While many chassis manufacturers made do in 2009 by tweaking or rebranding existing products, Cooler Master has continued to add to its every growing range of cases throughout the last eighteen months, with the results commonly reaching an almost uniformly high standard.
The latest addition to Cooler Mastera€™s stable is more of a redesign than an entirely new case though, although the tweaks are more substantial than just a different paint job or extra few fans. From the outset we think youa€™ll agree the CM 690 II Advanced (which wea€™ll from now on call the CM 690 II) is a much more stylish case than Cooler Mastera€™s aggressively styled efforts, such as the HAF 932.
The roof mirrors the styling of the front, as ita€™s also heavily meshed due to two 140mm fan mounts beneath (one 140mm fan is already present).
Both the front and the top fascias are removable to allow easy access to the fan mounts and drive bays beneath them, the front lifting free with a strong tug at the base, and the roof secured with interior clips. The external fan mounts dona€™t stop there, with the left-hand side panel sporting two more of these multi-function fan mounts a€“ you could use anything from a pair of 80mm to a pair of 140mm fans.
Needless to say then that the CM 690 IIa€™s cooling potential is massive, and this is only helped by the typically dependable Cooler Master build quality.
To chat about makeup, ask a question about theNotice, or just say hi, free to drop me a line here.
I once went to a religious themed party dressed in Reebok runners, a hawaiian shirt, fake handlebar moustache, mullet wig and those sunglasses that people who ride bikes wear. The Master is Anderson’s first film since the incredibly popular There Will Be Blood (2007). The Hubbard character is Lancaster Dodd, played by Anderson regular Phillip Seymour Hoffman, looking as much like Hubbard as he possibly could. There is a distinct lack of clarity in the characters and plot in The Master, uncharacteristic of such a usually polished filmmaker.
The performances are universally fantastic, it is precision of character that lets them down. Performance AnalysisDespite the CM 690 IIa€™s stock cooling being more than reasonable on paper thanks to two 140mm fans and a 120mm exhaust, its thermal performance is undeniably a bit of a disappointment. GPU cooling under load was a let-down too, with our passive graphics card peaking at 53A°C above room temperature. However, the poor out of the box cooling is offset by a wonderfully quiet noise level, as all three stock cooling fans run at less than 1,000rpm at full speed.
Wea€™ve talked before about how difficult it is to find the balance between cooling and low noise levels with cases, and ita€™s clear that Cooler Master has chosen to favour your ears rather than your temperaturesa€“ a decision that can be forgiven considering the huge scope for upgrading the cooling options in the CM 690 II, not to mention this clearly isna€™t another HAF case.
The Cooler Master 690 II Advanced itself is supremely well put together, an increasingly common trait from Cooler Master, and feels wonderfully solid both inside and out. As we said, the only major issue we have with the Cooler Master 690 II Advanced is its stock cooling, where it lacks the out the box grunt to allow it to compete with its similarly priced competition. Despite the poor default cooling then, the Cooler Master 690 II Advanced is an extremely capable chassis, with plenty of room for you to stamp your own mark on it. Due to the large main chamber within the Cosmos 2 installation of a high end system is very easy with plenty of room to place in our components, starting with the motherboard and PSU.
After installing the motherboard, PSU and drives we are ready for cards and cooler installation.
Case temperatures were measured using AIDA64, Realtemp GT and GPUz after 10 minutes of the case sitting with no activity and 10 minutes of each load test.
In terms of performance the Cosmos 2 produces some excellent results with plenty of airflow in our case keeping temperatures at a normal level with minimal fan RPM on devices such as the CPU and GPU coolers. Cooler Master Storm Stryker Full-Tower Chassis ReviewCooler Master delivers the Stryker from its Storm Series of chassis designs. The Vanderbilt University Master in Finance program is extremely popular every year and offers consistently strong and impressive placements.
