures of the recording in progress to post on your sites and for your clients to share across their social networks.
Network with your market online through social media, forums, and Q&A sites like Quora. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a free way to have your studio found via search engines!
Register your business on online directories like Yelp and Google + Local so that it’s easier for people to find you. Gather the emails from all of your customers and put them into an email campaign through MailChimp.
Measure the effectiveness of your Internet marketing by setting up Google Analytics on your website and monitoring it on a weekly basis. Promote with posters, demo CDs, stickers, and fliers in local areas that musicians visit like: Guitar Center, coffee shops, practice spaces, venues, record shops, Hot Topics (and similar stores), bars, etc. Print your logo on blank CDs or USB drives to use for masters that you send home with your clients.
His goal is to help musicians and recording studios become successful with providing awesome content to this blog. We're still getting to know our knowledge rockstar, gain their trust, and amplify their presence throughout the company. Because your SME has no doubt included more than enough information in his presentation for you to use. Detail retrieval is very good as is expected of a monitoring headphone, but they struggle with instrument positioning compared to most of the other headphones on this list. They are nearly indestructible, have great isolation, and unlike most studio headphones you may feel compelled to use them as your primary casual listening headphone!
If you need a great detail and volume in the bass, the DT 770 is a way to go, but it has a much darker sound and is harder to mix on in general. The GMP may be more hi-fi sounding, and better built, but is it neutral, accurate enough, does it present enough detail, and has it got good resolution and separation as compared to the KRKs 8400, specifically for MIXING? My quick tips for shopping for workout headphones: Comfort and fit should be your #1 concern!
Create a referral program for bands; giving them a specific amount of studio time for each time they refer new clients to you.

Make the prize studio time, but require the fans to share a picture advertisement of your studio to enter. You’ll only have to pay when people click to your site and it gives you the power to focus on specific markets, like people specifically in your area. Write quality posts about gear, recording tips, and tips to help musicians further their career.
Send tips and cool stuff to their inbox monthly (not spam!)–Briefly reminding them to go to your studio again. Getting an article written about your studio will help build awareness and boost your SEO (for online articles).
If you have any famous clients, ask them to post a link from their website to yours to help your SEO. Bands promote these more than any other type of show and chances are- the losers will record with you anyway. Well our aim is to make the headphone part of that journey as simple and painless as possible.
The FS stands for field-serviceable which means all the individual parts can be easily replaced including the cable, drivers, and ear pads. There is enough layering to do rough mixes, but as always they need to be used in combination with loudspeakers for best results. The sound may not be as consumer-friendly as the M50, but if you plan on using these for any mixing, the 8400 is the clear choice. They have great balance on the whole but from a frequency response perspective they are actually quite coloured.
All three models are so similar in sound they can be considered one, but there are slight differences. I have seen the HD 650 recommended for mixing purposes but I am not sure why: it was tuned to be a casual listening headphone. Here are some ideas: focusing on one genre, offer more than recording services, be the only studio in town with 30 different amps, create a sampler CD of all of your clients. Make them feel like they’re living it (customer service, decor, equipment), and they’ll come back for more.
In terms of sound, they share a lot in common with the Sennheiser HD-25-1 and the Beyerdynamic DT 770. Pro and Premium are the two main flavors, with each of them having a 32 ?, 250 ?, and 600 ? version. Go for the 8.300 D Professional if you only plan on using them in the studio and have proper amplification.
The 600 ? Premium is the most highly recommended but it does require some type of amplification.

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