I was always passionate about finance and I was ‘hungry’ for more advanced knowledge, but I did not want a PhD because I wanted to work and be in the center of financial markets. I really liked the program because I had the chance to be taught and meet some of the best minds in industry, do a good internship at the same time and secure a great job three months before graduation although I was an international student. Meanwhile, the Cooler Master Sniper, while pricey, offered some unique and attractive features alongside typically solid Cooler Master build quality. Cooler Master has taken the aging yet still popular Cooler Master CM 690 and added a fistful of new features and improvements to bring it up to date.

Unostentatious fan mounts are all that break the otherwise smooth steel of the side panels, while the curved plastic and metal-mesh front fascia give a much sleeker look. To use the bay (which will be hot-swappable, as long as you set your motherboard to ACHI mode), you just remove the cover plate and slide the drive onto the standard SATA data and power connectors a€“ easy as that. The front fascia is mercifully fitted with removable dust filter material (secured with bent metal clips) and hides a clever multi-purpose fan mount capable of housing either a 140mm fan (fitted as standard), a 120mm fan or two 80mm fans. Even the CPU socket gets some direct cooling, with an 80mm fan mount behind it on right-hand side panel. Away from the plastic and metal-mesh front and roof fascias, the rest of the case is made of hard-wearing black painted steel thata€™s pleasingly tough. I'm Rae, and this is theNotice, a Canadian blog about weird, wonderful beauty products, blogging, and other naughty things. It’s principle character is also clearly inspired by Ron Hubbard (or is it just Hubbard?) and the inception of his controversial religion Scientology. Perhaps conscious of any comparisons that may be made to Hubbard and Scientology, Anderson has opted out of making any clear assertions as to his subject matter. She is solid and true to the Cause where others, including her unfaithful husband, are weak. If you’re digging ReelGood, sign up to our mailing list for exclusive content, early reviews and chances to win big! While fan-equipped cards arena€™t as sensitive to temperature increases as our passive card, this is a clear demonstration that not enough direct airflow is reaching the graphics card for the CM 690 II to mix it with the high-airflow competition out of the box a€“ the Antec Nine Hundred Two with its fans at low speed produced a result 18A°C lower, for example. The vast amount of customisation and flexibility when it comes to cooling (supporting up to ten fans, or six and two dual 120mm radiators) is almost unrivalled. The interior is well laid out as well, with excellent cable routeing options thanks to generous room behind the motherboard tray and plenty of pre-cut cable routing holes. However, the trade-off is an excellent level of quietness, and the fact that you can easily add extra fans. With its excellent build quality, plenty of attention to detail and unique additions that are the icing on the cake, the Cooler Master 690 II Advanced is a very tempting purchase.
I would say that it is best for undergrads who want to learn more about finance and specialize more.
Ita€™s here that youa€™ll find the front panel, featuring two USB 2 ports, an unpowered eSATA connection, a pair of headset mini-jacks, power and reset buttons (and corresponding LEDS) and even a button to independently control the front mounted 140mm fana€™s blue LED lighting. The bay is a great idea, especially if youa€™re the guy (or girl) people go to for hard disk checks, or if youa€™ve got a stack of hard disks you want to use as external storage. As with all Cooler Master cases, therea€™s a large hole in the motherboard tray behind the CPU socket a€“ great for fitting CPU coolers that require backplates without having to remove your motherboard. The whole case feels extremely solid, with no easily bowed or wobbly panels of any kind; the short of it is, we found it hard to fault here. There is a stern resilience to her character and there is the slight suggestion that Peggy may be the real mind behind a lot of Lancaster’s success. Anderson and his production team were heavily inspired by the look  of John Huston’s 1946 documentary Let There Be Light. The radiator support is a particular surprise given the modest dimensions and lack of modding required to fit them.
The tool-less drive fittings are all more than up to the task, and are suitably easy to use too. It might not blow the competition away [groan a€“ Ed], but this is a quality bit of kit that wea€™d be happy to have sat on our desk. Wiring can then be routed through the various holes in the motherboard tray resulting in a tidy build.
I had seen these cases back in January at CES, but until now the design wasn't perfected for retail.
This is a feature carried over from the CM Storm range of cases, including the CM Scout and Sniper.
The bay is clearly designed for temporary use, as the cover wona€™t slide back into place, even if a small 2.5in laptop disk or SSD is fitted.
The two roof fan mounts are also very flexible, supporting either two 140mm fans or two 120mm fans, as well as an option for a dual 120mm radiator.

He is the beast to Dodd’s master, but we are never sure why the two men stick together. Other characters include Jesse Plemons as Dodd’s son, in a small but important role and Laura Dern as a meticulous supporter of The Cause. It takes on quite a few of the styling cues from the Trooper chassis we reviewed back in October of last year, but with enough new things added to the latest design to make this latest release a product I think can stand on its own, even against its aging brother. All of the things that made the Trooper a huge success were shifted right on over to this new chassis. The funny thing is that although I could have been accepted to most of the best programs in Europe I decided to join Vanderbilt although most people do the opposite and go to LSE etc. Compiling the Master Chief story into one experience was going to be huge, and it needed to be done perfectly.
And thata€™s not a€?we support watercoolinga€? a€“ we checked this, and while slimer ones are required, it really does fit.
At the end of the day I was just too lazy to find something that actually had something to do with religion and had put on the silliest, nearest things I could find. Although Dodd remains inexplicably fond of the man, his wife Peggy (Amy Adams) and his extended family begin to mistrust Quell’s presence. His work here, perhaps not as flashy as his score for Blood, is nonetheless equally effective, often evoking the wonder of an old Max Steiner score such as The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948).
Regardless of whether Lancaster and The Cause were inspired by Hubbard and Scientology, the area under discussion is too fascinating not to offer an opinion. Things that include native USB 3.0, the hideaway parts caddy, the SSD dock, the large handle at the top, even the fan controller and control panel are very familiar. I followed a contrarian strategy and I managed to find my dream job that I do not think I could have done in Europe.
Anderson answers this to a certain extent but never fully explores the potential of his compelling subject matter. There is confusion in the actions of the characters. Dodd seems to have the manipulative talents of a man who could invent a religion and yet shows genuine compassion for the less-fortunate.
Getting right down to brass tacks, the only things separating the Trooper for the chassis we are going to be peering at today comes down to two things. The side panels have been changed and redesigned for starters. For me it is a degree that gives you cutting edge tools and advanced knowledge compared to a bachelor and MBA in order to specialize more and become really competitive in your area of interest. This may attract a lot of people to Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film, though many expecting a sly look at L. Where the Trooper was shipped to me in all black attire, this latest submission is a great mix of a little bit of black here and there accenting the all white paint scheme. The install size of both the game itself and the multiplayer update have both been well noted. As we all know by now, white is the new black. The chassis we are going to examine today is the Cooler Mater Storm Stryker. Of course not, you need tanks and artillery to help get the job done. Where the Trooper was the first wave of attack on this design, consider the Storm Stryker to be the reinforcements running through the field that the Trooper has cleared looking for more people to succumb to the design and features that these cases bring to the battle of chassis domination. A simple thumbstick movement from the main menu also triggers the score that has so often been noted as one of the best in gaming.
Halo 3 remains arguably one of the most wonderfully done campaigns in video game history, and the upgrades in the Collection truly bring that to life. Playing through Halo 4, it is easy to forget that the game was launched as an Xbox 360 title.
Each of the Halo games are presented in the Halo: Master Chief Collection in their best form. With every one of them (outside of Halo 2 which runs at 1328×1080) running at 1080p and 60 frames per second, you will never be able to go back to the original versions of the titles.
For the first time (thanks to being left out of the Anniversary Edition), Halo: Combat Evolved multiplayer can be experienced online.
With the servers having been shut down since 2010, fans will be looking to get back into favorites like Lockout, Zanzibar, and Midship.

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